A history of the kagy relationship in america

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a history of the kagy relationship in america

Franklin Keagy, A History of the Kagy Relationship in America from to (Albany: Joel Munsell's Sons, ), – 7. Maryland ColonizationJournal. Results 1 - 15 of 15 A history of the Kägy relationship in America from to by Franklin Keagy and a great selection of related books, art and. From the book "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from to Looking into your family history, ancestry or geneology, you run.

According to my great-grandfather: So Uncle John, a strapling young teenager her second child and sonsaid he would go out to Indiana and take care of the land, build himself a log cabin, and begin clearing the trees and brush.

a history of the kagy relationship in america

He did this and never returned to Ohio again. I found a map of Bloom Twp land plots with owner names and saw that Kagys owned quite a bit of land, but most important, I discovered that Kagy was a Swiss name.

I was ecstatic - finally, something besides German.

A History of the Kagy Relationship in America from to : Franklin Keagy :

Not that I dislike being German, but just would like a little variety in the bloodlines. And Swiss, no less - don't hear too many people say they are Swiss. As with most families, it appears that there are certain names that families fall in love with and every son and daughter has to have a child with a certain name. Seems that the Kagy's favorite name is Rudolph. It really makes it hard to trace the line with so many Rudolphs.

I purchased the book by Franklin Kaegy, "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from to " that was published in It is a reproduction reprint and very nice. It is a fascinating read with so many interesting stories and pictures in addition to the lineage.

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Franklin Kaegy seemed to be a very humble, gentle and kind man. It took him 23 years to put the information together and is beautifully written. The Kagis along with other Swiss Mennonites emigrated to America so they could be free to practice their religion. A group of Swiss Mennonites contracted an agreement with the Honorable Proprietor, William Penn, at London, for lands to be taken up in his new colony.

A Swiss company was organized to emigrate to America and settle in the wilderness.

a history of the kagy relationship in america

A group of pioneers arrived in America and settled in what was known as the Swiss Settlement and known today as the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania. This was in In the yearthe settlement was increased by the arrival of others from the old country including Hans Kagy, the first Kagy to come to America. Hans Kagy's full name was John Rudolph Kagy and he was unmarried at the time of his arrival.

There were six emigrations of Kagys to this country that are discussed in the book, "A History or the Kagy relationship in America, from to " by Franklin Kaegy.

A History of the Kagy Relationship in America from 1715 to 1900

Of the 75 passengers, Johannes Kagie was one of them. The Third Emigration occurred October 27, True it is we had found them as we now believe, l ut conld not for a long time feel warranted in fully accepting the proofs, but now, after com- paring unquestioned data, a careful exannnation of court records, contemporary events, and everything that could throw any light on the subject we are fully persuaded that he is the father of Abraham and Michael Cagey. As yet we do not know whether these two sons constituted his whole fanuly or not.

There may have been others. For a long time there was much doubt about the name of the first son, but that it was Abraham there is now no longer anv doubt. There was only two children, both of whom M'ere daughters. Catharine Bowman was lv rn aliontand died Oct.

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The date of death and age was taken from a family Bible in possession of Mrs. Jacob Rohrer, of Ilarrisbnrg, Pa. In a graveyard near Safe Harbor, Lan- caster Co. The name was spelled "Cagy.

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A son named Levi is also buried there. Catharine Keagy Hess was born aboutand died She married John Lless, a first cousin of lier sister Sarah's husband. The father of Catharine and Sarah Keagy Hess disappeared from his home and it is not known what became of him. The accounts of his disappearance are somewhat conflicting. John Kauffman, a son of Anna Hess Kauffman, a great-grandson of this Keagy, says he remembers well of hearing it said ''that his Great-grandfather Keae: From this time nothing was ever heard of him again.

a History of The Kagy Relationship in America by Franklin Keagy

Anna Hess Taylor, previously named, says her mother told lier that her mother's father left his family in very pressing want. Her father, Zenas Maconiber, was a soldier in the days "that tried men's sonls," and was one of General AVashington's l ody gnard. All these stories of the disa] - pearance of ye ancient ancestor may have some fonndation for snpport, bnt I am inclined to think the story of his enlist- ment and demise in the war is ]nirely legendary, from the fact rliaT at least one of his danghters was born as late as ITST, and the Avar was ended five years before that.

a history of the kagy relationship in america

He left no de- scendants in tlie male line. Those of the danghters are allied by marriage to the descendants of the other branches of the Keagy family, and are also connected with othei' families of the liighesT res] ectability, intelligence and cnlture in the State and conntry. Little hy little the tangled web of relationship has been unraveled and the record of the f onr sons of Hanse Kiig'y completed.

a history of the kagy relationship in america

We deem it but ] ro] er to give it as it is nsed by the several branches of the family. As will l e seen in these pages, the sons write the name different from that of their fathers.

Chris- tian llcss, b.

a history of the kagy relationship in america

Both died in Manor township, near Safe Harbor. Children of John and Catharine Keagy Hess: