Lilygreen and maguire meet greet

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lilygreen and maguire meet greet

Meeting. Lt. Brown was h eard to comment on the after Christmas! stereo gramophon e, Maguire's g uitar and a cer- othe rs have got them se lves engaged , in cluding tain captain .. Coi. and Mrs. B u ck eridge, g old a nd s ilver will a ppear above the greet- . P. Cavanagh (Depot) to Miss Lily Green. Glasgow (21); Birmingham (18); Belfast (17). Appears most with. It's Motorhead meets Mudhoney, grunge kids discovering hard rock and playing it straight . George Bush greets his British counterpart homie.

The annual support weapons concentration started on 1st July and a lthough it is not supposed to be a competition, it is. Intense rivalry develops among competing battalions and all tests are done against the stop-watch ; we have therefore spent all June training for it.

Brown was h eard to comment on the after Christmas! With the help g lo rious w e. Jar- a nd h eld e. Knox-John s ton - dragged away from his be- put 'th e r ebels to route. If only Equity h ad been loved at h l'atics. Paine di'a-fi ve e ntra llin g minutes of s pin e chilling We were w a ll represe nted in the Bde.

Kealy, Knox -Johns ton, Cpl. Poupen n eau a nd Edwards ad Back competing for the Battalion. It was rumoured that out on E x "Hunters Moon" a s enem y. We look for- Promotions- C pl.

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Wood- ward to England w ith mixed fealings; half the fun in so ldi ering is being abroad and anyway- hall. Band for the Band was a very busy period. Jun e UT PI. Long Now," and similar cries are becoming part Our n ext e ngagament was for the RMP ; we of everyday speech. The filling in of Army forms started the day off by p'aying at a service in the has nearly finished, but the boxes have yet to ba Garrison Church and then at a cricket match in packed.

The overall feeling is that we shall all the afternoon.

lilygreen and maguire meet greet

We then settled down to the r e- be g lad to put our feet on British soil again after haarsals for the Queen's Birthday Parade. The such a long stay abroad. Germany, and was con- Barracks.

lilygreen and maguire meet greet

Our week at Rh e in- of the MT Group and has promised that he will dahlen was enjoyed by all concerned including write back to verify whether the beer in England the WRACs s tationed there. On our return from Rheindahlen the Band had two days in which to recuperate before play- Pte. Gough 54 has been having troubJ.

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Oussaldorf didn't like the Durin g this period the Band a ls o playad at an idea of writing that Jot out and inserted "B. Officer s' Mess G uest Night and at the Bn. Swim - Munster" instead. Being a legal minded sort of chap, Gough soon pointed out the mistake and ming Gala. Whilst th e r e wa took part in a concert accompanied by three other Our G Stores have taken on a "New bands- on e Turkis h, one German and one French.

Sound and fury signifying nothing Monday, November 10, How could ATP spice up a formula that some might feel was getting a little tired? Easy - by approaching not just one great band but three, and asking each to curate a different day over the course of a weekend Les Savy Fav 3. The sight of the sign for the Bakelite Museum is even more welcome than normal, bringing relief at the knowledge that it won't be long before we're mixing it up with similarly scruffy oiks in Minehead Tesco.

lilygreen and maguire meet greet

As mood-setters and party-starters go, you can't go far wrong with No Age's 'Everybody's Down'. Hopefully they'll play it tonight and this time around that pesky Bob Mould won't be on hand to insist they play Husker Du songs That line-up quite rightly kicks off with the curators themselves, who waste no time in cranking up the fun dial with a riotous set in Reds.

The initially poor sound is soon overcome and the band crash through a sequence of fractured, fevered songs, but inevitably it's Tim Harrington who's the lightning rod for our attention: For once, Shellac may not be on the bill, but thankfully Les Savy Fav provide the requisite gradual-drumkit-dismantling-to-end-the-set entertainment. Our meeting place is the Centre Stage, which doesn't smell of sick or soup - yet.

But foreign accent syndrome isn't really something that should be made light of - it's obviously a traumatic experience for those affected.

lilygreen and maguire meet greet

That this woman "feels like a different person" just underlines the extent to which accents - and particularly strong ones like Geordie - are an integral part of personal identity.

May she soon be back talking in that marvellous semi-incomprehensible dialect I love going home for. Posted by Ben at 1: If it's even half as refreshingly frank, well-written and downright entertaining as the blog from which it's sprung, then it'll be well worth a peek. Though be wary of doing so for a long period in your local branch of Waterstones, particularly if you happen to be wearing a long mac at the time.

You don't get to hang out with Robert Plant every day" It wasn't until very recently that I discovered Jim O'Rourke, a full-time member of the band for Murray Street and Sonic Nurse, had left - the reason being that he relocated to Japan to study "film and language and culture studies".

Apparently former Pavement and Free Kitten bassist Mark Ibold is going to be contributing both bass and guitar for their forthcoming American shows as a means of plugging the gap. Naturally there's much talk of new LP Rather Ripped, which I still haven't got but which features like this just make me salivate even more. Moore claims it's heavily influenced by The Beatles, much to Gordon's surprise.

I'm guessing Rather Ripped still sounds like a Sonic Youth record though - as the article's author Natalie Moore begins by pointing out, it's always been the case with them that they are fascinated by both "high brow" art and "low brow" pop culture, and that both influences are absorbed, refracted and reflected while there remains at the core a sound that is distinctively and undeniably Sonic Youth.

Moore is often taken to task for his ceaseless gabbling about, and referencing of and endorsement of other bands as well as artists and authorsbut his response to the interviewer's point "You've always had a strong commitment to other bands and the underground music community" is that of a genuine fanboy who just happens to be in a hugely influential band: For me, I just really like to see bands play.

It's funny because I know most musicians don't so much. Sometimes I don't really have an interest in socialising or being in a situation with a lot of people, I just really like seeing a band. It's inspiring seeing what's going on withthe performance.

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Sometimes it's not even I mean, it certainly is the music that draws me to a band, but sometimes I'm also drawn by personality or whatever is being physically presented on stage". The interview concludes with Gordon's thoughts on a Gabriel Garcia Marquez quote, "In the end, it is impossible not to become what others think you are": And you don't want to be defined while you feel you're evolving.

But, at the same time, there is a point now where it is weird - you do get glimpses of, 'Well, maybe I AM that! And at the same time I can appreciate that it must be frustrating to feel yourselves constrained by the labels those on the outside impose on you which you either don't think fit at all, or which don't fit any more because you've moved on. It sounds as though they've more or less stopped being concerned about the issue altogether. Incidentally, this was the first issue of The Stool Pigeon that I've come across in Foppand very impressive it is too: And all for nowt, too.