Kurt and blaine meet for the first time

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kurt and blaine meet for the first time

Season 2: Episode 6: Never Been Kissed: Kurt and Blaine Meet. Season 2: Season 2: Episode New York: Blaine tells Kurt he loves him for the first time. Blaine smiled and reached over to stroke Kurt's soft cheek with his thumb, before they both leaned in at the same time and their lips met in a. The first time they meet, they hate each other. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Blaine A., Kurt H. - Chapters: 4 - Words: 32,

I'm glad to hear that. Only Glee can make a sex scene tear jerking! Obviously fans have been waiting for this episode for a long time. Were you nervous filming an episode that was so feverishly anticipated? It's sad but true, but I think I'm just so used to tackling delicate issues, so this was no different than other ones that we've done. It was definitely a big issue, something that I don't believe has really been seen on TV too much before: Well, I'm not sure…did Blaine lose his virginity or was it just Kurt?

It was definitely Kurt's. I don't remember that being addressed. Like you said, the actual love scene is very understated and simple. Yeah, I was expecting to being showing some skin but we got there and they wanted Darren in a tank and they wanted me in a shirt, so I don't really have to worry. Luck o' the Irish Comes to Glee! Plus—Scoop on the Next Three Episodes Fox What a lot of people don't realize is that the actual filming of love scenes is anything but romantic.

Can you talk about your experience filming the big moment? Rachel congratulates him and he invites her over to his house. Seeing it as an opportunity to finally lose her virginity to Finn, she agrees and leaves - he seems very excited. Blaine is next seen dancing around his bedroom to Roxy Music while Kurt watches from his bed.

Kurt asks Blaine if he thinks he's boring. Blaine of course denies this but Kurt elaborates - he meant sexually boring. Blaine admits to thinking that, that was what they both wanted and Kurt agrees but would still like to know if he had ever had the urge to "rip off each other's clothes and get dirty. Kurt blushes, pretending that the room is simply overheated. Blaine sits down with him, telling him that they are young, they have time, and that before they have sex, he wants Kurt to be comfortable, so he can be himself.

He eyes Kurt up and down and states, "Besides, tearing off all your clothes is sort of a tall order.

kurt and blaine meet for the first time

Klaine bedroom kiss Artie then rolls up to Coach Beiste, who is welding a part of the set for the musical. Artie jumps right to the point and asks why Coach Beiste was so uncomfortable while he was confronting Blaine and Rachel. She admits to being a virgin, even though she has her sights set on Cooter.

She says that it doesn't matter if she has interest in anyone, as she believes they could never like her back. Sebastian Later, Blaine is seen walking through the hallways of Dalton Academy with the intention of inviting his friends to see the McKinley production of West Side Story. He walks in on the Warblers performing Uptown Girl with their French teacher who just happens to be around at the time.

A new Warbler, Sebastianimmediately notices Blaine and pulls him into the number with them. As soon as they are done, Blaine gives them a standing ovation and when they beg him to return to Dalton, he politely refuses giving them the invitations.

Sebastian stays behind to speak to Blaine. The conversation moves on and Sebastian asks why Blaine left Dalton. Blaine avoids the question, simply stating, "Let's just say that McKinley is where my heart is.

He agrees to talk again, looking confused about what just happened and what Sebastian's true intentions are towards him.

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In the next scene, Finn - very shyly - asks Puck to recommend a condom brand. Puck jumps to the conclusion that he's cheating on Rachel, stating that it's "not cool," even though he has cheated many times in the past. Finn quickly corrects him, saying he's going to use them with Rachel. Coach Beiste calls for the football team to gather around while Puck and Finn part ways. She introduces Cooter, and they flirt blatantly while the team is still watching. He looks back to the team and says, 'I'm not looking for boys to play in the Buckeyes.

I'm looking for men. Blaine ignores this, instead asking whether he thinks if they are 'too sheltered' as artists. Kurt gives him a confused look, and Blaine begins to talk about being more adventurous.

Kurt agrees and pulls out his phone, stating that was why he made a bucket list. He gave three examples, which were: Become CEO of Logo. He blushes a little before giving his next example, as he had made it before he met Blaine. Have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat.

He says it's stupid but Blaine simply says that it's hot.

kurt and blaine meet for the first time

Kurt gulps, and moves on with the conversation. Blaine says that he thinks it's time to be adventurous while they're still young, and walks away. On screen, numbers 85, 86 and 89 are also revealed. Arrive at school in a hot air balloon.

