Doctor who donna and the meet again somehow regina

Doctor Who S04 E09 – Everybody lives (again)!

doctor who donna and the meet again somehow regina

(Both the Doctor and that annoying, loud woman, Donna Noble, walk along different streets to (Miss Foster leaves and the workers sit down again.) See you. (Donna heads for the printer. The Doctor stands then sits again as Clare gives him a piece of paper.) . Because he's still out there, somewhere. A meeting of Classic and New Who, mild Jo/Doctor (3rd) undertones, and somehow still cannon compliant. .. What's in store when they run into Donna Noble again? .. The Doctor somehow finds his way into Roses alternate world. Regina Novak is just an ordinary chemist -at least, she thinks so until a mysterious man. The Doctor and Donna. in my top ten favorite Doctor Who Moments is the .. a raggedy mad man with a box met Amelia I love this ep so much!.

The face that goes along with his drop through the floor? Little Girl is smiling as she watches this scene. The Doctor is climbing under one of the bridges using a ton of upper body strength, which I always have to admire because I have none.

I tried to use the monkey bars at the playground with my niece last year and pretty much dislocated my shoulder… Playground. Miss Evangelista asks if Donna remembers her, then. Donna remembers that Miss Evangelista is meant to be dead. Miss E says they were never alive. She insists that Donna look at where the children are playing. Donna looks and see that all of the children look the same. Little Girl, watching all of this on her TV, screams and hides her face.

River says she keeps wishing the Doctor was there. Anita is confused because she thought the Doctor is here. Anita still has her two shadows and she asks the Doctor to maybe please work on saving her. She also asks what River whispered in his ear to make him trust her. She could use a word like that. Miss Evangelist, veil back on, explains to Donna that her face was messed up by a transcription error.

Donna asks where they even are and Miss Evangelista says they are in cyberspace. The Doctor explains to River and Something that the planet tried to teleport all 4, people, but they had nowhere to go since the whole planet was swarming with Vashta Nerada. So, the planet, which basically has a large hard drive at its core, saved all those people. Miss Evangelista is explaining more or less the same thing to Donna. Miss Evangelista was just a data ghost, so her face got messed up and her IQ got a boost.

Donna ignores that weird little bit and asks if this is all a dream, who is dreaming it? Donna grabs her fake kids and runs away.

Little Girl is watching all of this and crying.

When Donna Met Martha - Doctor Who Scene

She yells at the TV that Miss Evangelista is ruining everything. Little Girl tells him to shut up and hits a button on her remote and her father blinks out. She freaks out and slams the remote in anger. In the library, an alarm blares. They suddenly appear there. Everything is red, even the sky outside as the alarm keeps blaring. The Doctor checks out a computer and says that in 20 minutes, the whole planet is going to crack like an egg. We cut to Little Girl, crying on the ground.

Moon tells her to stop this. Little Girl tells Dr. Moon to shut up and uses her remote on him too. River seems way excited about heading into the computer core of a planet.

Donna is huddled with her kids, crying. Donna says of course they are, but the kids have caught on. Donna promise to never close her eyes again. She leans down to give her daughter a kiss, but all she finds is empty air. Her children are gone. Donna falls to the floor and sobs hysterically.

This was so, so horrific and heartbreaking to watch. Auto-destruct in 15 minutes. Little Girl cries and begs for someone to help her. The Doctor and gang have reached the main command frame. The Doctor bangs on the keyboard, trying to wake the computer up but nothing is happening.

He pulls down a lever and another room opens up. She was dying so they built her a library and gave her a forever half life, with all the books ever to pass the time K: The Lux family was protecting CAL and then the shadows came and she saved all those people.

River asks what they do now and the Doctor runs back into action. River protests because this will kill him dead and burn out both his hearts. Anita asks if he thinks they will just let everyone go. Swarm Anita asks how long the Doctor knew. He counted the shadows and Swarm Anita only has one now. He sees the blinking green light of her neural relay and tells the Swarm to be kind. Swarm Anita replies that these are their forests and they are not kind.

The Doctor is giving them back their forests, but the Swarm also wants their people meat. The Swarm starts coming at the Doctor via shadows on the ground. The Doctor repeats that they just killed someone he liked, so that is not a safe place to stand, so close to him. They keep closing in so he tries a different tactic: Literally all I could think of when he said that last sentence?

Her skeleton crumples to the ground. River runs in and mourns for Anita.

Doctor Who S04 E09 – Everybody lives (again)!

When he comes to, the Doctor is handcuffed and River is getting ready to plug herself into the computer. This is not a joking matter, though. The Doctor says that this will kill her. At least he stands a chance. Foster uses her sonic pen to cut the cable on one side of the lift. Donna falls out of the lift, but grabs the cable and is now hanging on for dear life. Foster tries to cut the second cable but the Doctor aims his sonic screwdriver at her sonic pen and it causes a spark that makes Ms.

The Doctor catches it and then goes back to trying to break into the building. The Doctor finally opens the window and climbs into the building.

He runs down the staircase back to Ms. I mean, the music is usually pretty damned great where Doctor Who is concerned, because Murray Gold is a genius. But this episode is a step above. Donna safely inside, they run off again, though the Doctor doubles back to set Penny free. He tells her to get out.

The Doctor and Donna run right into Ms. Foster, her security guys and their guns. Foster guesses they are off-worlders, judging by their sonic technology. Matron Cofelia has been hired by the Adiposian first family to make babies after their breeding planet was lost.

