Gsgla meet the cookies 2016

gsgla meet the cookies 2016

Girl Scouts isn't just about crafts, cookies, and camping—our girls are who met at one of GSGLA's most popular events (see below to find out which one!). 10/ 3 of 7. Setting Up Your Non-GSGLA Ledger. Set up the ledger so there is a column the NET proceeds from your Cookie and Fall Product sale. Items 1 - 20 of 27 Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Program Guide his family! girl scout cookie order form awesome gsgla meet the cookies daisy from.

A new level, Girl Scout Ambassadors, was created for girls in grades 11 and 12 around 16 to 18 years oldwith Girl Scout Seniors to be only in ninth and tenth grade around 14 to 16 years old and sixth grade girls were reclassified from the Junior level to Cadette to conform with school grade levels.

By this time, sixth grade was considered a middle school rather than an elementary school grade. The new levels were tried in approximately six councils in spring and were put to use nationally after October 1, Although troop membership has always and is still the most common way to participate in Girl Scouting, girls who do not have a local troop, or who do not desire or have the time to participate in traditional troop activities, can still sign up as individual Girl Scouts.

Individual Girls Scouts were known in the early years of Girl Scouting as Lone Scouts and later as Juliettes; they attend activities independently and work individually on badges and awards.

In —, the term Juliette was phased out in favor of the term Independent Girl Scouts. The Campus Girl Scouts program allows women ages 18 and older to be active in Girl Scouting while in college.

Campus Girl Scouting is an organization that helps promote and build student involvement in the community, the local council, and the college campus through service.

The Mariner Girl Scout program remains active but in a smaller form; most girls have instead joined Sea Scouting, which has been coed since The Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program helps daughters of incarcerated mothers connect with their mothers and helps mothers participate in Girl Scout activities. Another program, Girl Scouting in Detention Centers, allows girls who are themselves in detention centers to participate in Scouting.

Other initiatives try to help girls in rural areas or in public housing. There are also programs for American girls living overseas. It is headed by a chief executive officer and a member national board of directors. Sylvia Acevedo currently serves as the chief executive officer, and was officially appointed in May The chair of the national board of directors, the highest volunteer position, is Kathy Hopinkah Hannan.

Some councils own and run camps for the troops within their area of responsibility. Councils are usually subdivided into areas, called neighborhoods, service units, or associations terms varywhich are program delivery areas that consist of troops at all age levels in a smaller area, such as a town.

The basic unit is the troop which may or may not be sponsored. In contrast to Boy Scout troop-chartered organizations, Girl Scout troop sponsors do not own the troop. Families are responsible for any lost, stolen, or counterfeit money. The practice of going from door-to-door in a neighborhood not commercial or retail areas, like parking lots, etc. Door-to-door selling is permitted in residential areas only, including parks city ordinance permitting.

Girls should be familiar with the neighborhoods.

gsgla meet the cookies 2016

Girls must always have an adult with them and should never be out after dark. Girls should never enter a customer s home or accept food or beverages. Other than service animals, no pets are allowed while selling cookies. She must continue to the next door. Girls must have an adult present at the lemonade stand at all times cookies and money should never be left unattended. Lemonade stands are not to be set up on the street, sidewalk, street corner, medians or outside of fencing or walls.

Girls who reside in an apartment, gated community, or similar housing must obtain management approval prior to setting up set-up must be in a common area inside the complex not on the street or sidewalk. Keep cookies shaded from the elements i. Consider using a rolling cooler on hot days to keep cookies from melting for walkabouts, too.

The practice of taking orders or selling cookies at a workplace including a parent s workplace. Girls must contact business owners or managers to request permission to sell at the business. Girls can make a sales pitch to staff or leave an order card in a location visible to employees.

Girls can only sell to the employees of the business. Parents may have cookies to sell at their place of work to employees only, but any displays must include a message from the girl. Girls are not to set up booths at businesses without special booth approval; ask your troop cookie chair.

Older girl troops can apply for these sites separately; ask your troop cookie chair. Boothing encourages teamwork and learning. Boothing is a privilege! As guests in front of a business, we need to be on our best behavior. Boothing can be done only during Feb. Locations are pre-authorized by GSGLA; consult your troop cookie chair for availabilities or to seek required approval for any special booth locations outside of what is offered see p.

Girls and adults must be present at each cookie booth. A troop cannot booth without parent help. At least two girls per door are required to be present at all times.

