Big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

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big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

Big Brother , also known as Big Brother 15 and Big Brother: Power Trip, was the fifteenth series of the British reality television series Big Brother, hosted by. Big Brother , also known as Big Brother 14 and Big Brother: Secrets and Lies, was the However, they failed to reach a consensus, and thus lost the pass. Housemates nominated face-to-face for the second time in a live broadcast on. The first of the BBC's famed 'A Ghost Story for Christmas'. . passing oral tests for scholarship at Eton in the s, young Sir Christopher Lee met M.R. James.

The other housemates had to use Wolfy's teachings to open up and tell one of the animals a secret. Once each housemate had given the animal a secret to keep, Wolfy then had to try and guess three housemates' secrets that they told to one of the animals. Each secret guessed correctly earned the house a reward. Wolfy guessed one secret correctly and as a reward won ingredients for a fish dinner for the house.

The rest of the housemates were tasked with trying to get Sophie to deliver these expressions. The housemates later passed the task. Twists On Day 17, a mysterious tennis ball reading: On Day 23, the third and fourth housemates "fake evicted" were Gina and Dexter respectively. Both were then escorted backstage to be talked to by Big Brother in the Diary Room, before they both entered the Safe House see twists. Week 4 Tasks On Day 24, Dexter and Gina were tasked with giving housemates of their choice tasks to fulfil.

The housemates however were told by Big Brother that it was a 'viewers take over' day and that these tasks were chosen by the viewers. Housemates completed all tasks successfully and as a result won a Chinese takeaway. Dexter and Gina were called to the Diary Room prior to the task's announcement, and were tasked with matching a series of headlines to the name of a housemate of their choice. Having done this, the other housemates were told to do the same.

However, the housemates did not know that they were being tested on how closely they matched Dexter and Gina's answers and that the headlines they had been given were not real.

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Each headline matched with the name of the correct housemate won the house a watergun and an ice lolly. As residents of the Safe House, Charlie, Dexter and Gina were made Treasury members and had to make a series of budget cuts and avoid temptation in order to save as much money for the week's shopping budget as possible.

The other housemates were aware of this and that the saboteur was Sam, who was tasked with hiding Dan's toiletries in the vegetable patch and throwing his clothing into the pool. Sam completed these tasks, however, Dan successfully guessed that it was him who was the house's secret saboteur. For guessing correctly, Dan received the use of a variety of gym equipment for one hour.

Sam was sent to the jail as punishment for not keeping his identity hidden. A hidden pool within the back garden was also unveiled.

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Ex-residents Charlie, Dexter and Gina were still eligible to re-enter. Voting opened to the public as to which duo would enter the Safe House for its second week.

The pairings for possible entry into the Safe House on Day 31 were: Exits On Day 24, Jackie broke her arm after slipping and falling on it in the garden.

Big Brother arranged for her medical attention and she was escorted to a nearby hospital. Later that day she re-entered the Big Brother House. However, it was later revealed that on Day 26, Dexter and Gina had the power to save one of them and replace them with another housemate of their choice see twists.

Subsequently, Dexter and Gina chose to save Charlie and nominate Jackie in her place. Big Brother provided them with additional information files on their fellow housemates to assist them during this task.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

For this task, Big Brother placed an oversized remote control in the house. The housemates were instructed to obey all instructions given by the remote control in order to pass the task and obtain a luxury shopping budget for the week.

If they went below a pre-determined number of fails, the housemates would fail the weekly task. Big Brother sent in a series of distractions when housemates were carrying out the instructions of obeying the remote control, such as sending in a herd of sheep. The housemates therefore won a luxury shopping budget for the week.

For this task, housemates thought they had to solve a dilemma, using a set of mysterious props and puzzles placed in the garden by Big Brother. A meter was placed in the garden to measure how close they were to passing and failing this task.

Housemates were told they could come to the Diary Room to voluntarily quit the task at any time. However, housemates were unaware that Callum had been set the real task, which was to keep his fellow housemates trying to solve the dilemma for as long as possible. Twists On Day 31, Hazel and Daley were chosen next to enter the secret Safe House, meaning that they were, among their other privileges, immune from the weekly eviction.