Donna gets that the Adipose babies are made of fat, but there was nothing left of Stacy. Cofelia says that in a crisis, the Adipose can convert bone and tissue and internal organs, even though it makes them a little bit sick. The Doctor very seriously tells her that seeding a level 5 planet is against intergalactic law. This is her one chance. Before the security guys can grab them or start shooting the Doctor asks if she knows what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices together.

Neither does the Doctor, but he does it anyway.

doctor who donna and the meet again somehow regina

They squeal and cause everyone to double over in ear-pain, except of course the Doctor who has super ears, I guess. Donna stops the Doctor after a bit and they take off running.

Cofelia, meanwhile, tells the invisible people in her watch to advance the birth plan. Penny is still around and collecting documents for proof. The Doctor leads Donna back to the closet he was hiding in.

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Apparently, you can access the alien computer core Cofelia is using to run her evil business from this closet. And now, the Doctor has her sonic pen so he can hack into it. Hello, contrivance, my old friend. Cofelia is pushing buttons on her alien computer core and sends her security guards back out to find the Doctor and Donna. Donna watches the Doctor as he works. She quietly remarks that he looks older. He says he is. I mean, there was someone.

Donna asks about Rose. He asks after Donna. She woke up the day after he was gone still in her crappy life and it was like the Doctor had never been there. She did take a trip but after two weeks of bus rides and guidebooks, she was just back home.

The Doctor half-distractedly asks what offer. To go with him, Donna replies.

doctor who donna and the meet again somehow regina

This gave me feels, because I relate to Donna Noble way too much. The alien computer core is activated.

doctor who donna and the meet again somehow regina

Mama Noble is having drinks with friends. One of them is bragging about her weight loss with the adipose pill, but suddenly, her insides start gurgling. When she stands, we see there is something crawling along her back.

In the same bar, another man is feeling gurgly too. Roger is in his house and little Adipose babies are starting to whirl around in him. Adipose babies are being born all over.

Out in the street, they are wobbling along en masse. Such a happy little squish. Birthdays are pretty awesome, Happy Little Squish. Back at Adipose Industries, the Doctor is explaining that everyone is just losing weight right now, but Cofelia has upped it to emergency parthenogenesis, which means whole people will be gone soon.

The Doctor starts doing stuff to the alien core, using the little Adipose pendant he still has. Upstairs, Cofelia just counteracts it by doubling the power to the core. The Doctor is fussing with his hair like woah right now because of all the stress. Donna asks if she can help, but he says this is beyond her.

Donna again, very calmly, asks him what he needs, and he finally spits out that he needs a second capsule pendant. Donna lifts up her necklace and holds it up before him. The Doctor hooks up the second capsule and shuts down the core. Matron Cofelia figures the Doctor is behind the shutdown, but they still gave birth to 10, Adipose, and the nursery is coming.

We hear mechanical spaceship whirring. People run outside to scream in the street at the sight of the spaceship. Of course, poor Wilf has headphones on and is facing the sky in the wrong direction. The ship flies across the sky behind him. Like grandfather, like granddaughter… Mari: Still in the closet, the core seems to power back on and receive a message in the Adiposian language.

The Doctor shushes Donna to listen. Outside, Matron Cofelia is speaking to the Adipose babies.

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Those adorable little fat blobs all cheer. But something's not right and the Doctor's nose leads him to an old enemy who's prepared a deadly little game especially for him Lucky thing Jack's always around. The first stories are necessary for understanding this one.

Hard to write a description for it without ruining some of the first two so instead I'll just promise to try and make it a fun ride!

The cover art work is my own and can be found with more on my deviantart, search for 'Lemkin Factor'. The Doctor and Amy attempt to adjust to the change in their relationship, as they continue their journey through Space and Time. But Danger is never too far away How do you begin again, after your heart is crushed? How do you turn from one to another? How do you go on? In a search for purpose, he finds Fitz. A profoundly unusual and infuriating young woman who's inexplicably wearing a time lord around her neck.

One that's intent on killing her, and everything in the universe. They certainly like to keep things interesting. First in Starlight Series. Doctor Who meets the Beatles! Where are they from? What do they want? The solution may force the Doctor to break the First Law of Time. When Amy realizes that their usually random adventures with the Doctor start to show a pattern she suspects he may have a hidden agenda.

Meanwhile River has always known the Doctor needs to have Companions, but when that need seems to turn dangerously pathological she fears that her parents may be prisoners not passengers and they might not even know it. T - English - Chapters: As monsters and murderers begin to take over the streets of a future London, a mysterious stranger reveals to her that the Doctor isn't all he seems, but who can she really trust? AU after Rory's death in s5 ep 9.

Several years after Amy's and Rory's disappearances, Tabetha is still waiting for an answer about what became of her little Amelia Pond. Will she ever find out the truth? He never thought such an insignificant event could ever affect him, but as this story follows episodes of Jack's life, he will come to see that everything happens for a reason The Doctor once said that his family sleeps in his mind.

But, sometimes, they awaken, and their absence is felt, leaving an insignificant piper standing between him and utter solitude. They are not related in any way. To remember Mary Tamm. Detective Clara Oswald is hired to follow the man going by the name "the Doctor", but everything is not as it seems. She soon finds herself embroiled in a mess of mobsters, murder, and possibly romance.

It's a help line, isn't it? She said it's the best help line out there. In the universe, she said. The woman in the shop. Read at your own risk. The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song are fleeing from several hundred aliens that they can barely even remember. The Doctor lands his Tardis so they can begin their investigations, but unknown to them, they are expected and being watched