Vintage presents the paperback edition of the wild and brilliant writings of Lester Bangs–the most outrageous and popular rock critic of the s–edited. From the Inside Flap. ents the paperback edition of the wild and brilliant writings of Lester Bangs–the most outrageous and popular rock critic of the. Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung Five Star: : Lester Bangs, Greil Marcus: Books.

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This is actually my first time reading a collection of Bangs’ work, having only previously read an article or two here plus seeing his character in Almost Famous played by the excellent Philip Seymour Hoffman. If you enjoy Bangs’ work generally, you’ll probably end up getting more out of this than I did. The problem with opinionated writing is that people reading it will dismiss it based on the irrelevant fact of whether or not they agree with said opinion.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Other than the aforementioned Count Five essay, highlights include the Maggie May -inspired novella, his extended verbal sparring with Lou Reed, writing about digging up Elvis’s corpse and ingesting the drugs that killed the King of Pop and thereby becoming his avatar which apparently comes with a Kerouac-like run on sentence writing styleand hilarious write-ups on how he spent the last 15 New Year’s Eve’s.

Art for art’s sake, corny as that sounds. But saying that he did bring music criticism on a higher plane and that we should be thankful for.

Bangs is important not because he’s an im I read some of lesrer back in the day; this time I skipped around and skipped over some of the padding. Does anybody fucking care? And finally, the last words from Molly Bloom in Ulysses: Not at the time, anyway.


Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung by Lester Bangs | : Books

The real vision, the real freaking flash, was just like the reality, only looped to replay without end. Probably good for hard core Bangs fans, I guess I just can’t sign up for that club.

You will be so much the richer for it. You know what I also love? Explains why he thinks a way about some subject, so even if you feel otherwise, you can still see where he’s coming from You find out more about yourself from his writing than you do about the subjects he writes about.

Lester Bangs could do it too, even if it is pretty clear that a lot of the best stuff is fueled by speed and cough medicine — a mode or writing that wore Bangs’ body down and eventually killed him.

Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung is a particularly strange collection that was edited together and published. I also never got the sense that he was trying to impose his taste. They’re all over Astral Weeks: Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung: Today, he would rant and rave on his own blog and have an enormous internet following. People shouldn’t use Not my jam.

Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung

He repeats certain phrases to extremes that from anybody else would seem ridiculous, because he’s waiting for a vision to unfold, trying as unobtrusively as possible to nudge it along. Ilk of Bukowski though, of Hunter Thompson– a victim of his own time who isn’t? He was a believer in Punk. That is exactly how I would describe Bangs’ writing style: His writing stinks to high heaven of his love and respect for music, of how much music moved him. Pensieri graffianti, aneddoti da capo giro, quando il rock era vita e non il contrario e Lester l’ha vissuto alla grande, da protagonista tra i protagonista, senza fare sconti a nessuno nemmeno a se stesso Views Read Edit View history.

Took my time with this one, as there was an awful lot to unpack here. Moralism in the very best sense—the attempt to understand what is important, and to communicate that understanding to others in a form that somehow lesyer the reader as much as it entertains—surfaced at the end of his tenure at Creemand found a field in New York at the Village Voice.


He wrote like a zine banbs, a mad, unconfined voice that refused to follow any conventions.

Lester had spent his last year of high school on a strange regimen of Romilar cough syrup and belladonna. That was before I had any idea who he was probably very early eighties.

However, one can watch Triumph of the Will and think both: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In the last years of his life Lester tried to write about everything. Most critics champion someone or other. His writing is dated. The Count Five album was in his mind, his soul, his autobiography, his whole life was in that album.

I was the best. Nov 03, matt. Bangs is to music critics what Gary Oldman is to actors or Jimi Hendrix to guitarists. Jan 24, Frederick rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Because the best music is strong and guides and cleanses and is life itself. Articles lacking sources from July All articles lacking sources Pages to import images to Wikidata.

And finally you get to put the record on the turntable, it spins in limbo a perfect second, followed by the moment of truth, needle into groove, and reactionw sound. Bangs was sarcastic, snd, brilliantly literate, and obsessed with music.

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