Firing up the GUI, creating a project, adding some entities, generating some code , it’s not that hard to do, even without reading any documentation. LLBLGen Pro Designer v Documentation · Home. The LLBLGen Pro v5 Splash screen. LLBLGen Pro Designer Documentation. © Solutions. LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework v Documentation · Home. The LLBLGen Pro v5 Splash screen. LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework Documentation.

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NET use the. Once the project is created you have a fairly empty project explorer and a catalog with one or more schemas in the catalog explorer. You can switch at any time, and mix both ways of working throughout the project.

World-class generated code The code produced by the Designer reads like it’s been written by you. LLBLGen Pro, although packed with features to make life easier, not harder, can still be a challenge at first: Shorter development time The time a developer used to dodumentation on repetitive tasks is eliminated, doubling productivity.

The correct total amount for the number of licenses you purchase is calculated automatically on the order page.

Using databases in your .NET code made easy

This will build the generated code and the still empty. There are no surprises, so you can focus on more important matters. LLBLGen Documwntation will now determine which tables don’t have a counterpart llblgne the form of an entity definition in your project and will enlist all entities not yet added to your project in a dialog box, as shown in the section LLBLGen Pro designer, Adding entities.

Be sure you don’t accidently reference the CF.


The output directory is the root of the files generated. The project properties are inherited from the preferences set in the designer, and are stored in the project file so other developers in your team using the same project file will use the same project properties. To get started, the SelfServicing template group is recommended, so select ‘SelfServicing’ on the first tab for Template group.

Time to build the solution to see if everything is ok!

Home – LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework v Documentation

Either way, it’s best to check if the VS. The next step is to verify the project properties are correct. If you’re using English names for the database elements of your database schema, it’s wise to setup singularization and pluralization using the shipped plug-ins as these makes life easier for you when it comes to correcting names for entities and constructing names for fields mapped on relations and so on.

The code produced by the Designer reads like it’s been written by you. For Linq usage, be sure the reference to the LinqSupportClasses is present in your project, as described in Compiling your code. After you’re done, it’s time to create your first project. No mistakes are made writing the ‘plumbing’ The code generated by LLBLGen Pro is mature on the market since and has been tested thoroughly, making the appearance of bugs virtually non-existent when compared to situations in which the ‘plumbing’ is written manually.

Please choose the Quick Start Guides you want to do using the links below, which will bring you to the specific documentation of the ORM in question. The time a developer used to spend on repetitive tasks is eliminated, doubling productivity.

LLBLGen Pro and ORM Profiler Documentation

Quick-start Guides Breaking changes in v5. Prices are per seat and exclusive of VAT and handling costs. NETspecify the output directory and root namespace and click on Start generator.


To write queries against your ORM framework, utilizing your database and your data: Bridge the gap between your code and the database. At any given moment you can switch between the two, giving you the flexibility you need. Using databases in your. This to give you a better picture what happens behind the scenes with a Linq query, and also gives you information what to do in the cases when a Linq query doesn’t cut it e.

Using the How Do I? Tutorials and Examples, how do I NET code made easy. If you want to get to know the functionality by using SqlServer’s Northwind, that’s fine too, as long as you can create a project from a solid database. Installing a license file To start the designer, you need a valid license file either a trial license or a full license.

Read the Concepts section! All major functionality of the designer is documented in the Functionality Reference section of the documentation.

If the generated code builds OK in rare cases it can fail due to entity names conflicting with known classes. Use the How To Of course, also reference the generated code project in your. You can toggle the checkboxes of multiple entities by selecting one or more rows in the grid and by clicking Toggle checkboxes of selected rows. Add a new project to the solution, for example a console application.