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assist with the cost of the activities described. .. The Festival met with critical acclaim and .. £, Imaginate. Imaginate was awarded funding in recognition of its role as a key annual programming and festival support pending. and also to Liz Hawkins, Director of Programming and Development, both . reach of Adelaide Festival Centre into our community. majority of tickets sold at 50% off the adult price with a minimum of $ Danish & Imaginate Festivals. I think the most fun thing has been meeting people - people who are performing, people involved in programming, people who are collaborating with me, people.

I knew Brighton Festival and how well organised it is and the possibility of being part of the team and exchanging ideas about which artists will be performing and why is an interesting experience for me.

These are circumstances you cannot usually create when you are working as an artist - even when you make collaborations, but programming a festival is another experience - you do it from a different angle.

What can arts festivals, like Brighton Festival, bring to communities? In Brighton, as with any event like this, the place it happens in is very important and the people occupying this space are very important. How did you develop such broad interests? My father was a musician and a teacher before becoming a diplomat and his legacy across various art forms and disciplines has had a huge impact on me.

My musical and artistic education began with him - I learnt very much with my father about all kinds of things, but not so many of each thing.

He grew up in Africa, he lived there, and he had very good knowledge of music in general — he knew a little bit about a lot of things.

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So I would discover everything with him, from African music to European classical music. Later, meeting people myself and through my work, I could get more experience and discover more about specific kinds of music.

As the daughter of a diplomat, you travelled a lot growing up and speak and sing in several different languages. How has that cross-cultural background affected you and your music? Where do you see home now?

Meet the artists

Home is certainly Mali. It has always been my base. When I finished High School I stopped making music and went to University in Brussels to study Anthropology, Journalism and Musicbut then I realised something was missing and that my musical skill was something that I wanted to take advantage of. This was the first time I had disagreed with my father, who felt Africa needed more intellectuals than musicians.

Meet the Programmers — Imaginate

He had given up music to provide me with access to this different kind of life. The other festivals all bring visitors into the city throughout the year but not to the same extent, so crowds are less of an issue although the summer June through August is always a busy time for tourism in Edinburgh.

Resources for Planning your Trip to Edinburgh? The best place for festival information is the Festivals Edinburgh website or the individual festival websites given above. For more general overall trip planning, a good place to start your planning is the Edinburgh city tourism website and then head to the Visit Scotland tourism website for planning all your travels throughout Scotland. Note that in addition to the 11 festivals that are based in Edinburgh, there are also many other festivals that take place in Scotland throughout the year such as the Edinburgh Mela and Edinburgh Food Festival.

The Edinburgh International Science Festival As noted the the International Edinburgh Science Festival is currently the first major festival each year in Edinburgh, kicking off the 11 major festivals in the city.

The festival continues to be one of the largest science events in Europe, hosting over events and activities across the city with overannual visitors. Below is some information about what to expect if you are interested in attending the Edinburgh International Science Festival. When is the Science Festival? Inthe festival will take place from April 1 through April 16th. The events, exhibitions, and workshops are quite varied but the festival has a specific theme each year and a number of the events will focus on this core theme.

The festival is designed to include events that will appeal to a person of any age and with any set of interests, whether they have a strong background in science or none at all.

There are events and performances for just about everyone with topics ranging from genetics to astronomy to winemaking to Agatha Christie novels. There are over a dozen venues that hosted events for the science festival this year and they change each year. Events take place all across the city during the festival, but most are within a minute walk or less from the city center.

Meet the Programmers

For other venues, Edinburgh has an excellent public bus transport networkas well as Uber and traditional taxis services.

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Many events for the festival are free to visit or attend, especially the ongoing events and exhibitions that take place over several days. Most of the events in the museums and zoo are free to take part in for all those who have paid the regular admission to the museum or zoo. Some venues may offer day passes especially for families and early bird discounts. To find out details, you can check online or scan a printed program of the events that can be found at many of the festival venues, and then to book you can call the booking hotline number or book online at the official Edinburgh International Science Festival website.

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To find out more information about the Edinburgh International Science Festival, you can call -or- or visit their official website.

The events are quite varied and we actually provided a list of dozens of events during the 2-week festival that we would be happy to attend. I was particularly interested in the genetic, literary, and food-related events and Laurence was drawn to events that focused on space, environmental issues, technology, and science fiction.

We ended up attending events over 3 different days, including spending one entire day visiting different events in a variety of venues around the city. Here is a list of the events we attended to give you a general idea of the wide variety of some of the specific events that are available each year: Drawn to the Light: LED Sketching — This hands-on family-focused workshop focused on the science of light and the merging of science and art.

We learned how to paint, draw, and sketch using LED lights to create interesting images using long-exposure photography. This was a lot of fun and very hands-on as most of the hour was spent assembling the lights and practicing the light sketching although we were also given a good overview of the science behind it and even learned that Pablo Picasso used this form of art.

We also got to take home the LED lights which was great! The Tiny Homes Village — A free drop-in exhibition was set in the Mound Precinct in central Edinburgh that included a number of tiny homes that was geared towards having visitors think about the rising urban populations, emergency housing, and future of homes as space and resources become more limited.

The homes included self-sustaining eco pods, a traditional Mongolian yurt, and emergency housing shelters. A Visit to the National Museum of Scotland — We dropped by the National Museum of Scotland donation-only entry fee and visited some of the free drop-in exhibits.