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Two adults are required, one must be a registered Girl Scout member and at least one must be female. Only registered Girl Scouts can booth; therefore, siblings and friends are not allowed. Do not block entrances; approach customers only as they are leaving the business. Unless authorized by the business, do not affix anything to the property of where the booth is held. Make sure the cookie inventory is always in sight; do not leave cash visible, and keep change on hand.

Clean up all trash and take with you; however, do not fill trash cans at the booth location. Cadettes and up can host one girl-one parent booths; however, all girls in the troop must be given the opportunity to participate in the booth.

Priority is given to troop boothing over individual girl boothing. Booths must be scheduled by the troop cookie chair on behalf of the girl, and you should check with the troop cookie chair before and after the booth to verify sales to be credited to the girl, true up inventory, and to remit proceeds to the troop. There are date restrictions, so please consult your troop cookie chair girlscoutsla. Here are some effective marketing techniques: It is a password-protected private area for Girl Scouts only.

When using Digital Cookie, girls can: Learn about goals and selling tips Set troop and individual goals Record their customer lists so they can be saved and reused each cookie season Send secure s to customers to take online orders for shipment only and to accept Gift of Caring donations. In mid-january, parents will receive an from to log in and set up their girls' sites. Make sure your MyGS contact information is correct in order to receive the.

However, cookie delivery and payment must be done in person except through Digital Order Card. Online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great place for teens 13 and older to promote and ask for cookie orders with parent permission.

All About Girl Scout Cookies: 2016-17

For additional resources, visit girlscouts. Girls can decorate wagons for walkabouts, lemonade stands, and their cookie booths to attract customers to purchase cookies.

gsgla meet the cookies 2016

Watch for council communications that advertise contest rules and other ideas. Plus, visit your local Girl Scout store to check out our new cookie carts and other cookie-themed signs, T-shirts, and more items!

It's chock-full of items you can use during the sale, especially at boothing. Try a troop text-a-thon to let friends and family know It s cookie time or I have cookies NOW, no waiting! Have a Cookie House Party and sell cookies by the case! Remind customers that Girl Scout Cookies are only available once a year, and they freeze well. The direct sale format allows you to have the inventory in hand so customers don t have to wait! Cookies are distributed to families at the start of the sale using a specific formula for your troop.

This is referred to as the starting inventory order SIO which is placed by your troop cookie chair. Girls can use order cards to track sales or customer contact information. Families are not limited to the one-time inventory allotment; they should pick up additional inventory as needed throughout the sale check with your troop cookie chair.

Families turn in funds to the troop for cookies as they sell them. Cookies are not pre-paid. Balance for all cookies is due shortly after the sale March 11, As a troop, calculate the budget needed for the activities chosen to determine your troop s sales goal. All members of the troop should support the collective goals that girls debated and agreed on. The troop is financially responsible for all cookies ordered and received. Cookies are ordered in full case quantities 12 boxes per case additional cookies may be ordered through the TCC.

Count each box before leaving your troop cookie chair. Sign a receipt and take a copy. You are financially responsible for each box of cookies you sign for.

Always keep your cookies in a cool place do not store in the garage. If cookies are damaged, you are still responsible for paying for them. Store cookies away from strong odors, such as cigarette smoke and pungent foods. However, you may announce the sale start date in advance. If a potential customer responds prior to Jan.

Respect the next scheduled troop and prepare to turn over the site. Make sure you have the important phone numbers: Arrive with a great attitude, smile, and say thank you even if a customer does not buy. All conflicts must be resolved quietly, peacefully, and out of earshot from the girls. Cell phones, ipads, or other electronic devices should not be used during your boothing shift for personal use. Consult with your troop cookie chair for details. Special booth requests require written pre-approval and can take a week or longer to obtain.

Any cookies not returned to the TCC by the designated date will be the financial responsibility of the family. It s about teamwork: All troop members can pitch in to help with any unsold cookies. Immediate friends are okay. In the parent or guardian s workplace only to friends and work colleagues only, not to their customers. Friends' and extended family s workplaces are not allowed.

Lemonade stands, walkabouts, and boothing of any kind: Always use the buddy system. Be familiar with the neighborhoods where you will be selling cookies. Never enter a customer s home. Never approach customers in cars. Follow safe pedestrian practices when crossing streets. Be aware of traffic when unloading vehicles. Have a plan for safeguarding money avoid carrying large amounts; have supervising adult deposit proceeds immediately.

Sell only during daylight hours. Never provide a girl s name, address, or address. Be a currently registered Girl Scout.

