Commelina benghalensis can be an annual or perennial herb. . soybeans, cotton, maize, sugarcane, cassava, peanuts, pineapples, cowpeas. While studying the fate of Commelina benghalensis L. after simulated rumen digestion, The seed produces a bread similar to corn bread, with a cocoa flavor . Zea mays (maize). Description. C. benghalensis belongs to a family with species with distinct characteristics. C. benghalensis has creeping stems.

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Ciba, ; EPPO, Weed control investigations in Bolivian crops Similar results were found by Kozlowski et al. Stems have a high moisture content, and once well rooted the plant can survive for long periods without moisture availability Wilson, and can then grow rapidly on the onset of rains Comemlina et al.

Competitive interaction between maize, Xanthium strumarium and Datura stramonium affecting some canopy characteristics. Aphid-transmitted viruses of cucurbits in Florida.

The authors would like to thank CNPq National Cimmelina for Scientific and Technological Development for the financial support to the project and the scholarships granted. Flora Europeae, Volume 4.


This faster cycle is an important tool for infestation of the area, although B. There it can be found from near sea level up to metres. University Press of Hawaii, pp.

Commelina benghalensis can be an annual or perennial herb. The rate of stem elongation, branch and leaf formation increases as the node number on the stem increases Chivinge and Kawisi, Bengal dayflowers display an enormous diversity in reproductive systems.

Weed problems and weed control in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Commelina benghalensis – Wikipedia

Increasing the density of plants in soybeans and doubling rows in corn helps control and shade out C. Survey, identification and host-parasite relationships of root-knot nematodes occurring in some parts of the Phillippines.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat The leaves are ovate or elliptical, acuminate, cm long, Waterhouse DF Editor Plants from large underground seeds grow fastest in the first 2—4 weeks and so seem to have better competitive ability. Aerial flowers are maizf and self fertilizing, producing one large seed and 4 small.

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South, ; EPPO, The pots were watered three times a day throughout the experimental period, and fertilized according to the recommendations for maize crops Alves, Edmunds,groundnut rosette virus [groundnut rosette assistor luteovirus] Valdez, and of groundnut mosaic virus [groundnut rosette umbravirus] Adams, Bengal wandering commelima in maize-Malawi.


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Title Plant Caption Leaves commelia or elliptical, acuminate, cm long, Informations on Commelina benghalensis has been recorded for the following locations. One of the fertile stamens is longer and yellow; the other two are shorter and grey in colour. Missouri Botanical Garden Press, p.

This publication is an excellent source for identification of Commelina benghalensis and for control pertaining to the cultivation of certain crops grown in the United States. Invasive Species Fact Sheet: All the other types of seeds have a dormancy period. Tropical hexaploid plants rarely have subterranean flowers.