On Day 34, the housemates found two more tennis balls in the garden that contained supposed messages from the outside world; one of the tennis balls read "Daley has slaughtered Hazel on TV and in the press", whilst the other read "Jackie will go on Friday.

However, this secretly meant that these housemates would actually be up for eviction. Housemates chose Sam and Sophie to enter the Safe House. You also clasped Hazel round her neck and then pinned her to the bed by both arms". This was the first time a housemate had to be removed from the Big Brother House since the show moved to Channel 5 in Big Brother then gave the pairs ten seconds, without discussing with their fellow housemates or each other, a chance to smash their box in order to claim their treat.

However, if both members of the pair smashed their glass box, neither would receive their treat. If only one member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would be rewarded with their treat, whilst the losing member of the pair would not receive their treat and instead would head directly to jail. If neither member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would both be rewarded with a much smaller treat.

Some of the questions asked were influenced by the viewers. Each correct answer would earn the housemates money toward their weekly shopping budget; the total amount in the totaliser at the end of Day 42 would be the total weekly shopping budget for the week. On Day 25, the boys were asked to make cocktails for the girls which would represent their personality. Unbeknownst to them, the girls listened to their conversations whilst they were making the cocktails.

Their mission was to "kill off" their fellow housemates without Winston suspecting them.

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After successfully telling jokes, sitting on a whoopy cushion and "accidentally" falling in the pool, she was rewarded with a clown costume and make-up. On Day 30, Mark and Christopher were given the task of identifying childhood photos of their fellow housemates.

If they were to guess the majority of the pictures, all housemates would receive pictures of family and friends, as well a hamper of sweets.

The task was passed. Because of this, all the females were safe from this week's eviction and all of the males were automatically nominated to face the public vote. They chose Chris, Marlon, and Steven. He then had to choose who was on his nice list and who was on his naughty list. The 'nice' housemates were invited to a Christmas party with Christmas dinner, whereas the 'naughty' housemates weren't.

Danielle, Helen and Marlon were put on Christopher's naughty list and were therefore not invited to the party. On Day 33, housemates took part in their next shopping task where the house was powered on battery. Over the two days of the task, housemates were asked into the "app zone" where they were offered to use an app. If they used an app, the battery would drain.

On Day 34, Big Brother offered the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves, but by doing this the battery would drain and the shopping task would be failed. Over a number of different rounds, couples were eliminated and the remaining couples were invited to a party. However, he is unaware that Ashleigh also has an earpiece and must try and guess who Steven will target.

Helen had to get balls out of gunge using her mouth alone, Mark had to put pegs on his face, and Winston had to eat chillies. However, after completing these challenges, they were told they had each set their personal best and would have to take part again to beat this. As all three housemates were successful, they won a hamper of treats. Armageddon Week Tasks On Day 38, the house was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the beginning of Armageddon Week.

In teams, housemates had to collect as many fish as possible from a sewage pipe and then had to scavenge for items in order to build a raft that could hold a housemate afloat for the longest time. In 'On the Ledge', new housemates tried to knock original housemates off of a ledge by reducing the ledge's size through moving a wall. Original housemates had to remain on the ledge for the duration of the task.

Later, in 'Fool the House', original housemates had to correctly identify whether statements from newspaper stories, etc. Original housemates won the task. Original housemates did not discover Christopher was on a task, and new housemates and Christopher were rewarded with a meal in the garden.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

Later, in 'Judgement Time', original housemates had to correctly identify who new housemates had selected as the answers to a series of questions in VTs that were recorded before new housemates entered the house. Original housemates correctly identified the majority of the new hosuemates' answers and won back hot water and access to the bathroom. On Day 40, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon were the three housemates that received the most nominations.

Between the three of them, Marlon was the one with the most nominations and was therefore evicted. The three new housemates; Biannca, Pav and Zoe, decided which one of them was to be evicted on Day Them and Christopher received a takeaway reward. Teams had to choreograph, practice and perform a headline act, with Big Brother selecting the winning team.

