Curtains for windows that meet in the corner

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curtains for windows that meet in the corner

Choosing the right curtains or blinds for corner windows can be difficult. one curtain to the far side of each window that draw towards and meet at the corner. How do I put full length curtains on a corner window? Where can I find hardware and a rod to make the turn? I want to stay away from using. Posts about how to hang curtains in corners written by Danielle. room we had this problem area where the door and window just about meet.

curtains for windows that meet in the corner

The curtain rods will overlap. Now, the easiest way to hang corner curtains with this setup is to use curtain rod clips with rings. I put an even amount of curtain clips on each curtain rod. I used dropcloth fabricbut you can use whatever you want. Try to find the widest curtain panel possible.

Dropcloth fabrics come in about 4 foot widths. I take one end of the curtains and clip them to the furthest clip on one side. You will then do the same on the other side.

Now find the middle of the dropcloth or curtain panel and clip that to the most central curtain clip. Now, evenly space the rest of the clips to the curtains.

curtains for windows that meet in the corner

You can either clip them straight on, or gather them and create a pleat. That is what I did, it is a casual pleat. One other way you can do this is by taking two separate curtains panels, and overlapping them in the corner so that they look like they are one continuous panel. You can really add as many panels as you need to get the fullness and look you desire.

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This creates a more styled and cohesive look around your windows. You can keep the end finials on the opposite ends of the curtain. This way they look more finished and they look like they connect and are a continuous curtain rod. The great thing about this is that the curtains are still functional- I can open and close them to control the light. So, Try this the next time you want to install curtains and try installing corner curtains for less.

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curtains for windows that meet in the corner

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. You could totally use these on both sides if you wanted — however for our three non-problem sides we decided to use screw in finials. These rods also came with super chic curtain hooks. In comparison to the hooks that came with the rest of the rods we purchased at Home Depot there really is no comparison. These actually look decorative rather than merely functional.

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In order to hang them up we decided to have them go directly above the window frame. So we lined the hook up and screwed it in. Here is a close up of the bomb. And also the best picture to date of the coventry gray paint. I thought about it, however I fell in love with these curtains from Pier 1. They were way higher quality fabric than I would have been able to find or afford and had a gorgeous embroidered design on them in almost the same gray as on the walls.

So I am dealing with the fact that they are too short — and will most likely let out the bottom hem later on after practicing on less expensive curtains from another room to alleviate this. So can we see these fabulous curtains?

curtains for windows that meet in the corner

I know after that description your at the edge of seat on pins and needles awaiting this picture. So without further ado: They also came with grommet tops which was an added bonus when dealing with the problem area if you look close, on that side we folded the curtain in half before hanging so its actually half as wide to accommodate the lack of space. Now when I come down from upstairs and look over into this room I see these gorgeous curtains and my heart skips a beat.

Have you altered your curtains or just let them hang like a pair of high water pants?