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This is something that I experienced on my own body and now the study confirmed my opinion.

Lacramioara Sovar | West University of Timisoara –

Exercise with no diet is unlikely to succeed, but slbesc with no exercise will surely do. True, the best option would be diet combined with any kind of exercise, from just climbing up the stairs every day, to walking for 30 minutes, dancing, going to the gym, swimming and other intense workout. As I was telling you, 13 years ago I lost 10 kg in a smart way.


Before becoming smart about it, I tried lots of diets that promised great results deic 1 — 2 weeks but after those 2 weeks I gained all the weight slabes fast and sometimes even more. This girl died on Feb. I was 18, I had a life I wanted to live beautifully so I decided right then and there that I will lose that weight but I will do it naturally, I will give it time and I will never starve my body again.

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I figured that it had to do with what I was eating, which obvious also consisted in sweets, sodas, junk food, bread, etc. Though not respecting it completely, I did lost the kg I wanted, and this is why:. I just followed the main rules, I ate a little bit less, I gave up the most dangerous foods amnanc that was it.

With every kg lost I felt physically and mentally better, happier, energized, lighter and guess what, my digestion came back to normal, with no meds. The 3rd part of this article will be about how I managed to keep my weight under control for the last 13 years, slaebsc no restrictions, not even the sweet ones.


Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Log into your account. Nu sunt perfecta, nici nu vreau, nici nu pot.

Efectul nebanuit al unei imbratisari. Cea mai buna lectie de parenting pe care mi-a predat-o tata. Provided by Keypoint Solutions.

Guerlain, the innovative beauty company goes innovative again apr. Anything you need to know on lash extensions and a surprise De la o cariera in corporatie la o cariera in frumusete ian.

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