Broken social scene meet me in the basement table and chairs

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broken social scene meet me in the basement table and chairs

Posts about Broken Social Scene written by SM. It's good to reserve a place at the table for such a record. . Of course, the set times at a festival such as Pitchfork mean more concise setlists. .. “Meet Me in the Basement” is proof that no one does an instrumental like BSS by including prog rock, pop flourishes, and that. Broken Social Scene . Meet Me In The Basement; . their hand to something more than greatest-hits sets had been stirring since November , . in your hand, and in your home, and on your bedside table: it's the anti- transcendence. The Basement Revue, the intimate annual series combining literature and and habitual member of Broken Social Scene, is sitting at a table in the Drake Hotel nursing a coffee. “We're still trying to figure out who we're going to plug in,” Rogers says. With Rinelle Harper – that was what set me off.

Fifteen years on, they were adults in or on the cusp of middle age, and - as Drew puts it - "all the adult problems in the world were happening around us individually, whether it was divorce or cancer".

MEET ME IN THE BASEMENT TAB by Broken Social Scene @

Three members of the band lost their fathers while the album was being recorded, "and it seemed like the days of going in the studio, getting stoned, drinking five beers and saying, 'Who gives a fuck? Then there's the fact of the size of the ensemble, and the number of competing voices. He compares the process of getting everyone to agree on a song to party politics: And I think through time, because we've been through so much together, personally and professionally, when we're all on stage, everybody knows what they're doing, everybody has a melody to back up someone else, you feel supported, you're a crew, there's nothing but protection all around you.

So how do we stray off on certain country roads but get back onto the main thoroughfare? Their Sunday teatime appearance at End Of The Road - an ecstatic hour of maximalist music, physically and emotionally overwhelming - ended up being one of the biggest hits of the festival.

It achieved what Drew has always felt music needed to do: Because they want to feel like a kid again, they want to forget everything, they want to be innocent. It's called your phone! And we're getting killed, we're getting killed! Canning wants it to make them "pause for the cause and maybe just leave things in your life alone for 53 minutes".

For Drew, it's about what it's always been about: But you'd be surprised how many times I've had to tell people, 'Hey, you're not alone on this, you're not alone thinking these things. I want to fucking hold them. And when we do shows, I'm not: A few minutes past 9: What was originally envisioned as a one-off residency has become one of the most sought-after tickets in town and a holiday tradition like The Nutcracker and eggnog.

Part variety show, part vaudeville theatre, part improv act and part poetry slam, the Basement Revue is a cross-disciplinary carnival where anything can happen, and often does.

broken social scene meet me in the basement table and chairs

A couple of years ago, Michael Ondaatje performed with Feist; last year, Margaret Atwood took the stage with country-rock quartet The Sadies.

In an unprecedented move, organizers have also decided to reveal the performers ahead of time. The Revue has earned its reputation thanks in large part to an intimate venue and the element of surprise. Can it transcend its reputation and become something greater?

Concert Review: Broken Social Scene at Field Trip – AMBY

Although tickets are on sale, the events are not fully booked. Singer-songwriter Al Tuck, right, and Aaron Comeau perform.

  • Concert Review: Broken Social Scene at Field Trip

With Rinelle Harper — that was what set me off. Tina Fontaine and then Rinelle Harper, back-to-back.

broken social scene meet me in the basement table and chairs

Standing With Our Sisters, an anthology featuring the work of more than 50 writers, musicians, artists and activists. The page book is published by Penguin Canada, which covered the entire cost of production.

Broken Social Scene

The artists were booked, the anthology was in production and tickets were on sale. And then, on Dec. They had exactly two weeks to find a new venue. They could either downsize to a smaller site, cutting into ticket sales, or risk moving the show to a larger room.

Broken Social Scene - Meet Me in the Basement: Live at the Harbourfront Centre (07.11.09)

They also made the unusual decision to announce the lineup, which includes singer Jennifer Castle, authors Naomi Klein and Lee Maracle, and visual artist Shary Boyle, but in keeping with tradition, they have a number of surprise guests waiting in the wings.