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With the winter break beginning, it's a perfect time to look back at the weeks which Before too long, the team meets at midfield and the switch is flipped to high Freshman Kaylee Taff is one of six arrivals in , and has instantly In one fluid motion, Robinson made his defender miss with a half-spin. Austin Tucker is a men's Olympic gold medalist in make it or break it the show and he also has a special and strong relationship/bond with Kaylie Cruz ❤️. Licensed to Boyd County High School HY-TEK's Meet Manager Russell All . 1 Robinson, Kaylee 12 A. Blazer 1 10 2 Barber, Rachel 11 A. Austin 10 Raceland x 3 19 Miller, Hayden Russell x 2 20 .. Jessi 10 Russell NH -- Brake, Sarah 11 A. Blazer NH Event 24 Boys.

He pries off the bottle cap of a fresh beer with his teeth and spits it across the living room. Damon laughs, taking another swig of his own. Ade—Adrianna Tate-Duncan, not Lima, the popstar, not the model—dragged me to one of those charity fundraiser dinners and we were such fangirls," Damon confesses, trying not to disturb Jackson, whose still concentrate on the TV.

Damon tries to say something, but Emily just marches into the room and takes Jackson from him.

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Girl, check you out. His arm is no longer around Lauren, but his elbows are on his knees, leaning forward, leering at the TV. Yeah, girl, you twirl your tail. Kaylie giggles into her shoulder while Lauren stares at Jake like aliens have abducted her boyfriend. All the girls are ushered off the runway and the interview segment begins. Times are a' changin' and if it means confident, powerful women wearing less and less clothes, I am all for it. Kaylie sits by, enjoying this so much.

It strikes a chord with Lauren and they all feel it even if Jake and Kaylie pretend not to. But, now, with Lo, we love each other so I don't have to try as hard. She stares straight at the TV, doing her best to remain unbothered. Jake gives Kaylie a wink and she tries her hardest not to laugh. The boys polished off a six-pack at this point and Payson is still wondering why she's still hanging out with them. It just makes me crazy! How even did that happen?

Unprepared, Payson actually fricking jumps. Find that shit on YouTube! Every shot is of Angels posing at different, fantastical locations around the world. His fixation is totally appropriate, but Payson's reaction suggests otherwise.

Payson scowls at the very idea. So Angel-worthy," Max says offhandedly. He watches TV like, again, that's a totally normal thing to say.

Austin and Payson trade looks before turning to Max. When he finally realizes they're staring, Max laughs nervously. When I was at the Rock, I walked in while Sasha was showering in the locker room and it's true! Don't worry, Pay, I'm not gay for Sasha. I just told him his traps looks ridic and punctuated it with a no-homo. Max glares, picks up stray popcorn pieces on the couch and throws it at the two of them. Payson narrows her eyes at him, slightly blushing. Then Austin gets distracted by the fashion show and shakes Payson's arm again.

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She dives across Max, reaching for the remote, but the photographer quickly snatches it away and holds it out of her reach.

With a mouth full of popcorn, Austin murmurs, "Rihanna reminds me of a dying animal. The volume is turned up way loud, drowning out all the weird sounds every time their lips meet and linger. Nicky's hand wanders, up her inner thigh, over her leggings, but Kelly pushes his hand away.

Her eyes dart to the back of her stepbrother's head and then to Nicky, who smiles mischievously. Actually, since it's Nicky, he probably meant it. I'm trying to pay attention! She relaxes, leaning into him. Against his ear, she continues, "No gym hoodies or sweats. Very appropriate 'I'm sleeping with your daughter, but trying to hide it' attire.

Because that's what I was going for. Justin is quick to give her a loud, long shhh! Kelly sees who it is and groans. It isn't even important DE business, just spread sheets of all his employees he's screwed and a timetable of their day so he can strategize ways to avoid them. Thanks a lot, Nick. Nicky quickly averts his eyes and clears his throat, knowing Kelly is totally watching him.

Admit it, Nick, you desperately miss Denver when you're at school. I don't care if she forgave him and they're back together and, yes, it was her choice and hers alone, but he used her face as a punching bag! I'd rather give up my lesbian virginity to Ellen Beals than listening to his music ever again. If it's a vicious cycle that won't ever stop I might as well have an opinion.

He let his past get the best of him. Home boy made a mistake, manned up and got help, but, yeah, it was dumb of him to run back to her," Jake argues. She stole him from his model rebound. She's just plain manic. Have you seen her Instagram? I didn't know there was so many different ways to pose naked with a joint. Shit, homie looks like a hobbit! Pay and I still debate all the time whether or not he's gay. All his 'joking around' with Austin and the photos that leaked from that shoot he did with One Direction?

He needs to step back and reevaluate his sexual orientation again. Instead, Jake has his eyes on the fashion show and claps his hands when Barbara Palvin comes out at the tail end of the collection, dressed as a sexy Santa's Helper. It's a pin-up girl calendar come to life. I need wine," Lauren says, standing from the couch and going to the kitchen. When he literally has to be pulled away by one of his people, Austin and Max share a laugh and high-five over Payson's head, still stuck between them, still confused as to why she's suffering through this.

