Ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

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ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

Nov 15, revisit our roundup of all the main actors in Ryan Murphy's troupe who've performed multiple American Horror Story Characters Ranked (By Actor) From Worst to Best Sister Mary Eunice, AHS: Asylum & Freak Show . Chloe Sevigny's character willingly became vampire(y) to be with her beloved son. Oct 6, Meet the Cast of American Horror Story: Hotel. By Stacy Lambe. American Horror Story—easily one of the most twisted shows on TV—is back. Hotel Characters At the fashion show organized by Will Drake at the Hotel Cortez, Donovan does . in the seasons in which they appeared, the other being Andy from Freak Show. AHS 5- Promotional- Donovan with vampire children. png.

In the finale, Ramona joins Devil's Night and assists in torturing Billie Dean Howard who flees the Cortez, after threatening to hunt her down and kill her should she ever make another live show in the hotel on devil's night. The Countess[ edit ] This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message The Countess portrayed by Lady Gagaborn Elizabeth Johnson, is the enigmatic, bloodsucking, malevolent owner who resides in the penthouse of the Hotel Cortez.

Born Elizabeth Johnson inshe was an actress who was featured in Rudolph Valentino's movie and was later invited to dinner at his house. That night, she met his wife Natacha Rambova who indicates that their divorce was just a "show" to get publicity. Later on, she had a secret love triangle with Rudolph and Natacha for many years up until when she was at a cocktail party celebrating the opening of the Hotel Cortez and after hearing about Valentino's death in New York, she plans to jump out a window but she is saved by James March who she later marries but however, doesn't profess her love for him.

Even though she was married, she often visited Valentino's coffin once a year but encountered a very much alive Valentino and his wife who state that they are infected with a blood virus that saved them from death and turn Elizabeth so she can spend eternity with her one true loves while her disappointed husband watches from afar.

After hearing about her secret love with the Valentinos, James gets his revenge by trapping the couple in the sealed hallways of the hotel damaging her relationship with Natacha who believes that Elizabeth trapped her and causing Elizabeth to hate March. She also has a relationship with newcomer Will Drake who she marries but then plans to kill him and steal his fortunes. In the 70s, she had a relationship with Ramona Royale which lasted up until the 90s when Elizabeth shot Ramona's boyfriend, Prophet Moses in revenge.

She is obsessed with fashion and hates betrayal especially infidelity which she kills Tristan after he professes his love for Liz Taylor. In spite of her hatred of betrayal, she herself will indulge in as many lovers as she wishes.

She then gets back with Donovan but he is crushed after she professes her love for Valentino. She reunites with Donovan after he kills Rudolph however Liz and Iris enter shooting guns at the couple before Donovan jumps in front of Elizabeth and is shot before dying outside the Cortez while Elizabeth is injured. She is helped by Sally who vows to never leaving her.

ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

Ramona confronts her but while she attempts to enter the elevator, John appears and shoots her five times before she succumbs to her wounds and dies. Her head is placed on "Thou Shall Not Commit Murder" but she resurrects as a ghost and spends eternity with her husband James who thanks her for turning him in to the police and forgives her however Ms. Evers stops and confesses that she turned Mr. After realizing what has happened, she begins to cry while realizing that she's living a personal nightmare; spending the rest of her life with the person she doesn't love.

She appears when Liz announces her battle with prostate cancer and slits Liz's throat using her chainmail glove. In the last moments, Elizabeth is at the bar during 2: She then says the final lines "You have a jawline for days" before the episode ends, having found herself a new lover in Donovan's image.

Supporting characters[ edit ] Hazel Evers portrayed by Mare Winningham is the eccentric laundress and maid of Hotel Cortez and loyal servant to James March. She is a ghost who resides in the hotel and cleans up after Elizabeth and James. She killed herself in the hotel with James when they were found by the police. Her son, Albert, was kidnapped by Gordon Northcott and was a victim of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders in the s, causing her to become distraught every Halloween.

She is not very fond of Elizabeth, even trying to keep Will from marrying her for his own safety. In "She Wants Revenge", it is revealed that she had feelings for James, but they were unreciprocated since James fell in love with Elizabeth. In "Battle Royale" it is revealed that Hazel turned James into the police so that they could die together.

James is horrified by her confession at a dinner party with Elizabeth, and he banishes her from his service. Andrew "Andy" Hahn portrayed by Richard T. Jones is John's partner who is working with him closely on the case of the Ten Commandments Killer. He is initially skeptical about the idea of the murders being connected to the ten commandments, but later follows suit. Their relationship strains due to John's gradual lapse into insanity and attacking him when he threatens to go to his superior when John continues to work the case despite being fired.

He is later murdered by John after he reveals to Andy that he is the Ten Commandments Killer as Andy broke the commandment of not coveting another man's wife as he had been going out for coffee with Alex. After seeing and speaking to Holden at the hotel while visiting her father, she tells her parents. When they don't believe her, she shows them the picture she took with him on her phone, but Holden's face is blurry.

