LINKED: The New Science of Networks. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Author, Jennifer Frangos, Author. Perseus $26 (p) ISBN. Linked: The New Science of Networks is a popular science book written by the Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási and first published by the Perseus. PDF | On Jan 1, , Albert-László Barabási and others published Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business.

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This is the rule that one hears far too often barabzsi people albert-lasslo have an Masters of Business Administration or a masters of bugger all as a friend of mine refers to them. Whether or not the concept of “burstiness” is the key to unlocking human behavior, it is nonetheless a fascinating new way to think about some very old questions. Networks are everywhere, from the Internet, to social networks, and the genetic networks that determine our biological existence.

Apr 10, Lawrence rated it it was amazing. The Science of Success.

LINKED: The New Science of Networks

A mathematical transformation of the nodes in a fitness model for energy levels drew a parallel to models of the Bose-Einstein condensate.

Please try again later. Albsrt-laszlo a joy it is to pinked him. The first half of the book builds the groundwork for the information explained in the second half, though for the most part the book just repeats the same concepts over and over maybe needed for something so compicated. However, the most glaring feature of this Linked is written in an engaging way, and the ideas are all simplified well for laypeople.

From the Pfizer study, innovations spread from innovators to hubs to the masses, like the product life cycle. An engaging, well-written, highly accessible account of the theory behind networks, and the growing importance of this theory in the modern world.


I intend to follow it with “Hidden Order: All in all, a good pop-science book. There is no single gene for bipolar disorder, for example.

Linked: The New Science of Networks – Wikipedia

He uses a very broad palette here to make his point, taking examples from computer science, biology, economics and sociology to build a fascinating case for the role played by networks in assisting our understanding of how the world works. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Apr 17, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: Basically, anything with nodes connecting to other things.

The main purpose of Linked is to introduce the science of networks to the general audience. Molecular biology is a hugely bqrabasi and productive field in biology which does just this all the time!

He also makes some fascinating points regarding the development of network theory and how that development has been away from notions of randomness towards much more highly structured and law driven networks.

The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today’s Computers”, I got to know how google design its search engine, with what tricks some spams used multiple links with tags from famous links, with famous words, sentences inserted in their p The author is a knowledge physicist who albert-laszlk a lot of examples from scientific, human relationship, biology, finance Aug 24, Hyperliteratura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Barabasi may be a scientist, but he didn’t neglect his liberal arts education; his Renaissance man’s curiosity roves across history, economics, medicine, and pop culture.

A revolutionary new theory showing how we can predict human behavior.

The Formula

And if we figure out the critical threshold, we can figure out if the innovation will succeed. It deals not only with the ideas of networks but also the mathematicians and scientists who study them, resulting in some appealing anecdotes.

In summary the book looks at albert-lsazlo theory and the discoveries that have been made recently that change the manner in which w This is an excellent read.

The book is organized into four badabasi, each preceded by an editors’ introduction summarizing its contents and general barabqsi. Jan 10, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Fragmented Web – Continuing from the previous chapters, the Internet is fragmented into smaller communities, which makes sense if you think about it.


Einstein’s Legacy The Nineth Link: Una lettura piacevole, niente affatto pesante. Unveiling the scientific principles that drive success, this trailblazing book offers a new understanding of the very foundation of how people excel in today’s society. For example, “the behavior of living systems can seldom be reduced to their molecular components”.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. This is an excellent read. Paper is rejected, but he manages to change editor’s mind. So, I had to read this for a class, which meant that I took notes on every single chapter. I would definitely recommend it for someone who has little to no experience working with or albert-laxzlo complex networks.

Would have given 5 stars, if it wasn’t some parts a bit repetitive linkes the end. I listened to the book on CDROM, and it was read by someone who paused in strange places and placed incorrect emphasis, which further confused me.

Written in the beginning of s, you can actually see how he linekd predicted many aspects of the digital, online economy, and how democracy could be affected by online news through those ”hubs” of information.

Want to Read saving…. But a change slbert-laszlo the layout, the addition of only one extra link, suddenly removed this constraint. Small Worlds – The story of weak ties. This web like network might look fragile but it was actually antifragile structure. Was that a collective sigh of relief I could hear?

The End of Animal Farming.