Gon and killua meet the parents

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gon and killua meet the parents

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Gon F., Killua Z., Ging F. - Words: - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 10 - Follows: ~~What do you think will happen if Ging ever meets Killua? And that's called Father-And-Son!. Killua and Gon are together but it seems that a certain father-in-law . as she faces her window and her hazel eyes meet sapphire eyes. Killua. Gon travels back home to Whale Island along with Killua. He learns about Gon discovers a small box from his father which contains the voice of Ging. Upon arriving, he meets his Aunt outside their house and embraces her. Mito also.

Hmmmm… Killua… Of the Zoldyck Family?! Gon is in danger if he ever stays any longer with him! Suddenly, Gon hears Ging's whispers.

gon and killua meet the parents

Do you have a problem? Oh, it's nothing… Though I'm still a bit bothered by your best friend Gon: When did you meet him? On the Hunter Exam. The th Hunter Exam, right?

gon and killua meet the parents

How did you know, Dad? I kept track of every Hunter Exams ever since I became a Hunter, oh, and only 7 of you passed, and I believe he isn't one of those 7 people… Could you tell me what happened? There is something wrong with him! Give me a break! I was manipulated by Aniki, if you ever know! They even tortured me in our mansion!

Fine, if you don't like me, then I'll make every day a day like it was a very deadly nightmare!

Ging Freecss

Mito will be mad at him Ging won't ever like him and wouldn't approve of him to be Gon's best friend Gon will be upset about his attitude There is a possibility that Gon and his family will sent Killua back to his home He will be threatened Killua: Time for my act!

He seldom speaks, but when he does, it is full of grammatical errors, giving the impression that he is not speaking in his native tongue. During the Phantom Troupe's fight with Chimera Ants, Feitan reverts to his native language, which is shown with Chinese characters. Feitan's movements are incredibly fast, being able to leave afterimages of his body. He wields an umbrella that conceals both a sword and a gun that fires out of the tip.

Following Chrollo's return, Feitan seems to have abandoned his position as interim leader of the Phantom Troupe. He, along with the others, thrash three passengers who refuse to let them sit at a table. After displacing them, he does not participate in the interrogation of the three men.

His Nen type is Transmutation. The more pain he receives, the stronger his attack is. Currently, only Burnt by the Sun: Only Feitan is unaffected by the attack, presumably because of the armor that is formed on him. He ranks fourth in physical power among the Troupe and is among the original members hailing from Meteor City. He, Feitan, Phinks, and Nobunaga thrash three unruly passengers to gain seating at a table.

When the three talk about the mafia families of Kakin, Franklin asks them which of them is the most powerful. When the passengers refuse to reveal that, Franklin asks them to summon the one who will collect kickbacks. Franklin's Nen type is Emission. He is the weakest in the Troupe in terms of raw physical power. His Nen ability is called Gallery Fake: He can also make copies of living humans, but they will be immobile and lifeless. The copies vanish after 24 hours have passed.

Physically, she is the strongest woman in the Troupe and the sixth strongest overall. She also has an extremely keen intuition the other members of the Troupe say that she has never been wrong about her intuitions. They didn't want to act as stubborn so they followed what Mito-san said. Gon and Killua straightened their position and swallowed hard. Gon held the table then he stood up and said, "We're leaving tomorrow.

I wanted to visit Killua's house! Gon broke Killua's intention. He wanted to stay here longer, but why does it have to be tomorrow, can't they go next month? But fine, even when Gon goes there, he'll suddenly change his mind because of Killua's family acting weird. Gon and I are leaving tomorrow.

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Why didn't you tell me about it? Shimata, Gon said it. Now what will happen? Gon didn't really mean to say it, he's not thinking very well because he's too excited for tomorrow.

Killua pounded his head hardly and sweat dropped. Gon felt the pain but he's used of getting pound. He admits that he's an idiot but he feels sorry. She stood up and slammed the table. That's not what they expected. Phew, they thought that she would knock them down by her yells but yokatta desu.

Thank goodness she's happy for the two of them. She hugged them both and smiled because she's glad that her nephew had a boyfriend and she'll let them do some couple things.

Such a great aunt, that's why Killua wanted a mom like her because she's the best! Gon and Killua were both lying at the bed with the lights turned off but their eyes were still open.

They can't really sleep because they're thinking about tomorrow. Both of them are leaving so Gon was feeling excited while Killua was feeling worried. They don't know what will happen tomorrow when they're at the Zoldyck's Estate but they truly hoped that they're going to be alright. Killua's feeling sleepy and cold. He can't sleep if he feels cold, so he grabbed Gon's arm and lets his arm wrap on his body to avoid the cold.

Whenever he's being hugged by Gon, he feels warm and he liked to do this always. Both of their faces were facing each other and they're also close. Gon smiled at Killua then he moved his head even closer to Killua and lets his lips touch Killua's.

He kissed Killua lightly and broke it after seconds. They had no time to do some moments for now, they're sleepy so good night! The sun is shining brightly, the sea is calm this morning and today was a wonderful day! Gon, Killua and Mito-san were outside near the ship looking at each other. Gon was saying farewell to Mito-san because they're leaving and they'll return someday. Mito held Gon's shoulders and hugged him tightly. He's going to miss Gon again because he'll return on the Whale Island maybe on few months.

Gon and Killua still needed to go somewhere and explore because they always wanted some adventures. So today they're now going. Killua and Gon walked inside the ship and sat there for a while.

As the ship was sailing, they watched the sea below and it looks so clear and nice. Gon can't wait to meet Killua's family but he doesn't know their personalities.

Killua isn't really allowed to make some friends but for now his father would let him. Even from now he's feeling afraid that Gon might get killed by his family because they're assassins, that's what they do kill someone. Maybe even when both of them are sleeping, one of them will sneak in on his room and thrust a knife on Gon so it's better if he puts some chains on his door so that he'll lock it every night or set a trap for who enters the door will receive an electric surprise.

He had too many plans for protecting Gon. It will start when they'll arrive there. After they sailed at the boat, they need to ride the train so that they could go to the Zoldyck's Estate.