Scarlett goes to live with her grandmother when John fires a gun in their house at Bartholomew, but everybody believes he was hallucinating due to John describing it as a "monster". Whilst John and Alex spend time at the hotel they temporarily abandon her with her grandmother. They later decide to collect her and they plan to begin living as a normal family, but her family return to live in the Cortez deciding it is their true home.

Due to her not being the only normal family member left they decide to send off to a boarding school where Lachlan is one of her classmates. Following John's death, a teenage Scarlett is shown to visit her father's ghost every year on Devil's night Halloween along with Alex and Holden.

Inhe was abducted at the Santa Monica amusement park by the Countess and is being raised as one of her vampire children. He previously resides in the hotel, until Alex decided to bring him home.

Alex initially fails to understand his new state of being a vampire and his lack of aging after he feeds on their pet dog, but after Alex is turned into a vampire by Elizabeth, he returns to living in the hotel.

Holden is later collected by Alex and John to continue living live as normal in their old house, but returns to living the hotel with his family after deciding it is their true home. Following his father's death, his father's ghosts visits him and his family every year on Devil's Night Halloween. Tristan Duffy portrayed by Finn Wittrock is a male model who appears in the second episode, " Chutes and Ladders ", as one of the models in Will Drake's fashion show.

He is attracted by the Countess, who infects him with the virus and becomes her new lover and they scheme to kill Will Drake, inherit his money, and live happily.

ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

While in Room 64, he is interrupted by James March, who forces him to kill an innocent woman. Later, after killing a man to drink his blood, he joins forces with March. In "Room 33" he falls in love with Liz and after announcing their love to Elizabeth, she slits his throat in a rage of jealousy and betrayal and kills him. His next and final appearance is in "Be Our Guest", where Liz and Iris attempt to contact his spirit with the help of Billie Dean Howard which is now trapped in the hotel; they are unsuccessful but Tristan's ghost finally appears to Liz after her death, and the two embrace, meaning they can spend eternity together in the hotel.

He is a "living" metaphor for addiction. He is seen torturing addicts to punish them for their addiction, one of them being Gabriel. James has vowed to protect Sally from it, given that she protects John from any danger so he can use him as a proxy for his Commandment Killings.

Minor characters[ edit ] Gabriel portrayed by Max Greenfield is a heroin junkie who checks into and ends up being victim to the Addiction Demon, who savagely rapes him until Sally stops it and sews him into a mattress. Mistaking Claudia for Sally, he murders her. He dies in the hospital from withdrawals after confessing to the murder to John. Agnetha portrayed by Helena Mattsson is a Swedish tourist who checks into the hotel with her sister Vendela.

Meet the Cast of American Horror Story: Hotel

After discovering a grotesque being in their mattress, Iris traps them in the ballroom and planned to detox their bodies until Sally intervened. She was later successfully detoxed by Iris and the towheads drink her blood. She later appears as a ghost in the penthouse, and after being given advice to find a purpose, she translates this as encouragement to kill, and she kills Mr.

Wu in his hotel room. Moments later, Alex enlists their help to taunt John out of the hotel. She and Vendela then begin a three-way sexual relationship with Mr. Wu all as ghosts. Vendela portrayed by Kamilla Alnes is a Swedish tourist and sister of Agnetha.

When Sally stops Iris's detox, she releases Vendela who attempts to escape, only to be killed moments later by The Countess in the hotel lobby. She later appears as a ghost in the penthouse, and Donovan advises her to find a purpose.

After this translating as encouragement to kill, she kills Mr. Wu in his hotel room, moments before Alex enlists them to taunt John out of the hotel.

She and Agnetha then begin a three-way sexual relationship with Mr. She was also the realtor who showed the Harmons the Murder House in the first season. She reveals that prior to season oneshe had to put Hallie, the dog originally owned by the Harmon's, down. She checks into the hotel for a business trip where Rudolph and Natacha kill her and drink her blood. She then resides in the hotel as a ghost where at Liz and Iris' ghost meeting she asks for her not to be constantly interrupted in her room by the other ghosts so she can spend eternity reading her erotic novels in peace.

Lachlan Drake portrayed by Lyric Lennon is Will Drake's son who seems to have intimate knowledge about the hotel. Elizabeth considers him one of her children now, despite killing his father. Elizabeth plans on infecting him so she may remain his legal guardian forever and inherit everything his dad left him in his will.

He is sent away to a private boarding school following his father's death which he also attends with Scarlet Lowe. She now resides in the hotel as a ghost where she mocks Alex in a bloodied form for her poor fashion sense.

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Alex Lowe is their family doctor, who infects Max with the blood virus to save him after Mrs. Ellison is asked if she would like to sign DNR papers.

ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

A blood-thirsty Max kills her and her husband and drinks their blood before leaving for school. Ellison, a Hollywood mother against vaccination. In order to save him from dying, Alex injects him with her blood, injecting him with the blood virus, giving the illusion that he is cured.

