Mantra pushpam is a Vedic prayer chanted towards the end of most poojas. Traditional Meaning: The following is repeated several times by. This great mantra is taken from Taithreeya Aranyakam () of Yajur Veda. It is one of the most famous of all veda mantras and remains quite popular till date. Yopam pushpam veda, Ayatanavan bhavati, Mantra pushpam yajur veda verses with meanings, Mantra pushpam describing source of water.

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Ramach- ander This great mantra is taken from Taithreeya Aranyakam of Yajur veda. It is normally sung in a chorus by all the priests together after performing any Pooja worship or Yagna.

It tells in short that water is the basis of this universe. The reason why it is meanong in all functions is not known to me. What I have attempted is a simple translation of this great chant. People interested to know more of the deeper meaning and implications are requested to refer to the archives of http: Here Sri Sadagopan has given a scholarly commentary broken jantra five parts or to the Wikipedia article en.


He who understands the flowers of water, He becomes the possessor of flowers, children and cattle.

Moon is the ;ushpam of the water, He who understands this fact, He becomes the possessor of flowers, children and cattle. He who knows that there is a raft is available, Becomes established in that raft.

Mantra Pushpam in English With Meaning

Jun 19, Blog by Puducode Rama Iyer Ramachander. Add to Spiritual Diary. He who knows the source of water, Becomes established in himself, Agnirva Apamayatanam. A great Documentry on Vedantha Desika.

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Mantra Pushpam – the hidden meaning – Adhyatma Writings

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