Fred the movie meet derf magazine

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fred the movie meet derf magazine

Squidwardfan Reveiws: Fred The Movie Title Card by MrNate . bus and meets a different version of him named "Derf" GET IT BECUASE. Edited by, Andrey Ragozin. Production company. Derf Films. Varsity Pictures · The Collective It is the third film in the Fred film series, following Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. At Iwannapeepee, he meets head counselor Floyd Spunkmeyer (Tom Arnold), and a host of other campers, Magoo (Joey . Lincoln Journal Star. Derf Backderf's comic memoir has been turned into a film that's debuting I mean, for Pete's sake, Jeffrey Dahmer meeting the vice-president.

Fred is bullied by her guests for his poor social standing at school, and his eccentric personality. Kevin then shoves a pizza onto Fred's shirt, causing him to vomit on Judy's party dress accidentally. Miserable, Fred leaves the house and is infuriated to find that Kevin has posted a video of him vomiting on Judy on YouTube. In an attempt to get revenge, Fred decides to throw a party of his own to which no one will be invited. In order to deceive others into believing that he has held a spectacular house party, Fred invites Bertha over, where they costume mannequins in different outfits and clown around while videoing the proceedings.

Fred alters the video of the fake party and posts it on the internet, whereupon his peers are misled into believing that Fred and Bertha actually held an extraordinary party.

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Following this, Judy visits Fred's house and asks if the two may sing together, and Fred accepts the request.

Cast Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn - Fred is a socially awkward and extremely hyper teenager living with his mother, who constantly longs for his neighbor Judy.

fred the movie meet derf magazine

Cruikshank also portrays Derf Nrohelggif Fred spelled backwards is a mysterious stranger resembling Fred, yet possessing traits completely opposite to Fred's. Jennette McCurdy as Bertha - Fred's best friend who wears bizarre clothing, but cares little for what others think.

Jake Weary as Kevin - Fred's arch-rival who lives just across the street from Fred. Unlike Fred he is a genuinely good singer and is as attracted to Judy as she is to him both facts are denied by Fred despite the evidence.

fred the movie meet derf magazine

Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Hilda Figglehorn - Fred's forgetful mother, who spends most of the film napping in her bedroom. Pixie Lott as Judy - Fred's love interest. In contrast to the web series, Judy is a nice,beautiful and caring girl with an English accent, and seems to care for Fred.

fred the movie meet derf magazine

As the campers leave the camp for summer and prepare to go home, Fred has made some new friends, and his mom has found a new man. Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn ; the main protagonist. John Cena as Mr. Figglehorn; Fred's imaginary father, he appears and gives Fred advice. Carlos Knight as Diesel; Kevin's friend and assistant in spoiler plans, who also attends Camp Superior.

Fred: The Movie

Adam Herschman as Murray; the inept worker of Camp Iwannapeepee. Joey Bragg as Magoo; a nerdy, reliable kid, and Fred's cabin mate. Matthew Scott Miller as Chatter; Fred's cabin mate, who never talks until the end of the movie.

Leah Lewis as Spoon; Fred's cabin mate who always eats food, such as gruel. She's the only girl in Fred's cabin.

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Adrian Kali Turner as Dig; Fred's cabin mate, who likes to dig holes. Daniella Monet as Bertha; Fred's gothic friend. Madison Riley as Nurse Oksana; The beautiful but also incompetent nurse at Camp Iwannapeepee Fred and the rest of the boys at camp all had huge crushes on her.

fred the movie meet derf magazine

She speaks with a Russian accent. Production[ edit ] In Decemberit was announced that Lucas Cruikshank would be starring as Fred Figglehorn in a live action Nickelodeon series and in a third Fred film.

Varsity Pictures and The Collective, who had produced the first film, would be producing the third. Night of the Living Fred premiered with, [7] and ranked eighteenth in top cable programming for the week.

fred the movie meet derf magazine