He's lost count of how many he's had at this point. If you were there, you wouldn't have to ask. Then Austin, King of Blacked Out Shit Starting, said fuck it and started trying to steal the guy's date and his clothes! Nicky was dating Adrianna at the time.

Double N Adrianna," Max clarifies, just for Payson. It's no coincidence 'Ade' was one of Hitler's nicknames. When Nicky was dating Ade and she'd go out with us, every fucking night I'd have to tell Russo to get his girl a big shot of chill the fuck out and put it on my tab. Even if it wasn't funny at the time no, it totally wasit sort of really is now. Max gives her a nervous smile. Ladies love me because I'm loveable and these arms," Austin flexes for dramatic effect, "make them feel safe.

She was way too hot for him.

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And they all have Bieber Fever," Razor announces. Damon comes back downstairs after putting his son to bed and finds Razor sitting in his seat, with Damon's phone in his hand, still glued to the VS fashion show like it's his job to memorize every last bit.

When Kaylie says she wants to wear you like a flannel shirt it confuses me because she doesn't really come off like the flannel shirt wearing type of girl. Does flannel even come in pink? That can't be pretty. We aren't twelve and going to summer camp together.

My phone isn't my candy stash. It catches Damon's attention when The Biebs winks at the camera. He looks to Razor, who looks right back. When they're talking about dating, Jake leans as close as he can to the TV, enthralled.

Damn, I should be taking notes," Jake mutters, more to himself than to the girls. Kaylie's expression shows she's in agreement. You girls need to chill!

The piercing judgment in her voice is a little off when gymnastics did that with her and the other girls all the time. And damn, Doutzen kisses on the first date!

Her if I like a guy, I like a guy. That's what it's all about. What the fuck even, right? Jake's face is one of pure shock when he hears Lily say her first kiss was on her wedding day. She is not married! He leans his forehead against Lauren's shoulder, hugs himself and starts to whimper. The blonde shows no sympathy. Lauren pushes him off of her, glaring at him. I told you you're the jealous type! He tells her he loves her, but Lauren isn't ready to give in.

Watching them, Kaylie doesn't mind playing third wheel as much anymore. He's clearly had enough to drink that he's really feeling it. He's coming home for Christmas with Lauren and Kaylie. Now every time they're in a room together, things get all quiet and weird like when a Coldplay song comes on in an elevator," Razor lets his voice trail off, hoping Damon will fill in the blanks, but he refuses.

Razor can't help that he's Team Emily. Kaylie helped me through some really tough times and she inspires me. They're both great and important to me, but for completely different reasons. It's something of a hobby and just so easy. But, I dunno…" Razor combs his fingers through his luscious brown hair.

Austin Tucker

Consistently pink, too sweet and isn't anyone's favorite flavor. He can never fucking win with this chick. Oblivious to the trouble he's caused all night, Razor meows and rubs his cheek against a pillow like a cat, letting his eyes fall closed.

He goes to fetch the Christmas cookies when his mom shouts that they're ready and stuffs his face. For the duration of the commercial break, Justin usually turns to Nicky with questions about the Angels he's met. This particular time, he looks to Kelly.

Do you wear that kind of stuff for Nicky? Nicky holds her back from hitting her brother, but Kelly manages to squirm away and smacks Justin as hard as she can with the closest throw pillow. Justin, do you have to be so embarrassing? Yeah, that's totally everyday dinner conversation, not because you're trying to make things awkward! Even worse, he was sitting directly across the dinner table from Kelly's dad and could feel him staring him down all night. Parker asks as he walks into the room with a cardboard box.

Christmas stuff is written across it in permanent marker. He tells her about his sister who became too skinny and wound up getting hurt, ending her gymnastics career.

Austin tells Kaylie's parents about his concern and admits he is crazy about her. After a stint in rehab, Kaylie recovers, though she still isn't fond of him since he told her parents about her anorexia. Refusing to give up, Austin helps Kaylie with her moves and she earns a spot on the World team as an alternate.

After Payson gets hurt, Kaylie fills her spot and makes them 1 in the country. Kaylie and Austin get closer and closer as he helps her recover.

Austin kinda has a thing for Kaylie Cruz. He opens up to Kaylie about his sister having anorexia. But she also died because she pushed it to far. Austin supports Kaylie all the way. He can tell if something is wrong with one sign. Along the way Kaylie slowly opens up to him. Kaylie is mad at him for punching Emily's boyfriend in the stomach. He is really confused and doesn't understand why Kaylie is mad. After explaining to him, He said " I was trying to protect you" But Kaylie hated the fact that nobody will let her do things on her own.

At the end of season 2 Austin is seen in a pool with many girls. The reporter asks if he has a girlfriend. Which he responds by saying, "If I had a girlfriend could I do this? Kaylie sees this and gets upset, Austin then follows her and tells her that he had to do that because being a "player" is part of his image.