How did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

An interview with Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos | The Florentine

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

Debi Mazar and Gabriel Corcos After Mel Gibson was spotted flirting with women on Wednesday night, . Designer, Susie Crippen of CRIPPEN and Lauren Book, founder of Lauren's Kids will be hosting a Meet-the-Designer and trunk show at At Don't Miss: Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show, Spartan Kids, and SOBEWFF. The Osprey is now The Anchor Bar & Grill at the Osprey Nest for “Extra Virgin” with Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos on our houseboat Nancy Lou. Meet our crew and learn more about our popular house boat vacation rentals moored in Marina · Repair & Refit · Yacht Sales · Riggs Cove Rentals · Spartan Marine. The actress Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, owner of Tuscan Gun, Mr. Corcos “Meeting Debi was a moment that said, 'Wow, you exist.

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We had so much fun that from then on, every two weeks we would post a new video recipe. I designed our blog and started sharing our experience online. All of the sudden we started receiving tons of e-mails. People responded to our project in a way we never expected. We received e-mails from young mothers happy to have new ideas to cook for their kids, culinary students from around the world started commenting on our posts, and many viewers started praising our work and telling us that all of a sudden we brought their grandmothers back from the dead.

This incredible response is what has been inspiring and fueling The Tuscan Gun for the past 5 years. I was just living in the moment. Debi Mazar was officially under Tuscan scrutiny! I had to rise to the occasion.

Our blog was simply for sharing good info. Obviously we had people interested, but they wanted to promote things like soy sauce, nothing to do with what we were doing or the brand.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

We were about controlling content and not making money to just sell out. And then, one day, we got noticed by relevant foodies, the world, and Cooking Channel! Going to TV was never the intention really. Although I must say, being an actor, this project is wonderful as I get to cook, act, write, direct, and be around my favorite person…my husband.

What makes your new Cooking Chanel show Extra Virgin different from other cooking shows? Our show is a hybrid that has not been done before. We do let people take a look to our life in a very personal way, but at the same time the reality element is what actually drives the recipes we feature. We always try to approach the writing of our episodes as if they were real moments in our life.

This is how we live, how we cook for our children, our family and our friends, regardless of the show. Our kitchen is the warmest room of the house. We do not have a television in our kitchen, we do treat it as a sacred place that exists not just for quenching our hunger, but where we talk about our days, where we bond as a family. We winged the first season. You both have a lot on your plate, so to speak, how do you fit it all in? Oh, it is real hard and exciting at the same time.

We really do not have a support system here in L. It is us and our daughters. While Mazar is still acting, Corcos grows his own career as a chef and shop owner. Still, they couldn't be more in sync. The meshing of Mazar's high-energy personality and New York upbringing with Corcos's laid-back, patient Italian heritage comes naturally, and it's helped define the life they lead.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

See their favorite product picks below. The show, which Mazar describes as a docu-soap, chronicles their lives in L. Playing on their own strengths as a TV veteran and an experienced cook, respectively, Mazar took control of writing and executing, while Corcos cooked signature Italian dishes.

Together, they created the format for a cooking show that had never been done before: I'm a high-energy person who always wanted to take control, and he's an Italian who takes too long to get to the point.

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And, being a mom of two children obviously shifted my interests. One day, we broke out our old video camcorder and filmed ourselves preparing a dinner, an easy recipe. It was funny, and, from the start, people started digging it.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

We do normal food, using normal ingredients. Our recipes and meals are for real people, who have jobs and kids.

5 Questions for Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos

There is also the obvious chemistry between us that seems to entertain people. The site has no advertisers and so far has been strictly about sharing, food, culture and community. At times the site has averagedhits in a month!

Well there is the obvious Under the Tuscan Sun that many have heard of. I don't have a particular dish, I go by seasonal foods and I like to balance a meal, so it's more of the whole palette of one meal rather than the individual dishes. How do you cook and eat seasonally in California when there are no seasons? I have almost lost my love of strawberries.

I used to look forward to them in the summer and couldn't wait to bite into my first strawberry of the season. Now I can have them every day, so it's just not the same. We try to cook according to the calendar seasons, even though we don't have much of a winter here.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the spartans

My girls and I get cozy when it rains and imagine it is a winter day. Gabriele, is there anything special about being married to an American and living in the United States? I realized that my Florentine friends who are artists and entrepreneurs have left Florence because there you are constantly being told you can't do something. Here, in LA, the possibilities are endless. I was kind of the black sheep of my family because I was always looking for new things to do and learn and new ways to grow.

What do you miss when you are away from Florence? The country, the simplicity. I'd like to go back and harvest my own olive oil, grow our own herbs and have more of a connection between what I'm eating and how I am living. And what about you, Debi?

What do I miss about Florence? The food, our family there, the country, the air, walks in the streets, driving to Siena, my friends, the history.