Evidence of the relationship

⑬ Proof of Relationship Cohabitation Visa: What Evidence to Submit

evidence of the relationship

In law of evidence, relationship evidence describes a particular class of circumstantial evidence - evidence of events and interactions between witnesses (often. What evidence to submit for proof of relationship for legal cohabitation to the Belgian Immigration Office or your commune/municipal?. Evidence Considered in a De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission and/or joint tenancy agreement and dated documentary evidence of the relationship.

The idea of photo compression may come into your mind. Please do not compress the photos.

evidence of the relationship

As a result, it will strip off the metadata and adjust the date to the day of your compression. Consequently, you cannot prove the length of the relationship when the dates on the photos change. For example, the original photo date is on 15 December After compression, it modifies to 15 February which is the date of photo compression.

The date is the most important source of information for your proof of relationship history.

Relationship evidence

Manipulating Photo Dates One should be aware that the Brussels Immigration takes the proof of knowing each other for two years seriously. What is the solution for people who has a shortage of photos evidence as proof of relationship?

Adjust the dates in the new photographs before you take them.

evidence of the relationship

It is useful for couples who do not have two years of relationship yet. Likewise, for some couples who have already two years of relationship but a lack of photos, this method comes handy too.

Evidence Considered in a De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission (DFPIP) Application

Firstly, set the date on your phone or camera to the date and year that you want. The new photos will bear the intended dates.

Secondly, if you want the whole plot to be more realistic, take the photos with your partner in different settings. Below are some examples for illustration: You do not want to have a set of photos with the same clothes Change hairstyle especially for men who have regular haircuts more often Weight change Women are more susceptible to it.

It is particularly helpful when the face is puffy due to water retention. Think about that time of the month again — the Red Army. This manipulation could help those who are in need of photos for legal cohabitation visa submission. Having photos alone might not be enough. Consider submitting the air tickets or invoices, receipts, boarding pass that both of you had visited each other. In my honest opinion, air tickets are the best proof to manifest a genuine relationship.

The couple makes time and spends money on airfares to visit each other. What is not real about such a relationship? Furthermore, one cannot modify the date on the air ticket. It is an accurate indication of how long you indeed know each other. Especially when the first and the last air tickets show a difference of more than two years, you score a bullseye.

Even so, if the difference is less than two years, one can still estimate the relationship duration from other sources of proof. Do not despair if you think you might have discarded the air tickets.

Relationship evidence - Wikipedia

Other modes of transportation include cross-border trains and international buses. When I lived in Paris, I took paid carpool trips called Blablacar regularly to visit my partner in Antwerp. Anyone who uses the same method can capture a screenshot to display the frequency of regular meetings. Usually, I booked the hotel with one name only. Hence, I find that the information is irrelevant in my case. If the hotel reservation does not contain both your name on it, what kind of proof can it provide?

evidence of the relationship

Only submit the hotel reservation ticket as relationship proof unless the reservation form had both your names on it. Similarly for Airbnbif an email had your partner name on it, submit a screenshot of that email as well. For chat history, there are two methods to do it. Take the first screenshot of the date when you first communicate with your partner.

The second shot with the recent chat history. The third screenshot would be somewhere in between the dates. For the proof from emails, I took the screenshot on the inbox summary containing the name and the date clearly. We did not use Facebook Messenger for communication.

Undoubtedly, not all Facebook photo albums contain solely about us. There are many other photo albums in the screenshots which have nothing to do with my partner. Nevertheless, I screenshot the whole page as long as there is one album with our faces on the profile pics. Subsequently, I merged the six screenshots into a PDF file. For this Facebook photo album method, most dates are missing due to the space constraint on the laptop. Generated Chat History Some communication phone apps like WhatsApp allows the user to generate the chat history.

Thus, you can email the chat history to yourself as an attachment. I use WhatsApp to communicate with my Belgian partner in a long distance relationship. Consequently, I was able to generate the last 1. This file format is ready for sending out immediately.

The other alternative is to upload the. The list goes on. The easiest approach is to check whether the app that you use can generate a copy of the chat history. I submitted a part of MSN chat. But, I found it to be rather troublesome. Henceforth, Skype is a popular method for long distance relationships communication. Skype can store the conversation up to 30 days in its cloud storage service.

Nonetheless, older message threads are saved on the hard drive, according to the history settings. For more information on how to retrieve message backup history of Skype on your desktop, please click on the link.

Before the cease of MSN service inI was using it to communicate with my boyfriend when we first knew each other. So, I will only briefly explain about this dead service. Just in case you want to submit the chat history as proof of relationship to the commune. For MSN, I could not read the chat history as a standalone file, unlike the.

Neither can I upload the file directly to the cloud storage. This is also necessary to obtain an official birth certificate. Once the birth is registered, you can request a certified copy of the birth certificate from the Local Health Department or County Recorder in the county where your child was born, or from the State Office of Vital Records. Verify the exact location that copies are issued for the state where your child was born. Minor's Certified Foreign Birth Certificate Birth certificates of children born abroad can be used as relationship evidence.

Woman shares evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17 and he was 34

If the foreign birth certificate is in a language other than English, it must be translated. The translation can be either formal or informal. This document, also referred to as FS, serves as proof of citizenship. The parent or parents of the child can submit the application for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad at the nearest U. An official copy of this document can be obtained through the Vital Records Section of the Department of State.

Adoption Decree A Decree of Adoption is a legal document that is signed by a judge. It is a declaration of finalization of the adoption process. By this document, the relationship betweent the parent and child is established. The full legal responsibility and physical well-being of the child is placed upon the new passport.

The child's new name is determined and stated in this document. Court Order Establishing Custody A court order establishing custody is a written order that determines who will provide care for a child. It must be signed by a judge. There are two main aspects to the custody of a child.