How did shrien and anni meet the parents

Anni Ninna Dewani (née Hindocha; 12 March – 13 November ) was a Swedish Anni Hindocha met Shrien Dewani in London in ; they maintained a long-distance relationship .. "Dewani extradition saga passes mother by". Shrien and Anni Dewani on their wedding day. File photo. "Meeting Anni's parents was like meeting her in second person. Her mother was. London - Family members of Anni Dewani, who was shot dead in Cape Town in , have reportedly pleaded with her husband, Shrien, to tell.

It is where the Swedish-born Anni's body was removed from a car. It is here that a story that reads like a crime thriller unravels: The story of Anni and Shrien Dewani would allegedly involve local hit men, a police commissioner who had to apologise for his monkey comments, a highly paid publicist and an accused who still fights extradition to South Africa.

Four months later, they a re married in a Hindu ceremony in India and then travel to Cape Town for their honeymoon in November. The news of Anni's murder cast a deep shadow over other crimes in South Africa.

The tragedy of a beautiful foreign bride, killed in a South African township, spread across the globe, with British tabloids particularly gorging themselves on the country's violent crime.

'I've so much to tell you': Anni Dewani's parents left haunted by her mysterious last words

Initially cast as a hijacking gone wrong, the murder took a turn when Dewani was arrested in the UK after shuttle operator Zola Tongo implicated him in the murder. Tongo confessed that Dewani had asked him to hire hit men to kill his wife and offered R for the murder.

Tongo said he hired Xolile Mngeni and Mziwamadoda Qwabe to carry out the hit. Tongo is serving an year sentence, while Dewani continues to deny his involvement. Though it might be a year since her death on Monday, Anni's family is still searching for answers.

Shrien Dewani: millionaire lifestyle detailed as murder trial begins | World news | The Guardian

Tongo says he, Dewani, Mngeni and Qwabe know exactly what happened that night. Speaking from his home in Sweden this week, Anni's father, Vinod Hindocha, says it has been a terrible year. It gets deeper and deeper. We can't cope with this; we need closure. Mngeni's grandmother, Zanyiwe Mngeni, 65, says her grandson's troubles have impoverished her. She is also inundated by journalists. Mngeni became ill while in custody and medical reports handed in to court earlier this year showed he had developed a malignant brain tumour.

how did shrien and anni meet the parents

It will be a year since the incident they are being accused of took place and it has not been easy," says Zanyiwe Mngeni. Wearing a dark suit, white shirt and tie, Dewani stood in the dock and, in a calm voice, told high court judge Jeanette Traverso: My sexual interactions with males were mostly physical experiences or email chats with people I met online or in clubs, including prostitutes such as Leopold Leisser.

We were both ambitious and shared a common view of the future. We were both headstrong and often argued with each other.

After a few turbulent months in the relationship, he hired a private jet to take them to Paris, where he formally proposed marriage in June The three men are already serving jail terms in connection with the murder. There was a lot of shouting in a language I did not understand. The next thing I recall is somebody next to me who told me to lie down.

This person had a gun in his hand; I cannot recall which hand. I was lying half on top of Anni. Another person was behind the steering wheel.

how did shrien and anni meet the parents

I do not know where Tongo was at that stage. He placed the gun against my left ear and said words to the effect that I should not lie to him or he would shoot me.

I heard a clicking noise from the gun which scared me even more. I have never been close to a real gun before. I pleaded with them to let us both go. The driver said they would leave Anni at the police station. I insisted that we both have to stay together.

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They became angrier and shouted at me to get out. The one with the gun put it to my head again and threatened to shoot me if I did not get out.

I recall the window opening.