Fairy tail levy and gajeel meet

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fairy tail levy and gajeel meet

In episode 13 of Fairy Tail () Gajeel implies that he was a mentor to Rogue. The fact that he knew the name Reyos proves that Gajeel. Read Levy McGarden Meets Gajeel Redfox from the story Fairy Tail High Love by teenikelFanfic (TeenikelFanfic) with reads. fairytailhighlove, gale, fairy. Snap that's gotta be awkward first time they met Gajeel tried to kill Levy Discover ideas about Fairy Tail Levy. Snap that's gotta be az-links.info time they .

The teen club that the gang usually hung out at was more noisy and riled up than usual. Mirajane walked over to left end of the bar where Cana, Gray, Natsu and Lucy were all sitting. Mirajane worked as a waitress at the place. Mira sighed and nodded her head. She was seated comfortably in Natsu's lap, playing with his pink spiky locks. I wanna see a fight! And from trying to do one thing with their hands into another, it turned into a full on hand fight, with both of them swatting away at the other's hands.

She grabbed both his hands by his wrists in her left hand, and with her right, she pulled his face into a passionate kiss. Mirajane flat out screamed. When they pulled away, Natsu's face was beet red, while Lucy was smiling with a dust of pink on her cheeks. Everyone's eyebrows raised in surprise and Cana let out a low whistle.

The fight between Jet and Droy still droned on in the background. Nalu was ship name between Natsu and Lucy that Mira came up with. The name became infamous around the regulars at the club. Took a long time, but I did it. She tapped her brunette on the shoulder as if to tell her, 'cut it out'. She closed her eyes and enjoyed. When they pulled away, they were both staring passionately into each other's eyes.

He looked intensely into her chocolate brown orbs and spoke. Did you guys know my last selfie got 5. Once he was out of earshot Natsu spoke. That's saying something if you ask me. And with that, they each took their clenched right fist and threw it at each other. Gray inwardly screamed, finally hitting record on his cellphone. Clad in a jeans skirt and cut off top, she stomped over angrily to Jet and Droy. Gray inwardly screamed to himself. Gray's camera steadily zoned in on her face.

If you have a boyfriend, what's his name?

Beads of sweat rolled tantalizingly slowly down her forehead, dark spots grew under her armpits, her brown orbs trembled with fear. Come on Levy, think of a name! Was it that stupid? Suddenly, the entire place erupted in simultaneous cry of surprise.

fairy tail levy and gajeel meet

When he got no response, Gray lifted the camera back up to reveal his face and gave a dazzling smile to the phone that showed off his pearly whites and devilishly handsome features. His fangirls were gonna thank him later. My very smart -and apparently camera shy- little buddy has a boyfriend.

She slided down an imaginary wall, tugging at the bangs of her hair. What was going on?! Just as her snobby self-conscience was about to shame her, Levy instantly found herself surrounded by a throng of girls - every girl in the building, actually- steadily assaulting her with questions.

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Why haven't you ever told us before!? You had a boyfriend and didn't tell me?! We're supposed to be best friends, how could you? Hurt was evident in her face. Levy almost couldn't believe her ears. How dare Lucy accuse her of being a bad best friend!

fairy tail levy and gajeel meet

Lucy was the one who gradually stopped hanging out with Levy, after Natsu confessed to her and they started going out tenth grade year. Granted, Levy knew all too well how much Lucy loved her current boyfriend, from as much times as she'd fangirled over him in private, to all the hours she'd bashfully tell Levy of the times he'd hug her randomly or just make her heart race - but Levy was a person too!

Levy needed love too, she needed to spend time with the ones she thought of the most. She needed to spend time with Lucy too. Gajeel had believed this was the day Metalicana had disappeared and set off to find him.

Some time later, Gajeel joined Phantom Lord. During his time in Phantom Lord, Gajeel was admired from afar by a young man named Rogue Cheney, who was known then as Ryos.

An unspecified time before the war against Fairy Tail, Gajeel was brought forth before the Magic Council and was reprimanded for actions he committed. After the trial, Belno spoke to him and besought that he withdraw from Phantom Lord, which offended him rather greatly. He is then told to seek a life worth living rather than be preached to about how to live life, which he responded to by saying that the upcoming war with Fairy Tail gives it meaning, after which Belno told him that he reminds her of her dead son.

However, both were rejected by her in a matter of seconds. In the omake episode Fairy Hills, it also shows a younger Levy residing there, so it is clear that she has been in the guild since she was a child. Relationship Edit Gajeel and Levy are very close friends and guildmates. However, when they met for the first time, they were members of enemy guilds. Gajeel attacks Levy and her teammates, defeats them in a one sided battle, nails them to a tree, and brands Phantom Lord's symbol onto Levy's stomach.

However, after Laxus Dreyar attacks Levy while her team is bullying Gajeel, Gajeel blocks the blow for her and it lowers her doubts about him.

In the end, however, she is encouraged by Gajeel, who even volunteers to be her partner, which makes her blush.

During the Intelligence part of the S-Class Trial, the Iron Dragon Slayer constantly annoys Levy, and tells her that if she wants attention from him, she should get stronger and seriously fight him once in a while, not regarding Levy's disappointed feelings at his demeaning words. However, when Levy runs away out of frustration, Gajeel chases after her and saves her life from Yomazu and Kawazu, two members of Grimoire Heart.

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In the said instance, he tells her that, "It is really hard looking for someone so small," but follows his remark by saying, "so don't leave my side please. As for Gajeel, he cares for Levy to the point that his own safety is less important than hers.

During his battle with Bradman, Gajeel claims that he will bring Levy home safe and sound, no matter the cost, and risked his own life by inhaling poisonous magical particles. As the battle continues, Levy watches as Gajeel is continuously beaten upon. Levy then watches in fear as Gajeel is being strangled, screaming for "Shadow" to stop, lest the Iron Dragon Slayer die.

Levy cried when she sees Gajeel's suffering. However, Gajeel's eating of Rogue's shadows warrants Levy's full curiosity as she wonders what is happening.

fairy tail levy and gajeel meet