Ensure no cookie orders are taken or sales made prior to the start date, Sunday, Jan. Participate in troop meetings and cookie program discussions. Know your product; learn about the cookies. Be easily identifiable as a Girl Scout. Wear your uniform or other Girl Scout attire, and your membership pin.

Tell customers how your troop will use cookie proceeds. Participate in the troop booth sales. Encourage your daughter to participate in cookie program activities. Work with her to build her 5 Skills. Work with your daughter and her troop in setting goals to help determine the number of cookies to order. Respect and support the troop goals. Participate in booth sales and assist the troop cookie chair and troop leader.

Keep your troop cookie chair updated on your daughter s inventory request more cookies when you sell out. Be responsible for payment of all cookies received and safeguarding all monies collected from customers. Participate in the receipting for all cookies received and for all money submitted to troop. Follow all troop guidelines and timeframes for turning in money and cookie box exchanges and returns.

Follow all rules and guidelines for selling as defined by GSGLA and understand consequences for noncompliance. Train the girls and parents and distribute all needed materials, providing ongoing support throughout the sale. Do not set quotas for individual girls. Enter all troop and girl orders and money collected into the cookie system ebudde.

Meet deadlines as set by the service unit cookie program chair and as indicated in the troop guide.

gsgla meet the cookies 2016

Keep track of individual girl sales and boothing sales. If your troop is doing additional money-earning events, ensure the troop adheres to the participation definition as outlined in Volunteer Essentials girlscoutsla. These rules are in place so that girls can run a successful, fair, fun, and safe cookie business.

Consult your troop cookie chair with any questions. I will follow the rules to help make sure program activities are safe, fun, and successful. I will not sell cookies prior to the sale start date of Jan. I will treat other people, myself, property, and equipment with respect. I will remove all trash from boothing sites. I will listen carefully to all instructions and appropriately respond to all directions given by Girl Scout leaders, troop cookie chairs, or the adult in charge.

I will not run or demonstrate any physical activity that could place me in harm. I will not participate in any roughhousing, running, loud voices, or inappropriate language. I will never give out my last name, address, or phone number to customers. Instead, I will refer the customer to the adult volunteer. I will make sure my daughter does not sell cookies prior to the sale start date of Jan.

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I understand I am financially responsible for all product received and all cookies must be paid by the March deadline set by my troop cookie chair. I will not leave trash behind.

I will remove all cardboard boxes and trash from boothing sites and dispose of them at my home. I understand that siblings tagalongs are not allowed at a cookie booth. I will not violate Girl Scout policies, create discord, or damage or misuse property. I will not demonstrate violence of any kind, including inappropriate conduct, profanity, or verbal abuse.

I will not be under the influence or hold possession of illegal substances during any Girl Scout activities. Firearms or weaponry are not allowed. I understand smoking is not allowed in the presences of girls during Girl Scout activities. I will support the goals established by my daughter and her troop. I understand that adults may assist, but cannot sell cookies. This is the girl s business to operate. Taking orders or selling before Sunday, Jan. The severity of the consequence imposed will be based on the rules and regulations broken, impact to others, safety, and if one or multiple rules were broken.

Check with your troop cookie chair. No cookie orders are allowed to be taken or sales made prior to this start date. No sales allowed after this date. This cookie variety is sugarfree, fat-free, trans-fat free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and calorie-free for the customer. Girl Scouts can encourage customers to support our GOC partners by donating money for cookies.

Customers provide monetary donations that the troop or Girl Scout collects. The donations are tabulated and reported as GOC donations. That way, they can support a girl s cookie goals without incurring the cost of shipping cookies. Use the pull-out poster in this issue of Greater to promote GOC at your sale! For example, if someone says, Keep the change, this money the change goes toward GOC.

GOC donations are tax-deductible; receipts can be provided to customers upon request. Last year, our council exceeded our goal of donatingGift of Caring GOC boxes by donating more thanboxes to our nonprofit charity partners: Inlet's beat our goal ofboxes! Who will beat last year s champs, the Marvelous Money Managers?! Instagram challenges will arrive in your troop marketing kit troop cookie chairs will receive during training.

During boothing, complete the photo challenges and post your pictures to Instagram using the special hashtag for your assigned team see above. Don t forget to 4. The team with the most posts by March 11 will be named as the champions.

If a customer gets one, she or he will win a variety pack of Girl Scout Cookies.

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One lucky winner will get the grand prize: Schedule to booth on Saturday, Feb. Check our newsletters, website, and social media for more details! We ll place finalists in one of the below categories and then let our Facebook followers vote on the winners.