Faker and bjergsen meet the millers

League of Legends World Championship: The Clash of Titans - Inven Global

faker and bjergsen meet the millers

Meeting your heroes #splyce #spywin #xerxe #eulcs . ¿Qué os parece? http:// az-links.info via. Bjergsen doesn't get trashed by Faker and he is the undisputed GOAT. . TLDR: You were wrong to make assumptions on things that never. [Misfits Interview] Maxlore: "If Faker doesn't have a girlfriend I don't have a girlfriend". 0 . Hans Sama: Everyone didn't expect us to reach worlds but we won against UOL (Unicorns of Love) So if we had to pick, it would be TSM Bjergsen. .. Ezra Miller's 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Red Carpet Outfit Was Bizarre.

I think you just need to take what everyone says with a grain of salt. Some of the things people say have some truth to it. Instead of reading it straight, because it will have some negative or toxic comments, you need to find if there is any merit in the comment at all.

Is there anything I can use? Regarding to the positive comments, it is nice for everyone on our team. Our veteran players have already dealt with a lot of negativity on our previous teams like me, Mithy, and Zven.

But yeah, I really appreciate fans that stick with us through these tough times. Obviously, TSM is not doing the best right now. All the fans that come out and support us are very appreciated. When you make good plays, do you ever reward yourself? May it be buying yourself a nice skin or expensive dinner? I think the biggest thing I do to reward myself is to do something relaxing for myself. Sometimes, I would sit outside and read a book.

faker and bjergsen meet the millers

Let my mind reset. Sushi is also a big one laughs. Me and Hauntzer would usually order really nice sushi or go out as a team and get nice food together.

When you do have good wins, I think it is a perfect opportunity to build solid synergy with the team. Using those wins to build friendship and teamwork helps when your team is losing, since that friendship is already been built.

I think it is difficult to build a close bond with your team when you do lose. As soon as you are racking up those wins, I believe it is important to really get to know your teammates.

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So when you reach hard times, you know how to give feedback and talk to each other. It is just easier to go through rough times when you know your team has your back. This way you can know that it is a team failure, not just people blaming each other. Do you think this is due to the team and the player being expected to do flashy plays every once in a while?

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I believe the big part is that we have all played thousands of games. When you make a flashy play, you probably have made a similar play in soloq or scrims. On TSM, I guess we try to hype each other up laughs. Try to make each other feel good.

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They also know that even if you made a good play, you might have not won the game off that play. Everyone is focusing on what to do next. You need to focus on getting towers or getting dragon, etc. It was a French game. I got a quadra kill. It was one of my first stage games, and it was the first game that I have ever won in LCS. I got to play my favorite champion. It was one of those moments when everything slowed down, and I know exactly what I needed to do.

I managed to kill everyone. I would probably say Mike. He is the youngest on our team and brings a breath of fresh air. The whole experience is very new to him whenever we do sponsors or photoshoots. Mike is always the one asking questions. I think it is good for us, since he brings me back to the time when I was a new player. It is nice to have a rookie on your team instead of an old veteran that is boring like me.

Because when we interviewed Hauntzer, he told us that he would repeat the exact same thing you have said right after. Oh, I remember that laughs. I think Mithy has a lot of silly moments. Mithy, a lot of the times, would mix up the champions if he is looking at one champion but thinking of another.

You've had a taste of playing with him during this event. I think Mike had some good early game throughout this tournament, but he made some crucial mistakes, either from being nervous or That is because he hasn't been with a good team with a good coach and veterans that can help him improve his plays. He's a very strong player in regards to untapped raw talent, but he needs help from players who have been playing for a long time.

Especially Ssong, after all these All-Star games, he talks with Mike for 30 minutes and watches his replays. Mike is already starting to learn a lot.

It'll be up to us to make him into an international-level player. Right now, he's just a player with raw talent, and he isn't refined enough to play at a Worlds stage.

Did you get closer to your All-Star teammates through this event? Also, out of your teammates, who was especially remarkable in terms of talent? I already knew Hauntzer and Mike obviously because they live in the house with me. It was my first time meeting Ssong, so that was a lot of fun.

Also, it was my first time playing with Sneaky at the All-Stars. I think Sneaky and Aphromoo were very close to what I expected. They both have great communication because they have been playing the game for so long. Everyone talks about how Aphromoo is a great shotcaller, and he does talk a lot in-game. I wasn't really surprised with anyone, they all had played how I expected.

And about Mike, he's a guy that talks a lot in-game, and that's a good start because it's a lot easier to teach a player to talk about the right things than to teach a passive player to talk at all. My most "unexpected" experience was working with Ssong, especially with how confident and decisive he is.

faker and bjergsen meet the millers

In reviews after scrims, he would talk to us and touch all the right points in the game.