Can meet you in the lobby by essie

The Nail Polish Shades I Created With Essie! | Essie Envy

We leave our bags with a bellhop and Essie leads me through to the rear of the hotel and out onto a veranda that “There's someone I want you to meet,” she says. He stands beside a small bar that's the same dark wood as the beams in the lobby. Maybe we can have her over for dinner sometime after we're settled. In the Lobby Exotic Cinnamon Plum Nail Polish, Nail Color & Nail Lacquer by Essie. do you rendez-vous? instantly connect with your heart's desire in this exotic .. step. by capping the tip of each nail, the polish can hug our nail even closer. Essie polish - Meet me in the Lobby & Good as Gold topped with matte. Chevron vinyls from @snailvinyls.

This polish must've been released in the early Essie days back in the 80's because it's number is It's still in the permanent collection and can be found pretty much anywhere.

I bought mine in Walmart but you can also order it online. This is such a pretty bright red coral it almost has the look of neon and is one of my all-time fave Essie's. Great formula and opaque in 2 easy coats. You'll most likely have to find this one online. Sunset Sneaks Sunset Sneaks has the exact same easy formula and is opaque in 2 coats and self-levels well. And honestly, they totally are.

I'm looking at the swatch wheel of them side by side right now and I can't tell them apart. If you want me to be picky I think Sunset Sneaks leans the very slightest bit more orange. Like a minuscule amount. And maybe only if the polish is wet.

New York Trip with the Essie Club Collab (#ECCtakesNYC) | Essie Envy

Once they are dry they are identical. If you own one, you don't need the other. Or if you can find Come Here but not Sunset Sneaks which was discontinued just get Come Here and you'll have the same shade of polish. Here they all are side by side. I've mentioned before that my camera has a hard time picking up the subtle differences between these kinds of shades but I'm starting to think it's my computer screen. When I viewed my Resort post on my phone, all the bright red and orange shades that looked the same on my computer screen showed the subtle differences on my phone.

I'll point out the differences to you anyways. To be honest, my computer screen is showing me that Sunday Funday, Peach Daiquiri, Come Here and Sunset Sneaks are all the same shade, but Sunday Funday is definitely more orange than all of them in real life. It's more pink than Come Here and Sunset Sneaks.

The photo shows them as dupes and that's not a lie. I took this swatch wheel into bright sunshine and in the shade and back into indoor lighting and they always look the exact same.

This photo of all the shades swatched separately and then placed side by side actually shows them more accurately except I would say that Sunday Funday still leans more orange in real life. You already know I love Come Here. It's my favourite red to wear in the Summer months.

But pretty much any of the more pink corals I liked on my skin tone. Now I'm going to have another polish on my wish list since I don't own Signature Smile!

These all had great formulas though, so you can't go wrong with any of them. What's your favourite polish to wear out of these 6 red corals? I hope you found this helpful!

I've got lots more corals to compare, so I'm going to get to work and start swatching them for you.

Some polishes may overlap categories like Sunday Funday; it fit well with this red coral comparison because it was the same tone as the other polishes, but it will also work well swatching it next to the other orange corals. I'll keep using the same blue background and maybe even put together one big 20 coral polish collage at the end of it. Any Essie corals that you are itching to see compared?

Chillato The closest Essie shade I had in my collection was Chillatobut its much more of a pistachio green. You can see that Butter Blossom is even paler in tone that Chillato.

Being next to Chillato is making it look like it has some green in it, but it doesn't. It's just the palest buttery yellow. And it makes me so happy: Essie needs to make this shade for real. We thought we were only going to get to create one shade, but then they surprised us and said we could make TWO if we wanted! The other shade I really wanted to create was a dusty mauve but in a lighter tone than what Essie currently has.

I was thinking Island Hopping but lighter. This is where things got VERY tricky and we all learned how hard it is to mix polish shades. Getting what is in your head to transfer to the bottle was so hard. Maybe if I had the exact colour I was going for in front of me represented by a piece of clothing or some other item, I would've had an easier time, but going straight out of my head didn't work.

I also was torn and kept making the polish more of a pastel because I'm all about those pastels. In the end, I ended up with quite a mauvey pastel that was pretty and Lauren and Hannah told me they loved it, but I was scared it would look bad on my skin tone.

New York Trip with the Essie Club Collab (#ECCtakesNYC)

I had worked so hard and long on the polish colour that most other girls were already done and heading back upstairs for lunch.

I probably should've just bottled my shade as is, but I panicked and thought "it needs to be more pale and more of a cool tone! Sweet Pea While this is not at all the colour I was going for, I actually really love it on the nail! Totally my kinda colour. It's a dusty mauvey purple but super duper pastel.

Originally I called it "Essie Envy" but I was unhappy with that name. I didn't like the way it worked with Butter Blossom, and I also didn't want to call it that when I was going for a real mauve tone. I decided to look up names of purple flowers and came across "Sweet Pea". That's been my daughter Arya's nickname since she was bornso I thought it was perfect!

It has meaning close to my heart and works well with Butter Blossom. Hubby For Dessert vs. Go Ginza is cooler toned and had more of a purple saturation.

The Nail Polish Shades I Created With Essie!

While Sweet Pea and Hubby For Dessert looked the same in the bottle, they are so different on the nail. Sweet Pea is much more opaque than Hubby for Dessert and all the white in the formula makes it way brighter too.

The formula is soooo opaque!