Zoe and Ash were selected as the winning team's groupies and also attended the party. The teams were pre-selected by Big Brother so that the most confident housemates were on the red team.

The teams went head-to-head in a number of challenges, with the blue team believing that the team which won the most challenges would win a luxury shopping budget and the losing team would have only basic rations. However, the challenges were rigged so that the red team would always win, with the red team being aware that the real shopping task was to convince the blue team that they were all losers.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

If the red team won this challenge, all housemates would pass the shopping task, however, if they lost, they would all fail. After the reds won the task, the housemates received a luxury budget. The player takes on the role of elite unnamed soldiers, whose appearance is carried from the player's multiplayer character.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of ghost

The story revolves mainly around two central characters: Mitchellleader of the Nightfall Program. Story[ edit ] Following the Federation's attack on ODIN Station and the strike that decimated a large portion of the United States, a stray missile hit Caldera Peak, Coloradorevealing a colony of ancient creatures called Cryptids lying dormant below it.

The Cryptids' masters, the Ancestors, seized the opportunity by commanding them to awake, massacre the town, and destroy everything in their path.

In order to contain the outbreak, a Task Force codenamed Spectre was sent in to exterminate the Cryptids' presence. Though they were successful, remains of the Cryptids were collected by Nightfall, a research program dedicated to uncovering the origins of the creatures. The program's leader, Captain David Archer, implemented covert operations to breed Cryptids for experimentation, as well as deciphering of glyphs found within several sites where Nightfall was researching on Cryptid appearance.

However, one of the doctors working at Nightfall, Samantha Cross, began to fall under the Ancestors' influence, and slowly became one of their hypnotic spies, capable of telepathic abilities. She caused an outbreak at the Nightfall facility, killing all members within it, except herself and Archer.

An elite squad named CIF Team One was dispatched to help Archer and Cross escape, but Archer secretly snuck away on a destroyer vessel supplied by one of his mysterious contacts, in order to arrive at another Cryptid site. For the following three weeks, Archer would experiment on Cross in order to learn of her abilities, realizing that she is capable of taming the Cryptids.

Using her as a beacon, Archer guided the destroyer toward the remaining Cryptid Arks around the world. Cross fell into the Ancestors' control even more, and upon full possession, she began to summon the Ark's guardian, the Kraken, to protect the Cryptid colony and kill Archer and everyone aboard the destroyer.

Being Human

However, Cross evaded their attempts to kill her and wound up in the Cryptid Ark. Archer and his men later arrived at the island where the Ark is located, however they encounter hordes of Cryptids, leading to Archer's hand being infected.

Cross arrived and amputated his hand, then forged a temporary alliance with him, as she attempted to explain the Ancestors' true motives, and her reasons for not siding with them. The team succeeded in finding the Cortex, and Cross was extracted from the Ark, while Archer was left to die. While on their way back to the United States, CIF Team One was attacked by Cryptid forces, and was stranded in the heart of the outbreak, while Cross escaped captivity.

For the next three months, Cryptids would begin to overrun all military centers of the US, leaving General Castle as the leader of the surviving remnants of the country.

He came in contact with CIF Team One, and ordered them to protect the Exodus launch site, allowing the remnants to escape Earth into outer space, away from the Cryptids' influence.

In the midst of the operation, Cross regained contact with the survivors, reasoning CIF Team One must sacrifice themselves to activate the Medusa, a psionic weapon capable of eradicating all Cryptids within a three-mile radius, and give mankind a chance to overcome extinction. In a final order, General Castle commanded his men to defeat the oncoming Cryptid siege led by the Ancestors themselves. Now in safe passage to the space station, Cross acknowledged that her otherworldly powers were key in humanity's future retaliation, agreeing to be placed in a replica Beacon Amplifier to harness her gifts to benefit the future descendants of the Exodus program.

Development[ edit ] On February 7,Activision confirmed that a new Call of Duty game was in development and would be released Q4, The publisher expected to sell fewer copies than the series' previous entry, Call of Duty: