2013 meet the rebels day

Top U.S. Official Meets With Rebels Inside Syria : The Two-Way : NPR

2013 meet the rebels day

Follow how the day unfolded after Syria's foreign minister said the Assad regime is Syria crisis: foreign minister offers talks with rebels - Monday 25 February • Moualem says Syria prepared to meet armed opposition. Ole Miss draws record crowd to 'Meet the Rebels' day of Mississippi's Indoor Practice Facility in Oxford, Miss. on Saturday, August 17, John McCain's aides say he crossed from Turkey into Syria and met with Free Turkey, May 27, in this picture released via McCain's Twitter account. In an interview with U.S. news site The Daily Beast, which first.

Idris attended all three meetings. McCain, who was inside Syria for roughly an hour, had two personal security guards with him. McCain and one commander discussed Hezbollah's increasing role in Syrian fighting and also the issue of extremism, when McCain asked commanders how to best combat extremism.

The commanders agreed that the best way was for them to be armed under the command of Idris. According to Mustafa, McCain said that the trip had been very important and that there was no substitute for meeting people and sitting down face to face. He said that more policymakers should make the trip inside and do the same. McCain's visit was first reported by The Daily Beast. McCain's visit comes the same day the European Union announced it is lifting an arms embargo to Syria.

It would allow member countries to send weapons if they want to, but EU officials said no decision has been made to go ahead and do so. The Obama administration is still mulling its own next steps in Syria; to date, President Obama has only committed non-lethal aid since the Syrian conflict began two years ago, despite lawmakers' calls for more forceful action from the U.

2013 meet the rebels day

Syrian rebels "can't make much more progress" without arms Syria's civil war: If we could get money for the surgery, we would head back to Syria immediately.

Speaking to reporters in London, he said it was hard to take seriously the Syrian government's apparent willingness to talk to rebels when the Assad regime continued to use missiles against its own people. Kerry said the continued violence in Syria represented further evidence that it was time for Bashar al-Assad to stand down.

But he also urged the Syrian opposition coalition to attend Thursday's Friends of Syria meeting in Rome. Reuters quoted him as saying: We're coming to Rome to make the decision about next steps and perhaps even other options that may or not be discussed further after that. He has noted that the moderate groups in the south appear to be being supplied with weapons that are unavailable inside Syriathe Washington Post reports. The items appear to have already begun influencing the course of the war, he said.

They have contributed to a sharp escalation of fighting in the Daraa area this year in which opposition fighters have overrun government bases, including several checkpoints along the Jordanian border, a key but long-neglected front. That, in turn, has enabled the rebels armed with the new equipment to seize weapons and ammunition from captured government facilities, giving them clout over other small groups, mimicking the pattern observed in northern Syria, where the ascendancy of Islamist extremists has snowballed into soaring influence as their military victories mount.

Rebels Cheerleading Allstars "Team Smoke" at URCC March 2, 2013

In a blogpost he writes: The mistake here is assuming that weapons and financial support can compensate for lack of or weak popular support.

Furthermore, it totally ignores the way in which Jabhat al-Nusra and the multitude of Islamist brigades and groups will be able to use that to galvanise further support, as Hezbollah has done successfully in the past by seizing on evidence of external support for its opponents The military and strategic snapshot it relies on provides only half of the picture We should accept that there are things that are not under our control and, more importantly, should not be.

Khalid Saleh, spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition, confirmed that the opposition refuses to meet Assad and his inner circle for as long as they refuse to stand down. In an email to the Guardian, he said: There is nothing new in what Moualem said. It is more of the same empty offers the regime has been putting out for the last few months.

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We are not looking for a dialogue. We are offering negotiations with those who have not committed crimes against Syrians to transfer powers from the Assad regime to the Syrian people.

Moualem's offer is deceitful, and it seems that he wants to divide up those who are fighting against Assad. We need serious movement from Assad regime not repeated empty offers.

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It quoted a senior administration official as saying: Ford is going to Cairo tonight, and then Ford will go on to Rome a day or two early, and Assistant Secretary Jones will meet him there. And we will continue to make our case that we believe that this meeting is an opportunity for them. Meanwhile, Reuters has more from the opposition leader, Moaz al-Khatib, on the Syrian foreign minister's apparent offer of talks. It quotes him as saying: The silent states are participating in the massacre of the Syrian people," he said.

The Syrian opposition lead, Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, speaks to the press after a meeting at the Egyptian foreign ministry in Cairo on Monday. Last Wednesday, we were able to launch successful attacks by two suicide martyrs, who drove car bombs into the al-Shadada military compound in Deir Ezzor.

2013 meet the rebels day

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2013 meet the rebels day

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Top U.S. Official Meets With Rebels Inside Syria

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