This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Rajagaha on the mountain called Vultures’ Peak. Now just then King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the. Digha Nikaya of the Pali Canon. by. Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph. D. The Mission Accomplished is .

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A teacher can instruct and encourage the pupil, but the pupil has to master the skill through practice. Then he dismissed them: When he got there, he said: The monks wondered if he had attained Arahantship and told the Buddha what he had said. And how does a monk live as an island unto himself, Seven days ago the ascetic Gotama became fully extinguished. And as they sat, the Lord instructed, inspired, fired and delighted them with a talk on Dhamma.

I am a Stream-winner, no longer liable to be reborn in a state of suffering, assured of final liberation. Then Pukkusa addressed a certain man, saying: Other sects are empty of ascetics. When he was thus seated, the Blessed One instructed, roused, enthused, and gladdened him with religious discourse. When walking for alms, he does not draw attention to his presence, but stands silently at the gate to a house wherever he thinks someone may want to offer alms.

Ask him if he is healthy and well, nimble, strong, and living comfortably. I have many duties, and much to do. When the Buddha became fully extinguished, Venerable Anuruddha recited this verse: There they passed the day in paying respect, honour, reverence, and homage to the remains of the Blessed One with dancing, songs, and music, with garlands and perfumes; making canopies of their garments, and preparing decorations.

There is no legitimate reason to ignore a single one of them.

Living on alms as they did in the conditions of rural India at the time, they would either have gravely embarrassed those who offered them food, or starved if they had refused all meat. By completely transcending all perception of matter, There he addressed the mendicants: Understanding his consent, they rose from their seats, saluted the Lord and, passing him by to the right, went to the rest-house and strewed the floor, prepared seats, provided a water-pot and filled the oil-lamp.


The teacher is about to pass away — he who was so compassionate to me! When the Buddha, endowed with all fine qualities, became fully extinguished. Whoever has developed the four roads to power That, Ananda, is how a monk lives as an island unto himself, Have I not already, on former occasions, told you that it is in the very nature of all things most near and dear to us that we must divide ourselves from them, leave them, sever ourselves from them? He went up to where the Blessed One was, and when he had come there, he paid homage to the Blessed One, and took his seat respectfully on one side.

Later in this discourse, in the section on the Mirror of the Dhammathe Buddha gives the criteria by means of which one can know if one a Stream-winner.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

No ordinary person is perfect in morality, but one who has defective morality will have made many enemies and will always be looking over his or her shoulder to see who is present who might reveal past misdeeds. That is the sixth.

Through not understanding the Ariyan morality, through not understanding the Ariyan concentration, through not understanding the Ariyan wisdom, through not understanding the Ariyan liberation, I as well as you have for a long time fared on round the cycle of rebirths. Then the Buddha went to the assembly hall, where he sat on the seat spread out and addressed the mendicants: A monk dwells mindful of feeling in feelings; ardent, clearly comprehending, and mindful, having overcome covetousness and sorrow concerning the world.

I will destroy them, and lay ruin and devastation upon them! Emerging from that, he successively entered into and emerged from the second absorption and the third absorption. This water was churned up by wheels There the Buddha addressed the mendicants: Frequently quoted, it concludes DN Then at the four cross-roads they erect a pagoda to the wheel-turning monarch.


That was the decision made by the five hundred Arahants, and all later Buddhist Councils, so the monks of the present day must also train themselves in all of the training precepts. Taken at face value, this verse is very shocking, but the key words all have double-meanings. Do not distress yourself; do not weep! Then the Blessed One proceeded to the Service Hall, and sat down there on suttx mat spread out for him. Many Western Buddhists and not only Mahayanists are in fact vegetarians today.

Mahsparinibbana places garlands, perfumes, or coloured paste, or pays homage there, or becomes serene there — that will be a profit and a joy to them for a long time. Empty are the systems of other teachers — devoid of true recluses. The time has come for the Blessed One to pass away! From the mouth of that elder have I heard, from his own mouth have I learned it.

An Exposition of the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta

A mendicant should live mindful and aware. And on the seventh day the Mallas of Kusinara thought: SF 54 Hartmann Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva. It goes on to say that rehearsing the texts, attending to shrines, etc. As long as they mahaparijibbana not authorise what has not been authorised already, and do not abolish what has been authorised, but proceed according ssutta what has been authorised by the rules of training When someone there lifts up garlands or fragrance or powder, or bows, or inspires confidence in their heart, that will be for their lasting welfare and happiness.

And what are those matters