Impassioned in its anger, lethal in its aim, American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan-Bush years– and. American Hero is a satirical conspiracy novel, reissued as Wag the Dog: A Novel in , written by Larry Beinhart. It speculates that Operation Desert. Larry Beinhart is an American author. He is best known as the author of the political and detective novel American Hero, which was adapted into the.

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American Hero is an interesting novel. I loved the sections with President Bush and Secretary Beonhart, and sometimes enjoyed the story line with Joe and Maggie.

It also has a lot to say about why Americans aren’t as happy about this sequel to the Gulf War–it’s gotten boring and we want to switch stations, but either we don’t know how any longer or we’ve lost control of the remote.

There are two main threads to the fiction: Recommended to Jason by: Sneak Attack wishes he’d never been born. War is not partially a media event.

Wag the Dog (novel) – Wikipedia

In this story, the political portion is laced with footnotes and true to life characters. As usual, some of my favorite insights from the book follow. I was looking for an escapist novel, I suppose If there is ever a need to boost the President’s popularity, stage a winnable beinhat. And having survived was given responsibility for men who more often than not also survived. Not that it should be anything less—that would destroy the whole story, but it wasn’t a fun read for me. World War II was the war that delivered the proper end.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The war canceled all criticism. After writing this review I finally snooped around to see what other not GR readers had to her about this book.

Bush reelected to a second term taking cues from Margaret Thatcher ‘s similar war in the Falkland Islandswhile at the same time aamerican exactly why that conflict had been so popular.

Bush ‘s reelection by having amegican war professionally produced by Hollywood agent David Hartman. That’s what the client wanted.

Larry Beinhart

It was a really biased rant about the evil and corrupt political right with some intrigue thrown in. The plan is set in motion after Atwater’s death, and Hartman hires movie director John Lincoln Beagle to produce the fake war. I enjoyed the lighthearted manner of the novel. Views Read Edit View history. After a martial arts showdown, all parties agree to a truce, but at a film gig in Mexico, U. No matter what your political beliefs, this is an engaging americna.

I loved the movie, but the book was quite different. That was the America Bush wanted–where rich people were respected, banks were good guys, nobody criticized, even the darkies turned out to be nice, and women kept their goddamn mouths shut. Feb 02, Bicefalus rated it it was amazing.


Return to Book Page. I particularly enjoyed the parts where a character would say one thing, and the narrator ametican translate its real meaning. Reagan proved, people much prefer a good, solid story to an elusive and complex truth.

American hero

American Hero is a amerian conspiracy novelreissued as Wag the Dog: So if you’ve seen the movie, go ahead and read the book, and make your own conclusions. If you like straight crime drama, you might want to check out his Tony Cassella series, which I intend to read and rate. I cannot recommen The inspiration for the far weaker Hollywood film, Wag the Dog, Beinhart’s novel goes beyond mere satire to present one of the most perceptive analyses ever of the politics of the National Security industry in the US, of how so-called threats come to be constructed, and how all of this turns around an exercise of pure imagination.

Dec 08, “Greg Adkins” rated it liked it Shelves: The New York Times. Some people might wonder why he didn’t write a straight non-fiction book, but for me I thought the concept worked well. Third person omniscient narrative is interspersed with the first person of the hero. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.