Kean meet the greeks cmich

Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Matt Amaral | Her Campus

kean meet the greeks cmich

The Fall Meet the Greeks will be held on Wednesday, September 13, , in Harwood Arena from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.. Meet the Greeks is FREE! for Kean. Meet: Nick Parent of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Her Campus: Why did you decide to go Greek? Nick: Coming into college, I originally did not have. Meet: Madison Gilbride of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Her Campus: Why did you decide to go Greek? Madison Gilbride: The main reason I decided to.

I knew going Greek would open a variety of doors for me with unlimited opportunities towards leadership positions and lifelong friendships.

Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Matt Amaral

Tri Sigma up holds values of empowerment, positivity, knowledge and love. Building friendships upon those values allowed me to find my home, my people and a place where I can make a difference.

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I wanted a place where I could build confidence in myself to do things I never imagined doing. I can honestly say going Greek was the best decision I have ever made, and I have truly been able to become the best version of myself with the help of my sisters by my side.

Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Alexis Hoffey | Her Campus

With all that being said, I would encourage everyone to Go Greek and find their home! When did you decide to run for President? Being in a sorority and becoming President of that sorority has always been a dream of mine. Since becoming a member of Tri Sigma, I have wanted to be President so that I could give back to the organization that has given me so much in life thus far.

Not only have I made lifelong friends, but I have expanded on my values, grown as a leader and helped to solidify the person I am today. I was the person to teach our new members all about Tri Sigma and the Bryant Greek like as a whole in order to transition them into the chapter and the Panhellenic Community. Within that position, I have seen the ins and outs of our chapter, fueling my desire to want to hold my presence on the executive board to continue making an impact.

Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Madison Gilbride | Her Campus

As each event passes my passion for sigma continues to grow, I have a lot of ideas and goals for our chapter that I know in this role I would have the opportunity to bring to the table. I desire to inspire and motivate my sisters every day helping to make a difference and be the change these women see for the chapter, in order to continue making Sigma great for all generations to come.

kean meet the greeks cmich

What are your favorite thing about Sigma? My favorite thing about Tri Sigma is our sisterhood. I love knowing I am a part of a network of women who friendships have been fostering since bid day and will continue to foster even after graduation. I have many multilevel relationships with my sisters to whom I look up to each one individually.

kean meet the greeks cmich

What are your favorite things about Delta Zeta? My favorite thing is my sisters. The women in this chapter are the people that make me smile every day and challenge me to be a better version of myself. I look up to each one of these girls and could not be prouder of the people they are. Delta Zeta holds its women to such high standards and set of values that each member amazes me. I love that I always have someone to eat lunch with, a gym buddy, or someone to binge watch an entire Netflix series with.

They have shown me the importance on not just being part of something but letting something become a part of you. I stay for the passion that this sorority has given me and the insane amount of love that these women show me every day. Are you in any other leadership roles on campus?

kean meet the greeks cmich

Or in any other clubs or organizations? On campus I hold two jobs. I work as a desk attendant at the fitness center, and as a coach for the USA Club swim team each night.

kean meet the greeks cmich

I work with all the different ages on the team, but I am the main coach for the age group. My favorite thing about Bryant is all the opportunities that it can give you.

kean meet the greeks cmich

Bryant is a small school in the smallest state, but it continues to open doors to huge possibilities. What is your favorite Delta Zeta memory?

My favorite memory about Delta Zeta was when I got my big.