Mandingo is a novel written in by Kyle Onstott. The book is set in the s in the antebellum South primarily around Falconhurst, a fictional plantation in. Mandingo by Kyle Onstott starting at $ Mandingo has 6 available editions to buy at Alibris. Results 1 – 30 of Mandingo by Onstott, Kyle and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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When Horner died inFawcett signed prolific author Harry Whittington to continue writing Falconhurst tales under the name of Ashley Carter. If you read it just keep in mind that it’s a When I read this kyl the s I was quite surprised to learn that it had been published in The ending of this book made me glad I was able to finish this book. His father is pressuring Hammond to marry his cousin Blanche, who he hasn’t seen since she was a baby, and who lives on a distant plantation.

She realizes it is too late to accuse Mede of rape. Hammond’s other goal is to get married and produce an heir for his dad’s sake, and he marries his cousin Blanche Woodford, who is a drunken harpy jealous of her husband’s attachment to his octoroon bed wench Ellen.

Sep 30, Tracy Verma rated it it was amazing. If you can not handle such strong subject matter, it would be best for you to give this book a wide berth, manfingo bypass it.

To see what your onstktt thought of this book, please sign up. Kyle Onstott and Kenric L. I’m not a prude but the nonstop descriptions of slave genitalia made me super uncomfortable.


Must have been really upsetting to some people. Hammond’s got an itch to own a “fightin’ ner” like all the young, rich guys do and set up matches and wager. With the exception of one slave, the master’s wench lover Ellen she’s treated better than the master’s wife, father, and daughter.

Mandingo. ( edition) | Open Library

That his wife, a white woman, should have willing carnal commerce with a Negro The story takes place over the course of a few years in the s, in rural Alabama on the slave-breeding plantation of Falconhurst. Suspect you be hard pressed to find a copy.

Published by Fawcett Crest Giant first published This was an agonizingly long novel with no seeming point except to draw out the double-standards of Southern Culture; and the social ills of Southern White Men. Now we are adding books from my father’s extensive booklist – not so well-known authors with not so noble plots. By about three-quarters through, I was getting replete with the handful of details and repetitive vocabulary like “mayhap”! The overuse of the word Rape was nauseating.

Kyle Onstott

But in many scenes when the whites don’t look for hemorrhoids or inspect the teeth, the slaves do it themselves without being prompted, pulling their mouths or buttocks open wide and running around to fetch sticks and show off because they love the attention and don’t understand anything about white folk talk. When the other men in the group explain this to Hammond, he is physically repulsed and denies that a white woman would ever willingly sleep with a black slave.


I would read anything within hand’s reach then as there was only the school library or a very small town book store. I’ve never had such conflicting emotions about a book in my entire life.

If he wanted to portray the antebellum white culture as obliviously depraved and monstrous that served as a cover for perverts and freaks to unleash their impulses without recrimination, he succeeded. Published by Crest Books.

I read Mandingo again a few years ago and was able to view it as a much older adult. To ask other readers questions about Mandingo mndingo, please sign up. Although he certainly does not announce his intentions, both the doctor and his father know he is going to murder Blanche and neither one stops him because “who could blame the young husband?

How can I get a copy of Mandingo can I buy it on line? Not a word has been cut out.

Mandingo Falconhurst 1 by Kyle Onstott. Mandingo was followed by several sequels over the onsott three decades, some of which were co-written by Onstott with Lance Horner and in later years written by Harry Whittington under the pseudonym “Ashley Carter”. The N-word is used frequently, and slaves are represented as simple-minded and devoted to their owners.