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kathakali movie press meet the

Vishal & Catherine Tresa Kathakali Movie Press Meet Photos. By Mango Krishnagaadi Veera Premagaadha Movie Audio Launch Gallery. 54 photos. Videos. Vishal at Kathakali Movie Press Meet. Kathakali Film Press Meet Event held at Hyderabad. Vishal, Catherine Tresa, Pandiraj, Madhusudhan Rao, Hiphop. Hyderabad Jan The Kathakali movie that released on the eve of sankranti held a press meet in the city. Starring Catherine Tresa and Vishal.

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This scene, written by Madhu, was recreated verbatim on screen. Shobana was extremely nervous before the shoot. She made Fazil recite the scene countless times. And just as he predicted, she lifted the bed effortlessly only to realise that the director had planted his assistant Ali to lift it.

The poem that helped facilitate the story: Madhu came in one day with a paper tucked in a magazine. That night, Madhu weaved the tale of young Ganga, her grandmother, her Calcutta jaunt, her first psychic attack and her visit to Madampilly. MG Radhakrishnan composed the song without changing a word. They were still contemplating the complexity of shooting the climax, without the aid of graphics, when Suresh Gopi paid a surprise visit.

After a chat, as he was about to step out, Fazil told him about this issue. When KPAC threw a fit: Do you recall that famous bathroom scene where Mohanlal and KPAC Lalitha stand on either side of the wall, engaged in a hilarious conversation?

Did you know that she was not physically present there during the shoot? When she came to this scene, she was taken aback and asked: You avoided me and did this on the sly. I should be paid extra for it. How the music director cautioned Fazil about the film: The common man will not be able to decipher this.

kathakali movie press meet the

It will be a huge flop. Man behind the title: It was lyricist Bichu Thirumala who came up with the title—Manichitrathazhu. Shooting at Vasan house: It was owned by SS Vasan, the owner of Gemini studios. It was the succession of ornate doors that was a clincher for Fazil.

kathakali movie press meet the

The first shot was rife with tension as Shobana arrived 30 minutes late. It was later discovered that her mother was unhappy about taking the first shot at Vasan house as none of the films which began its shoot there worked at the box office. Finally, the crew had to cajole the mother-daughter duo and convince them to shoot. That comical scene with Bhasura and Unnithan: It was to accommodate Thilakan and shoot that famous pre-climax scene between Mohanlal and Thilakan that Fazil decided to hand over the reigns to his shishyas.

But not a word written by Madhu Muttam was altered.

kathakali movie press meet the

They simply transferred it to screen. The duo have also contributed to numerous works outside independent music, including performing in films and launching a clothing brand. Gnanavel Raja had met the press and released an official statement from their end. But what turns to be more speculative is the process of getting it censored that becomes a huge burden than making a film. AnandaBhadram marks the debut of cinematographer turned director Santosh Sivan.

The film was inspired by the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, Theyyam and Kathakali dance movements, and Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form. In the ancient village of Shivapuram, little Ananthan hears the story from his mother Gayathri, played by veteran actress Revathi.

Ananthan's family comes from a line of powerful magicians responsible for protecting Nagamanikyam, a jewel on the serpent's head, known to bestow good luck to the possessor.

The jewel, she says, lies in a secret place in the house guarded by snakes, including a tiny snake called Kunjootan. Years later, according to the wishes of his dead mother, Ananthan Prithviraj comes to Shivapuram to light the lamps at Shivakavu, a dark and mysterious temple of Lord Shiva. On his way to home, he meets Maravi Mathai, played by ace comedian Cochin Haneefa. His idea of lighting the lamps at Shivakavu is opposed by the local black magician Digambaran, played by Manoj K Jayan.

Digambaran uses the superstitious beliefs of the local people to his aid and succeeds in opposing Prithviraj. It is revealed that DIgambaran has his own motive for opposing Ananthan. He wanted the Nagamanikyam stone and has been working on it for a long time. Ananthan, who was a non-believer finally meetsthe supernatural for the first time. Ananthan tries to fit into the local environment and succeeds in winning over the local people's hearts with his easy and kind manners.

Meanwhile, Ananthan's cousin Bhadra, played by Kavya Madhavan falls for him and his light hearted flirting. Eventually they both fall in love with each other. At one point, Bhadra is torn between accepting Ananthan's love and becoming a goddess herself in a mystical ritual of self-offering.

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Meanwhile, Ananthan is attacked by Digambaran on his way to Shivakavu, He is saved by the blind martial arts expert Chemban, played by Kalabhavan Mani, who stands in the way of Digambaran's hunt for the Nagamanikyam. The evil black magician Digambaran then takes over Ananthan's mind. He also manages to remove Chemban from the way. A series of sensuous and evil rites follows that feature some exotic Kathakali and Kalaripayattu art forms, some magic spells and special effects.

In the end, Ananthan and Bhadra escape Digambaran's sinister tricks and unravel his conspiracy to the villagers who believed he was a good mystic.

In the climax fight, Digambaran is destroyed and Ananthan restores the Naga Manikyam. Anandabhadram boasts of a rich cultural collage with various art forms such as Theyyam, Kathakali, Kalarppayattu. Director Santosh Sivan also drew inspirations from Raja Ravi Verma's paintings in various song sequences. Manoj K Jayan wore long nails, kohl-lined eyes for his role. Riya Sen learnt Kathakali for her role in the film.

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Anandabhadram songs were composed by M. Radhakrishnan, senior music director and carnatic vocalist. Initially Vidyasagar was signed for the film. But Santosh Sivan rejected his work and signed M.

Radhakrishnan for the film. Anandabhadram was one of the biggest hits of The song Pinakkamano became the biggest hit among Malayalam songs in The film also inspired KJ Bose's Tanthra.