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disney infinity meet the robinsons

But for Disney Infinity's purposes, Meet the Robinsons is a trove of great material that could stand up well against the more popular films that. For Disney's Meet the Robinsons on the Wii, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/ walkthrough) and 13 critic reviews. Meet the Robinsons is a animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Lewis is a brilliant inventor who meets a mysterious stranger named Wilbur.

Disney's Meet the Robinsons FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Wii - GameFAQs

Things like a meatball gun and mobster frogs making appearances in this movie as well. This is a world ripe with opportunities for the Toy Box. The characters from Meet the Robinsons would fit seamlessly into the integrated world. Given that some of them time travel and the rest are just bizarre, not a one of them would be out of place next to the Incredibles or Wreck-It Ralph.

Not to mention there are tons of them. Bowler Hat guy is essentially the Wiley Coyote of the Disney universe, but with an extremely evil hat. They would make an interesting combination if thrown in for a two part boss fight. The home world for this play set would be no less interesting than what would go on in the Toy Box.

It might be difficult to pick just a few. Meet the Robinsons has one of the most whimsical worlds ever created in a Disney film, and one with some of the most possibilities. Basically, if I have to sit through one more showing, I am going to scream. Disney, however, loves this thing. Although there is never a line to see the film at Disneyland, enough people buy the merchandise, sarcastically or not, for me to see it constantly around town. This, of course, instills the fear that people just might buy a figure for it in Disney Infinity, even if it is just for laughs.

So then you can begin contributing to the content and with what this engine could do we can grow Infinity over time. And from an investment standpoint, company and consumer, it is a great way to build a product. So every time you buy a new play set, yes you get a brand new hour game experience but you get a bunch of toys, new characters and you can play with them however you want to and always be adding value. So you just mentioned the potential for outside developers to contribute to Infinity.

How far are we from seeing contributions to the platform? That was our first foray in to that. Avalanche of course always will executive produce, but I absolutely think that [Disney] is always going to make great content and we can serve that content to fans through the Infinity platform. Over time it will continue to grow and we can certainly bring in other external developers to contribute to.

disney infinity meet the robinsons

It would be awesome if Ted Price and the guys from Insomniac could work on the platform using our IP or if we could work with Randy Pitchford on Borderlands.

But that type of relationship could work as Disney Infinity as its home. This could be something truly bigger than just a game and be a platform. A lot of people are making comparisons of Disney Infinity to Skylanders.

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

How much inspiration are you taking from Activision and their success with the Skylanders series for Infinity? How are you striving to make your product a better choice? There are comparisons and similarities, in that we both have figures but the similarities stop there.

Infinity is all about open world gameplay with our play sets. With Infinity you can go wherever you want to. Explore however you want to. Probably one of the best examples of that is Pirates of the Caribbean within about 25 minutes you get your ship and you can leave Tortuga and sail the Caribbean to over 10 different islands just in that world. You get a car that you can drive anywhere and everywhere. It is lose your imagination and play with your toys however you want to.

disney infinity meet the robinsons

In Toy Box mode you can actually take toys from different play sets and mix and match then with any of the characters you have. Also, when you look at the overall feature set of Infinity, we have online play, we have four players inside of a Toy Box, that means four players can build alongside, in addition we have user-generated content.

disney infinity meet the robinsons

You can create your own content, upload it to us at Disney and we will moderate, curate it and put it out. Of course, Disney characters, the biggest difference, recognizable characters that you know and love and so I think there are certainly are similarities and interacting figurines but the similarities stop there.

disney infinity meet the robinsons

The interactive factor of Infinity makes it more than a game, it truly is a platform. The content is platform agonistic, so a Wii U user can upload or an Xbox user can upload it and it can be available across platforms. Once we curate the content, it will be available across platforms. Was there any hesitation about mixing so many characters together in the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity? So there are the play sets and the Toy Box, with a play set there is the true-to-property where players can play, where one character from one world will not jump into that world.

disney infinity meet the robinsons

We wanted to protect the property for the fans, so you have these huge fans here at D23 Expo. Disney Fanatics, and its true about other property, so in the play sets you hold that part true. But… in the Toy Box, its no holds barred and the so you get one part that is collaborated with film makers that we worked on closely with that creative team, but then you get this whole other world that brings characters from different worlds together for limitless gameplay.