How to meet the cast of modern family

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how to meet the cast of modern family

"Modern Family" has been on for almost a decade and is coming to a The cast themselves and the characters they played have come a long way. immediately recognize Burrell as the voice of Bailey in "Finding Dory"?. We're talking about the award-winning dynamic that makes up the cast of ABC's Modern Family. Since the show premiered in , it's been nominated for Who The 'Modern Family' Cast Members Are Dating Or Married To In Real .. one half of a couple that Phil and Claire meet while on vacation.

Mitchell is a high-strung lawyer that expresses OCD behaviors. His personality is balanced by his life partner and husband, Cam, who is much more laid back.

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Mitchell shares a close relationship with his sister, Claire, and is a dedicated adoptive father to his Vietnamese daughter, Lily. Mitchell is a perpetual people pleaser and avoids confrontation at all costs.

He carries himself with professionalism in both his demeanor and dress. Though he and Cam disagree on many things, their open lines of communication and grossly different personalities complement each other well. Mitchell loves his daughter and his family, often going above and beyond for them. Cameron met Mitchell after guessing his rendition of Casablanca at a character party. Cam can be recognized by his slightly overweight stature and his patterned dress shirt often cuffed at the sleeve.

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We love seeing little Lily learn her family's dynamics and what she can get away with. It's also so sweet to see her bond with her two dads.

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Don't worry — I didn't forget. He was seen as a dreamer, a young teen who loved love and had zero direction in life. He was on and off with Hayley for awhile throughout the seasons, so who knows what's in store for those crazy kids. A s we can see from the photo, Reid has grown up from a teen-boy to a grown man. However, as ofReid recently made headlines for his announcement of him having B ody Dysmorphia.

Meet the Men of Modern Family

He told his tale of undergoing multiple procedures to get the "perfect look" and was always unsatisfied with the results. As Reid gets a handle on his disorder, I'm sure fans of his wish nothing but the best and admire his courage. Banks plays Sal, Mitchell and Cameron's best friend.

how to meet the cast of modern family

We were introduced to her early on, after Cameron and Mitchell adopted Lily from Vietnam. Sal—who still acts like an year-old in college—was less than please about the adoption. Sal became jealous of their dedication to fatherhood over the nightlife, and it makes for an epic feud between friend and child. Personally, I think it's amazing that a megastar like Banks appears on the show so regularly.

As we can see Banks inshe looks completely different.

how to meet the cast of modern family

She has such a baby face compared to the modern banks we all know and love today. Ariel Winter Alex Dunphy www. Her sister got custody of her in ; however, Ariel just announced in May that she is now emancipated. Even though she is a child actress that has been through a lot, she does not let that stop her from experiencing normal teenage things; her and her boyfriend went to their high school prom together earlier this year.

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Ariel also plans on attending college soon. Nolan Gould Luke Dunphy www. However, Nolan is almost the complete opposite of the character he portrays; at the age of 13 Nolan had an IQ of a normal IQ iswhich is a genius level of intelligence. InJesse made it to television being featured in several television movies. Ferguson is gay in real life as well; he and boyfriend Justin Mikita got married in July of Eric first made it to television in with small roles in many television series. Although, Eric is somewhat like his character Cam, he is actually not gay in real life; however, he strongly supports same-sex marriage.

This is the only television series Aubrey has been a part of but she has also been featured in two short films recently.

how to meet the cast of modern family

My mother surprised me with second row tickets for my birthday. Afterwards the cast signed autographs for their fans. We were lucky enough to take selfies with some of the cast!

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