We are a team of former senior Gartner analysts who’ve written and reviewed hundreds of Magic Quadrants such as the E-Discovery Software. Find the best eDiscovery software for your company. execute in the Leaders quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Magic Quadrant for EDiscovery Software 18 May ID:G Analyst(s): Jie Zhang, Garth Landers.

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The biggest challenges for vendors in the niche players quadrant are remaining cost-effective and providing terms and conditions favorable within the enterprise. My Twitter list continues to be full of Iron Mountain articles about ediscovery and, whilst the sale takes them out of the software market, the strong services division could quadrang a strong player.

Companies listed as challengers include: Webinar To the Point: Edisvovery disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, quaadrant respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. From the section Evaluation Criteria on page 9, note in particular the emphasis on support, on continuity of personnel, on knowledge and understanding of the market in which the software is to be sold, and on the quality of marketing materials and programmes.

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Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software

Become a Client Call us now at: You are commenting using your Twitter account. What do they mean for the lawyer, whether softwarre or external, who has responsibility for managing electronic disclosure? In its reportGartner says that there are two key factors inspiring growth within eDiscovery: About Chris Dale I have been an English solicitor since Do you trust them to be there when the deadlines loom? Email This Stumble This.

Talk to Gartner now and learn the benefits of becoming a Gartner client. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Google. How Can We Help You? As I suggest at the end, we will need the niche players when the consolidation predicted by Gartner is worked through; Challengers sotfware Visionaries keep the market on its toes. Deciphering market trends is the job of analysts; journalists can react quickly to news; the clammy dead hand of the industry press release, with its boilerplate verbiage and breathless hyperbole, can find its way round the world in qusdrant without any help from me; earnest lawyers can deal with properly foot-noted ediscovsry referenced reports of cases.


Powered by Sitecore and Coveo. Forgot username or password? The Quadrant itself is designed, in theory at least, to diminish the appearance of a ranking. The passages which I quote or refer to below are not necessarily more important than any others, merely ones which caught my eye:. Because it is the first of its kind to address and evaluate e-Discovery, it may not be entirely clear how this report can affect the marketplace.

Not everybody will want to buy a cradle-to-grave solution from a monolithic supplier. Tens of thousands of words have been written about these things, any one of which would be significant in any month, let alone all of them together. An increase in civil litigation, criminal prosecutions and regulatory oversight; and the need for associated communications to be preserved for discovery.

Article Lead Culture Change Read article. If it does not, then someone else will fill that space. FTI Technology employs over experts around the world. There is a human element even within the largest of these companies and, as prices both reduce and even out, and as the technology outstrips the ability of most lawyers to use all of it properly, that human element should be a serious factor in comparing the players.

Blog Feed your business — not the newsfeed Read blog. The need for a light-on-its-feet niche player whose role begins when the litigation starts or the regulator arrives can only be enhanced by the disappearance of rivals who are swallowed up by the archiving giants. Probably not, but it is worth gathering some of the threads together, using the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a background source. Email required Address never made public.


Why FTI Technology?

Our fpr portfolio of e-discovery software, services and consulting enables clients to efficiently manage requests that arise and any stage of the process, including: Nuix has just been the recipient of a large investment which has consolidated shareholdings and is expressly targeted at growth.

Gartner evaluates 20 e-discovery software providers to help IT, legal and compliance leaders pick the right one for their needs.

Compliance Insights Compliance Program Management. Sign in to view this research document. You also agree that HPE may contact you regarding this inquiry.

E-discovery readiness programs Development of strategic data collection and preservation plans Fast access ediscovert analysis of relevant data to build case strategy Fully integrated data processing, review, analysis, redaction and production capabilities Preservation, collection and quantitative analysis of financial, operation and transactional data. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight you need to make the right decisions, every day.

Why FTI Technology?

Join us as a subscriber. Read this report to learn why HP continues to be an eDiscovery leader. Unlike challengers, visionaries often introduce new technology, services and business models, but they may need to improve their financial strength, service and support and build sales and distribution channels.

Purchase this Document Price: Already have a Gartner account? Supply Chain Supply Chain. quadrnat

Master your role, transform your business and tap into an unsurpassed peer network through our world-leading conference series. Be aware that in the copies I have seen, there is some duplication of content between pages five and seven. Gartner makes adverse reference to the ability of some of the players, particularly the big ones, to get their marketing messages right across all their products and services.