Attend a circuit party on an island. Next we see Artie seeking out Mr Cooter. They go to the set of West Side Story and Artie demands to know whether he likes Coach Beiste - he says that he does, and that he had asked her out, but she refused every time. Artie tells him to ask her out again but this time, be obvious.

Next, Blaine and Sebastian are seen walking to a table at the Lima Bean. Blaine is saying that he can't believe that Sebastian asked for a shot of courvoisier Cognac in his coffee, while Sebastian boasts about having lived in Paris so Blaine tells him he is 'out there.

Blaine tells him that he has a boyfriend, and ignoring Sebastian's suggestive interruptions, says that he really cares about his boyfriend and that he would never want to mess up anything with him Kurt because he is 'really great.

When he sits down, he pointedly takes Blaine's arm and snuggles up close to him. Sebastian looks annoyed but hatches a plan. With a snide smirk, he asks them what they're doing that night. Kurt replies, stating that they would be rehearsing for the musical and doing a skin sloughing regime over the phone. Blaine quickly turns down the offer, but Kurt sees it as a challenge and says that they should go, so they agree.

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We next see Rachel having finished a "meat substitute" candle lit dinner with Finn. She says she's never tasted meat substitute that tasted so much like meat before and Finn sheepishly agrees; we suspect he's forgotten that she's a vegan and he offers her more sparkling cider in hopes to drown the taste.

Kurt notices, appreciatively, that Blaine's shaved for the first time since breaking up with Jeremiah. They spend the night sipping champagne and dancing together.

If we're both single next New Year's, we'll spend it together. He leans his head on Blaines' shoulder, which is a little awkward since the other boy is shorter than him. They escape to the balcony mere minutes before midnight, and stare out at the city. This city is just unreal. Kurt can't tell if he's staring at the Chrysler building, or at Kurt's own profile. From inside, they hear people counting down to midnight. His stomach flipflops a little uncomfortably in his stomach.

He wonders if this will be the moment when everything changes, when Blaine and he finally take that final step from just friends to something more.

But at midnight, Blaine just clutches him into a tight hug. You could have kissed me. I really, really care about you. I don't want to mess this up. Xxx "I looked at his receipt from American Express," Mercedes admits. I thought it was for me, but the Quinn came into the office, and she was wearing it on her finger. What would he have done if he'd caught you? I don't know why I can't just give him up. I should just find myself another man.

It's a brilliant idea, a perfect idea, and the words are out before he even has the chance to stop himself. As in, your Blaine? We're all friends, and this way we'll keep being friends, instead of drifting apart when we get into relationships, the way everyone does.

Blaine insists that Sam is gay he would know, since they'd slept together Sam's second week on the job. Sam just gapes at him.

She directs her comment toward Blaine, but it's Sam who answers. Anything you do with them, they're always great. Baked, sliced, au gratin, French fries. Kurt glances at Blaine, who has one eyebrow lifted. Kurt's getting seriously annoyed, because it seems like every single gay guy in the city has finally decided to go bi.

kurt and blaine meet for the first time

Xxx Four months later, they're in a weird, second hand shop, looking for a wedding gift for Mercedes and Sam. Blaine is flitting around like a five year old, excitedly picking up basketball hoops, and duck phones, and old OSU jackets. God," Blaine breathes out, dropping the sparkly hula hoop that he'd been holding.

We just have to. But then Blaine has turned it on, and is holding up a microphone. Kurt hesitates, because Blaine is so Top 40s, and it sometimes drives him crazy.

But it's a different song playing now, and Kurt can't help but join in. It's like they're meant to be singing together. Kurt glances up, and his eyes meet Blaine. For one moment he thinks there's something, there, a spark, something. But then Blaine glances to the side, and his expression suddenly closes in.

Kurt glances over, too. There's a pair of young men walking toward them, one tall and nerdy, the other shorter, with flowing blond hair. Kurt doesn't recognize either of them.

Blaine's high school sweetheart? The guy Blaine had volunteered to set him up with? The man who still had a ring on Blaine's finger? Well, Kurt thinks, at least he's cute. Blaine doesn't say anything as they hop on the subway, and he's still silent when they walk in to Sam and Mercedes new place. He just throws open the door, and marches up to Sam. Do you want to have your heart broken? Because that's what happens.

kurt and blaine meet for the first time

That's what marriage does. He just gestures around the apartment, which is filled with cardboard boxes, since Sam is planning on moving in to Mercedes. You love this apartment. You remember when we moved in? Remember when we got drunk watching the Patriots win the Superbowl? And you're going to give it up, and then she's going to dump you and you're going to be stuck with nothing. Kurt sighs, and looks apologetically back at Sam and Mercedes.

