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jenna jones meet the mormons

Only two years after "Meet the Mormons" first debuted, three new vignettes who they are,” comedian Jenna Kim Jones told the Church News. Meet the Mormons () Jenna Kim Jones as Herself - Host. Jenna Kim Jones' favorite sound is laughter. She would do almost anything to hear it–anything except compromise her principles. She's proving being funny.

While an NYU undergrad, she worked at a Manhattan candy store, where she struck up a friendship with a customer who happened to be an executive at Follow Productions, a TV production company. That led to an internship at Follow, which led to more internships: She worked there for four years; she helped write and craft the show, she did voice-overs, and occasionally had some on-camera appearances.

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When Jenna showed an interest in his work outside the office as a standup comic, he invited her to tag along with him and some of the rest of the crew to a Manhattan comedy club called Comics. Eventually, Rory coaxed Jenna onto the stage to do her own standup. Instead, she clung to her religion like a trusty coat. The isolation, abrupt culture change, and occasional jibes caused Jenna to closely examine what she believed. Neither her mother nor her father was around to monitor what she was up to or if she was even going to church.

It was all up to her. And she was surrounded by the countless distractions and temptations of Manhattan. No drinking, no smoking, no swearing, no drugs, no premarital sex, church services every Sunday — and all else like she was still living at home in Orem.

jenna jones meet the mormons

To her relief, and surprise, she discovered that her dorm mates had no problem with it. When you wear makeup and dress nice — only Mormon girls do that. I think they liked that I was like really stable.

jenna jones meet the mormons

You can see the clip here. But trust me, Mormons are just as complex as anybody else.

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In fact, Meet the Mormons sheds light on the ordinary, yet extraordinary lives of six Mormon families. I was a comic who happened to be Mormon. But the more life experience I gain, the more I realize that the choices I have made in my life up until now have been highly influenced by my faith. Being a Mormon has helped me avoid a lot of heartache and encouraged me to endure when heartache was unavoidable.

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God has given me the amazing blessings of being a daughter, sister, wife, and eventually a mother. How do you stay true to your values in the fast-paced, value-shifting world of media?

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Even though I grew up as a Mormon, I decided in college after many nights of study and prayer that Mormonism was for me. I was all in, and that meant committing myself to certain values. However, I decided that no gig was worth losing my integrity over. How does your faith inspire you to be positive and find humor in life?

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How can everyone do that, especially when the stresses of life happen? There are so many things to laugh at every day. While in my car, I sang at the top of my lungs until I realized the person in the car next to me was totally watching. Trust me, laughing is the only way to get through the day. The truth is, life is tough for everybody.