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lync mcm meet the masters

Just thinking from the Lync MCM/MSCM classes, it can't be cheap to have 25 pods of . The great thing about Masters is the fact that you actually get to meet the. All Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA), and Microsoft Certified The Microsoft masters-level certifications validate the deepest level of product . Exchange; SharePoint; Lync; SQL Server Meet the masters. C7 Solutions are a Microsoft Exchange Server and Lync Server consultancy The MVP Acceptance Letter and “Meet the Masters” for Exchange Server MCM's .

If you are a Charter Member, you will continue to hold the Charter Member designation on your transcript. We encourage you to stay connected with your peers through the main community distribution lists. Over time, Microsoft plans to transition the distribution lists to the community, and, with your consent, will include your information so that it can continue to be a valuable resource for your ongoing technical discussions. Within the coming weeks, you will receive invitations to an updated community site.

This community site will require you to sign in with a Microsoft Account and will replace the need for a Microsoft Partner account as is required today. From this site, you will be able to manage service requests for the Masters and Architects communities — such as ordering welcome kits and managing your contact information for the distribution lists and directory — and accessing training rotation and other community content if applicable. If you have not ordered your Welcome Kit, the last day to do so is October 31, To order your Welcome Kit, please contact the Advanced Cert team at advcert microsoft.

lync mcm meet the masters

We thank you for your commitment to Microsoft technologies. This has been a huge announcement and has caused quite a bit of anger within the community. I responded directly to the group, and below are my comments. In addition, my thoughts on this are below. I started my career working on Microsoft products in Since then Microsoft certification has been something that I felt was important in advancing my career.

My dissatisfaction started when I heard about the initial changes to the program allowing for the knowledge exam to be taken at Prometric for that very reason. It eliminated those issues by requiring the 3 week onsite training.

From a career perspective this is one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever achieved.

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Understanding that it was a low pass rate. That was actually a good thing. The cost was something where if you worked for a company that was willing to pay for it you knew you were working with a great partner.

It was how I judged who I would decide to work for, or who I worked for at the time. How many Masters did they have on staff? From a customer perspective MCM is something that was used to validate the Microsoft expertise on staff.

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No one would pay the 18k for the class is the certification was only going to be good for twelve months. Was it the cost of the program? Not the 18k to attend and keep in mind that half of those who took the class were Microsoft employees so not really making money there but to keep the class running. This could certainly have something to do with it. Let the program run into the red, why should they care, because in the end it sells more licenses for Microsoft and that is ultimately what they want.

Or was it the cloud that kills Masters?

lync mcm meet the masters

I think in the end that will be the real story here. In a world where everything is in the cloud there is no longer a need for experts in the field. We are starting to see this already. Microsoft local sales would rather sell you a license to Office than an on-premise deployment.

lync mcm meet the masters

In the end customers, partners and Microsoft all lose out in the end. Customers will lose out because the knowledge that is taught at Masters cannot be found anywhere else!

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So customers will find less skilled deployment engineers available. Partners will lose out because the Masters program was really a way to differentiate one from another. My respect for certain people grew because of the skill they showed in that class and I knew immediately afterwards that anyone who could pass that class was different than others.

And those who got through on their first attempt were absolutely amazing! Microsoft will lose out because they just burned a bridge with those partners above. Any maybe this is also one of the reasons they killed the program. The other Microsoft certifications are laughable compared to Masters!

lync mcm meet the masters

Anyone willing to nominate? Or should we just wait another six months and watch that get destroyed as well. The truth is, for as successful as the program is for those who are in it, it reaches only a tiny proportion of the overall community. Only a few hundred people have attained the certification in the last few years, far fewer than we would have hoped.

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One of the first things we do in debate is teach students how to make sound arguments and attempt to not fall into the pitfalls of a logical fallacy. There are several issues with this argument. First, he makes the assumption that having lots of people certified is a desirable end goal. However, the exact opposite is the actual truth in many cases. The fact that something is exclusive and hard to obtain typically brings people to desire the object more.

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There are tons of historical examples one could look at to see where this is true. However, we try not to use personal stories as example so instead check out the many examples on the Connect page I linked to above. If true, than the MCSE is completely meaningless and should be abolished because anyone can get it. But some of the non-technical barriers to entry run the risk of making it elitist for non-technical reasons.

lync mcm meet the masters

Having a program that is English-only and only offered in the USA creates a non-technical barrier to entry. Across all products, the Masters program certifies just a couple of hundred people each year, and yet the costs of running this program make it impossible to scale out any further.