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The fourth season of the original Teen Mom series, which follows the lives of the Viewers will also meet a girl whose dream of going to college is In , “16 and Pregnant” ranked #1 in its time period among P . So is Teen Mom 2 with this season's current cast coming back for another season?. Jim Tom is a lively character on the hit television series Moonshiners. He is known to be one of the 'old school moonshiners' since he's been moon-shining since. The first season of 16 and Pregnant aired summer Each episode followed the story of one high school teen's pregnancy, birth and.

Photos Teen Mom Status Check: Which Couples Are Still Together? She knew she was having a girl, but, as she pointed out to her friends, "I've talked about keeping it, but there's not really a lot of good things about keeping it.

Like, there is, but there isn't. And they continue to stand out as the only original couple from the earliest days of the surprise hit series who are still together to this day. Each only 26 years old, they've still got a long way to go, but they've been through more than most couples their age, from the shocking news of Catelynn's first pregnancy to having to stay strong in the face of their parents' objection to their decision to adopt, to dealing with that guilt trip and the inevitable emotional aftermath of their decision once their daughter was adopted, to Catelynn's battle with depression.

Photos Teen Mom Stars: Then and Now "I want my daughter to have a chance at life," a then year-old Tyler, his still-boyish frame swimming in baggy hip-hop-inspired clothes, told his dad when Butch fiercely objected to the idea of adoption. I don't think our lives are very stable to raise a child. It would depend on the agreement with the other family, of course. It was touching to see Tyler and Catelynn, just kids themselves, project their hopes on the people who would end up raising their baby.

Tyler wanted the guy to have a college degree.

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Catelynn preferred a stay-at-home mom. Before Catelynn was induced, Tyler wrote a letter to their child, explaining their decision and ensuring her that her birth father would always love her. I don't want you to ever, ever think I didn't want you. MTV Brandon and Teresa were that probably fairly unusually couple who agreed to give Catelynn regular updates on Carly. But the initial understanding between the families has caused its fair share of drama over the years.

All of which transpired on camera, of course. And when she told Tyler over the phone, he offered a sweeping assessment of the situation. Find out more at www. With a global reach of more than a half-billion households, MTV is the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans and artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people.

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MTV is a unit of Viacom Inc. What do you think? Are you a fan of 16 and Pregnant or the various Teen Mom series? Do you like one more than the other?

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David has two children from previous relationships: David can be seen on Teen Mom 2 verbally and physically disciplining Kaiser, Nathan's son, in inappropriate ways. David also posted a photo of Kaiser to social media in which Kaiser had his hand in the front of his diaper. David captioned the photo with a reference to the child's penis. Jenelle gave birth to their first child together, daughter Ensley Jolie Eason, on January 24, In FebruaryJenelle announced on Instagram that she and David are engaged.

She obtained her GED after years of working towards it and has begun attending beauty school. Her friends and family just hope she can stay away from Adam for good this time. During the sixth season, Chelsea was in a bitter custody battle with Adam over Aubree.