May the road rise to meet you sara macel

The Center for Photography at Woodstock presents "Sara Macel: May the Road Rise to Meet You"

may the road rise to meet you sara macel

A big congratulations to Sara Macel for her new monograph, May the Road Rise to Meet You. The book is a poignant narrative, in collaboration. The traveling salesman would seem to be an elusive, dying breed in America. In Sara Macel's May the Road Rise to Meet You, she hits the. May the Road Rise to Meet You explores the life of a businessman alone on the road. On a larger scale, this project explores the changing nature of “the road” in .

Right around this time, I discovered a bunch of forgotten old negatives my grandmother took in the 40's when she was a young single gal living in Hollywood, FL I had no idea she lived there or owned a home there before she got married in NJ. While there, she met a young handsome priest who we all knew all our lives - he married my grandparents and my parents.

May the Road Rise to Meet You: Marvin Heiferman, Sara Macel: Books

I've taken a few trips there and most recently brought my mom along to photograph her and myself and share her mother's secret history with Mom. Image from What Did the Deep Sea Say, via Sara Macel The title [of this project], "What Did the Deep Sea Say," comes from an old Woody Guthrie song written from the perspective of someone in love with a sailor who died at sea but they'll never know what happened to him. All the characters from this chapter of my grandmother's story are deceased, so I only have her photographs as clues to her past.

may the road rise to meet you sara macel

For me, this body of work is about the private thoughts and desires of women, the choices and compromises that are made for love and marriage through three generations of women in my family, and how the ocean is a perfect metaphor for love - it can be a place people seek to be rejuvenated but you can also drown in it.

I like to tell stories with pictures. Sometimes the stories are true, but often they're make believe. Do you make a living as a photographer? If yes, please explain how. If no, please tell me about your day job and how you balance photography with said job.

  • May the Road Rise to Meet You
  • May the Road Rise to Meet You

I'm a freelance photographer, adjunct photo professor, co-director of a non-profit and occasionally I get paid to write about photography. My career often involves doing something different every day, but it all involves taking photographs, talking about photographs, and working with photographs. I feel really lucky in that regard. Show me the image you feel you're best known for.

What are your thoughts on it? But what's funny is this is a snapshot my mom took of my dad in in his first company car as a traveling salesman. It's a little weird to be recognized by a photo I didn't even take and have essentially appropriated from my mom, but family archives play heavily into my work and my mom sure gets a kick out of it.

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What if anything frustrates you about photography? Retouching film scans is the worst. Once the files are clean and I get to the more creative parts of retouching, it's the best, but clocking in the time to work on scans can be challenging. I realize that digital photography eliminates this frustration, but I just love the look of film.

May the Road Rise to Meet You | Sara Macel

It has a unique aura that I'm not ready to give up on. Describe your working process. The book includes an essay by curator and writer Marvin Heiferman. In the twentieth century, traveling salesmen came to serve as ambassadors of American manufacturing and consumer culture.

may the road rise to meet you sara macel

As the Internet and outsourcing made this once ubiquitous occupation obsolete, photographer Sara Macel's reminiscent series May the Road Rise to Meet You provides us an opportunity to travel alongside her on one of the last business trips with a man who spent 40 years as a traveling salesman, her father Dennis Anthony Macel.

Dennis Macel began his career selling telephone poles in the late s. During her childhood in Spring, Texas, Sara Macel became increasingly curious about where her father went to work when he pulled his car out of the driveway.

Upon hearing that he planned to retire inMacel realized this was her last chance to discover what her father's life had been like for all those years he was away on business. Macel observed of their travels together, "We were traveling north on I through Texas, when I asked my dad what it was like dealing with customers.

Eventually, he started working for his former competitors and found a second life in the industry before retiring at the end of That kind of company loyalty and sticking to a single career path seems so rare to my generation. As a photographer, did you see similarities in your careers? May the Road Rise to Meet You started as a conversation between he and I about our different experiences on the road in our respective careers.

I have to say, I think we were both surprised by just how similar the life of a telephone pole salesman is to that of a freelance photographer. We both are well rehearsed on our elevator pitches. And we love talking to people and getting them to let their guard down a bit.

Also, Dad is no stranger to working the booths at sales conventions, which is very similar to the portfolio walks and reviews I do as a photographer. We both spend a lot of time traveling alone, eating alone, and staying in hotels.

May the Road Rise to Meet You - Sara Macel

How did your father respond to being a subject? Well, he loves to joke with his old co-workers and customers that he retired as a salesman to start his new career as a model. Initially, I was very concerned about him opening up to me.

He always kept his work life very separate. After spending so many years building relationships with clients and traveling solo, I knew it would be a struggle to get him to let me in to that part of his life.

He was always supportive, but I think he was more interested in pretending for the camera when it was just us than letting me shadow him in real-life. As an artist, I had to make that part of the story. His initial reluctance to bring me on business trips with him led me to going through his files and finding places from his past to explore on my own. Those solo trips led me to photograph men who reminded me of my dad and places that looked like they still lived in the past.

Over the course of 42 images, the viewer sees his entire career condensed into one long business trip.

may the road rise to meet you sara macel

Some photographs are shot in a very straightforward documentary style, and other images are completely constructed performances that he and I planned out. Honestly, the best thing he has said to me about the book is this: He hung up the phone and picked up my book and slowly went through it cover to cover, reflecting on his life.