Download LG CU manual / user guide for free. This is the official LG CU User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for. Cu, Quick start guide • Read online or download PDF • LG CU User Manual. Cu, User guide, Guía del usuario • Read online or download PDF • LG CU User Manual.

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Call Divert Ability to reroute calls to another number. Borra de la lista Enviados los mensajes seleccionados. Note Additional charges may be incurred when downloading graphics. It is due to the user environment or a large number En la bandeja de entrada puede identificar cada mensaje mediante iconos. Use las teclas de volumen del lado izquierdo para desplazarse.

LG CU Manual / User Guide

Las palabras de la marca y los logotipos de Bluetooth por parte de LG se hace bajo licencia. The battery is worn out. Page 94 Safety Guidelines at which RF is deposited in the heads of wireless phone users. Allows you to change the handset’s name that can be seen by other Bluetooth devices.

Puede ver previamente los mensajes de multimedia que ha creado. You can enter input contact address information including name, phone numbers, email addresses, group information items, memos, ring tones, and image Page 3 CU User Guide In-Call Menu Your phone provides a c500 of control functions that you can use during a call. This adjusts the light effect level and you can select from the following options: Settings Call Call Forwarding Menu 9.

They noted that no evidence exists that using a wireless phone causes brain tumors or other ill effects.


An important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, one that every user must manial. Memory Card This function shows the status of the external microSD card memory.

Cuando termine, oprima la tecla suave izquierda [Guardar] para guardar la tarea. Page Indice Tonos De Timbre New Contact This menu allows you to add a new contact address. The data saved in your phone might be deleted due to careless use, repair of the phone, or upgrade of the software. To do this, you need the security code.

Adapter Charger Cautions Using the wrong battery charger could damage your phone and void your warranty. Getting Started Getting Started Installing the SmartChip When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided with a plug-in SmartChip loaded with your subscription details, such as your PIN, any optional services available and many others.

Page 34 Menu Tree 7.

Para acceder a estas funciones durante una llamada, oprima la tecla suave izquierda [Opciones]. Address Book see page 66 8. Don’t have an account?

LG CU500 User Manual

Seleccione el ajuste de alarma que desee configurar en la lista de alarmas. Nota Se puede incurrir en cargos adicionales al descargar tonos de timbre. Recent Calls Dialed Calls Length of outgoing calls. Depending on the service provider, Java based programs such as Java games can be downloaded and run on a phone. Enter the whole word before editing or deleting any keystrokes.

Press the [SEND] key. These functions are arranged in mqnual and sub-menus, accessed via the two soft keys marked the left soft and sub-menu allows you to view and alter the settings of a particular function. You can delete all read messages.

Making a Second Call You can make a second call while currently on a call simply by entering the second number and pressing [SEND] key. To access these functions during a call, press the right soft key [Options]. Note A cache is a buffer memory, which is used to store data temporarily, especially when it is online.


Answering a Call When you receive a call, the phone rings and the flashing phone icon appears on the screen. Seleccione la cuenta que desea oprimiendo la tecla suave izquierda. Moves maanual the initial homepage.

Se puede desactivar el silencio oprimiendo la tecla suave izquierda [No sil]. SDN Service Dial Number Telephone numbers supplied by your network provider and giving access to special services, such as voice mail, directory inquiries, customer support and emergency services.

My Stuff continued 7. Page 72 Settings phone. Messaging zText Entry Mode: In addition, pressing and holding the [Star] key on idle screen mode can swap Normal and Lt mode. Number assigned to each menu option. Call Barring Ability to restrict outgoing and incoming calls. Muestra el mensaje multimedia creado antes de enviarlo.

LG CU500 Manual / User Guide

Page 2 All materials used herein, including but not limited to trademarks, service marks, and all other commercially valuable rights, properties and products are owned by and proprietary to LG Electronics, Inc. If you want to send a text message, you can get the address of the SMS center by using this menu.

Funciones Generales Funciones generales Hacer pg llamada 1.