However, at school, he spreads the measles to his entire class and kills five staff members and drinks their blood along with his classmates. He blames an unidentified man for the deaths, while he and his travelling troops of blood sucking classmates have been responsible for the killings of several people in order to consume their blood.

Alex attempts to convince them that they should come back to her to the hotel and become towheads, but they reject her offer. After Kimmy dies, they accept Alex's offer, only to end up trapped in the enclosed hallway with Ramona.

It is then discovered in the episode "Battle Royale" that he and the rest of his classmates ended up being killed by Ramona with their dead bodies scattered in the enclosed hallway.

Kohan portrayed by Roxana Brusso is the Lowe's family psychiatrist who tries to help them move past losing Holden. Samuels portrayed by David Naughton is the movie producer who Ramona tried to persuade into casting her into a role. However, she is stopped by The Countess, who instructs Mr. Aileen Wuornos portrayed by Lily Rabe is one of the infamous serial killers who Mr.

She initially flirts with John at the bar, mistaking her for somebody in an Aileen Wuornos costume. When going to John's room, she knocks John unconscious and duct tapes him to a chair so she can kill him, similar to the fashion in which she killed her other victims. However, John breaks free and handcuffs her to the sink. She eventually escapes and apologizes to John that night and continues to flirt with him at Devil's Night.

She appears in both March's devil's night in the season along with the other serial killer ghosts. He annoys James with his nonchalant attitude towards being caught. Hotel Glam, sensuous, and with a pressing thirst for blood?

That's how we like our Gaga. Article continues below Michele K. Freak Show Sure Matt Bomer showed some skin, but his gay rent boy character was offed straight away. Hotel He's showing skin, his killer hair and an actual story arc?

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FX Cheyenne Jackson's No. Cult Nice twist revealing that Rudy was Kai and Winter's older brother, but the character never really felt all that developed. Hotel Will was gay, but then he fell in love with the Countess?

We love Gaga as much as everyone else, but that was wildly unbelievable—which is saying something, considering this franchise. FX Cheynne Jackon's No. Roanoke Was Sidney a total sociopath? But was his unwavering devotion to keeping his reality show alive, blood moon and murderous ghosts, absolutely hysterical? FX Emma Roberts No. Cult She was nasty to Beverly and she paid dearly for it. Freak Show A con artist who really didn't do much to endear herself to viewers, compared to Emma Roberts' Coven character, this is very easy to call.

Coven The unapologetic attitude, the magic powers, the "Surprise, bitch" meme FX Wes Bentley's No. Roanoke If he'd only supported his mother, Tomasin would've never turned into the Butcher and no one in Roanoke would've been in the miserable mess they were in. Way to go, Ambrose. Article continues below Wes Bentley's No. Hotel Ugh, there was nothing redeeming for Wes Bentley to do with him. Roanoke Dylan might've been the most sensible person on Roanoke. Naturally, he only lasted an episode.

But his calm use of his Army skills to at least try and get the remaining survivors to safety was admirable. Freak Show Dude had a little head on the back of his own! You don't hire Finn Wittrock and hide his pretty face under all that inbred aesthetic.

If you do, you make him stick around for more than an episode. FX Finn Wittrock's No. Hotel Sure we got to see Finn Wittrock shirtless a lot and make out with, well, everybody. But Tristan was just pretty annoying. Dandy was a sociopath and you could tell Wittrock had a great time sinking his teeth into the gig.

Take A Peek Under The Tent & Meet The Cast Of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

Coven Mare Winningham has played a lot of pretty awful people on AHS, but her worst one yet has got to be Kyle's sexually abusive mom. He has lived there as her lover for 20 years in the lap of luxury, only marred by the presence of his overbearing mother, Iris. Personality and Appearance Donovan was a handsome young man with dark hair and magnetic blue eyes.

Cunning and full of anger at his circumstances, he is prone to outbursts of rage. Like his lover, he is often seen in expensive designer clothing, an outward manifestation of the life of decadence he indulges in. He displays very little care for his mother Iris, but he has a close bond with Elizabeth, with whom he is deeply in love.

ahs freak show meet the cast of vampire

Story Donovan joins Elizabeth for a date to an outdoor cinema showing of Nosferatuwhere they seduce a young couple and bring them back to the hotel for a feast of sex and blood.

His sleep the next day is interrupted by a realtor giving a tour to the new hotel owner, Will Drake. He has as much distaste for the sun as any day-sleeper, but not as much as the traditional vampire.

Like every other resident save Elizabeth, he is unaware of the sale and as worried about eviction. However, when his mother tries to discuss her worries with him, Donovan rejects her and says that it is time to let go. At the fashion show organized by Will Drake at the Hotel CortezDonovan does not willingly accept the flirtation between Elizabeth and one of the models; when he finds the same guy rummaging in their penthouse, he attacks him but is stopped by Elizabeth.

Later, when Donovan finds them in bed together and discovers that the woman has turned Tristan, the two break off their relationship. On the outskirts, after feeding on a drug addict, Donovan is kidnapped by a woman who bleeds him for information on Elizabeth.