Blaine is leaning against the front door to the brownstone, his arms crossed and his dark eyebrows low over his eyes. Kurt sighs, and places a gentle hand on the other man's shoulder. I'm not the one who broke up with my boyfriend a year ago, and hasn't even tried to get over him.

He refuses to lose his temper, though. He knows that Blaine is itching to get into a fight. It's just the way the other man works. He tries so hard to be perfect and charming all the time, and then when he loses it, he loses it big. Blaine knows how he is. So no, I won't sleep with someone until I'm in love with them, and that's good enough for me.

Blaine can figure out his own ride home. Xxx Two weeks later Kurt gets a call from Rachel, inviting him to her and Finn's wedding. He immediately calls Blaine, and the two go out to coffee. Apparently, the hilarity in Kurt's stepbrother marrying Blaine's ex-girlfriend is enough to get them over their fight. Thank goodness, Kurt thinks. It had been torture trying to survive without his best friend. Xxx Two months later, Kurt receives a wedding invitation in the mail. It's for Dave's wedding.

He instantly dissolves into tears, which is stupid, because it's been almost two years. Besides, he'd never really been in love with Dave. Still, though, it hurts. Because the entire reason they'd broken up was because Kurt wanted to get married, and Dave didn't. And then, less than two years later, Dave's going to be walking down the aisle, with some other guy. He thinks about calling Mercedes, but she's still busy planning her wedding with Sam, and is too euphoric to be ruined.

So Kurt calls Blaine. His best friend is over in less than an hour.

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Kurt is an absolute mess. His hair is ruffled, and he hasn't done his skin care regime. But this is Blaine, and he doesn't have to impress Blaine, because they're best friends.

So he answers the door in his robe and slippers, holding a box of tissues. Kurt tells Blaine about the invitation, and about Dave, and about how all he really wants to do is plan a wedding. Nothing like the tacky monstrosity that Mercedes is insisiting on having.

Kurt gulps in a hurried breath. I'll go put on a pot. He leans forward and kisses Kurt on the mouth. It's just a peck, really, nothing, but it's enough to make Kurt's eyes widen, and his mouth part. Blaine looks equally surprised, pulling back just a bit. Kurt bites his lower lip. I should go get that coffee. Xxx Kurt wakes up with a smile on his face. His muscles are sore, exhausted, but it feels good. He props himself up on one elbow, and peers at Blaine.

The other boy is still sleeping, and he looks absolutely delicious, with his long, dark eyelashes splayed across his face. Kurt can't help it. He's humming under his breath, trying to decide what to make for breakfast, when Blaine stumbles out of the bedroom. He's already dressed, and running a hand through his curly hair. Kurt grins up at him. Kurt, I'm really sorry, I've got to get to work.

But I'd really like to have dinner with you. Have dinner with me? That can't be good. Plus, it's a Sunday, so there's no way that Blaine actually has to work. He doesn't say that, though, just returns to his fridge and begins rummaging around, even though he's already found the eggs.

He instantly grabs his phone, and dials Mercedes.

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Good old, dependable Mercedes, answering the phone. This time Mercedes does squeal. It was a huge mistake. I'll see you there. He doesn't' know why. He realizes, with a start, that he's totally over Dave, and he's over the wedding, but that he's not over Blaine. And Blaine and he weren't even dating. He doesn't get a text all afternoon. Xxx The wedding is beautiful, despite Mercedes horrible taste in color.

Kurt tries to ignore the way that his stomach wriggles when he walks down the aisle, and sees Blaine standing at the other end.

He tries to ignore the fact that he wants this to be his wedding, that he wants to see Blaine waiting for him, instead of standing slightly behind Sam. He tries to ignore how handsome Blaine looks in that tux, tries to ignore the way that Blaine's face is clear and worry free. He tries to ignore Blaine at the reception, after, but it's hard to do. He's everywhere, charming the old ladies, and grabbing food for Sam's relatives, and smiling and just being so dapper.

And he keeps glancing at Kurt with those beautiful hazel eyes. It's too much, really, so Kurt mumbles an excuse to Mercedes, and walks into the hallway. He needs a minute alone, just one minute without feeling like his heart is being twisted in half.

Blaine, however, destroys all of that. He follows Kurt outside. Kurt sighs, and refuses to look at him. I didn't go there, meaning to sleep with you. But you were just sitting there, and your eyes were so big and blue, and your lips were so pink. I"m really bad at romance, Kurt. I don't want to mess us up. Well guess what, Mr. He's just in time, too, because Sam is standing and holding up his champagne glass. A click of the door behind Kurt tells him that Blaine has entered the room.