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The Forum also reviewed in depth six out of the 17 SDGs: Water and sanitation for all (SDG 6); sustainable and modern energy for all (SDG 7); cities and human . Community leaders, local elected officials, and advocates from around the country joined us in Philadelphia for an important two days discussing the depths of. A Forum Moderator is a player who is knowledgeable in regard to that keeps for the Forum up and running, Forum Moderators end up getting a bundle load of PMs!» Our aim is to make as many players as possible respect the rules, . yourself as a Forum Moderator and so on, and if you meet the other.

As for the race, I would count that as a finish for the slither. It definitely earned the finish, and the Pegasus camping the finish line is extremely cheesy.

On a separate note, the weapons feel extremely overpowered.

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I wish that the weapons more slowed down opponents without outright killing them. As it is, being able to quickly kill your opponents is better than actually being fast and agile. I don't really have a good idea how to do that though, and that's just my personal preference.

making ends meet from the depths forum

Overall I'm loving these races. I'm hoping to bring the Speedy Weenus out of the garage this weekend. I'll have to do some tune-ups but hopefully I can get it race ready! Thanks for all the feedback! I don't think I can do much more with my system to make my mic louder. Nothing can defeat it! Of course it wasn't invincible. During its fight with the Bulwark, it was on my team, and I had points in Armor Smiths.

making ends meet from the depths forum

I should've tested it a lot more, and against the other submissions. Several problems came up: The Curse of the Wireless Snooper. There are 3 pieces of detection on the Curse, 2 rangefinders on the B and Y turrets and a wireless snooper connected to the AI directly.

Take out those rangefinders, and the ship's gunners become drunk. This cost it the match against the Ngome and appeared several more times throughout the tournament. The Curse has very little freeboard. While beneficial at short range, causing the enemy's shells to hit the water and skip over the Curse, it also makes the ship sink like no other vessel in the tournament. This lack of turning also makes it a sitting duck for its opponents' fire until the AI finally decides to turn.

Even though the hull is decently armored, the turrets are vulnerable to the leaking bug, causing any good hit to pop them, making the Curse of the Wireless Snooper more likely. The armor is weak just below the belt and above the bulge. The turrets don't have firing restrictions. I could've sworn I added them, I guess not. As a cost saving measure, the Curse only has fuel. This is only a few minutes and causes the Curse to go dead in the water after awhile.

The guns have a low muzzle velocity, this was done to prevent the shells skipping off the water at short range, but makes it impossible to hit fast targets at medium range and anything at long range. The rear of the B, N, and Z turrets have blocks missing.

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No idea how that happened. The B, N, and Z turrets have barrels mounted on the top of the turrets to allow them to fire over the "railing". Plunging fire murders them harder than the A, M, and Y turrets. The M and N turrets shoot the walkway above them and the walkway provides no protection at all against incoming fire.

Stern has an overhang to protect the propulsion and steering, doesn't help much in practice. The Curse is very heavy, and does a lot of damage when ramming and takes little in return.

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Full manual control, while useless in the Battleship Brawl, is good for testing. Decent view from bridge Small, but functional and cute interior under the bridge.

Add to that that they have interesting systems that piqued my interest I ended up basically methodically producing submarines And constantly developing them so they behave as well as possible given the constraints given by the game and the odd physics especially in the DW world Turns out, fine tuning happened quicker than I expected She measures at a positively adorable 41 meters in length and 5 meters beam I've managed to streamline submarine construction and with a good set of drawings with Top, Side and Front views I could churn out a 70 meter long or thereabouts boat in an hour and a half Since I know nothing of lua, but did study mechanical engineering and familiar with triangles I decided to make another "Mechanical" computer within FtD This is the Mechanic's solution to the Torpedo Man's problem Instead of the Mathematician's solution to the Torpedo Man's problem as is shown on the earlier example Basically, make your torps run deep enough about 5 meters that DEs and small DDs can avoid them easily, forcing you to either surface to engage them with your guns, or allow them to easily close to depth charge range.

This combined with with a naval AI set so that it does attack runs instead of circling or broadsiding, means subs are absolutely lethal against anything over 2, tons or so, while still actually being killable by DTC.

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I have included on of my subs, the Balao, to demonstrate this. Spawn it against any cruiser or BB and it will go to work, against something like the Sliepner of John C, its screwed. This obviously isn't perfect, but its probably close to the best you can do under pure AI control. Especially since it can be widely inconsistent