The meaning of Lakshmi Shobane was translated by Smt. .. even though we belong to madhva family and mother tongue is Kannada. Delete. Lakshmi Shobana is a Kannada album released on Jul Lakshmi Shobana Album has 3 songs sung by Nandini, Gowri. Listen to all songs in high quality.

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Hi thanks for your comment. Surely we will post the meaning as soon as possible, pls bare the delay for our sake. Hi thanks for your comments. If you scroll the other pages you will be getting meaning for all verses. Please scroll till the end. There you can see an older post and newer post tab. If you click on the newer post tab you can view meanings of all the verses.

Hi, Thank you so much for providing the meanings for all the slokas of Lakshmi Shobhaane. I would appreciate if you could provide the meanings in kannada.

We from Lakahmi and this was translated from a Tamil book. Sorry we are not well versed in Kannada, even though shobabe belong to madhva family and mother tongue is Kannada. Lakshmi Shobane was written by the maha rishi Shri shri Vadhiraj. For scholars, this is considered to be sheersagar that gives knowledge as amrita. The meaning of Lakshmi Shobane mannada translated by Smt. Shri Vadirajar starts with singing mangalam to Shriman Narayanan. I ,annada to holy feet of Lakshmi Narayana.

I pray to him every day, the one who travels around the world on karuda his vahana.

May god save the couple. The goddess Mahalakshmi who appeared while churning the holy ocean palasagaramay her save the couple. I ramme — this Lakshmi gaDigaDigu.

Lakshmi Shobana Songs Download: Lakshmi Shobana MP3 Kannada Songs Online Free on

Even during Bramha’s pralaya disastergod Shriman Narayanan with Mahalakshmi is lying on the leaves of pupil tree. His incarnations are considered as his birth. Goddess Mahalakshmi majestically walks wearing her nuptial string mangala sutra in her conch shell like neck. With wearing pitambara sari and a lotus on each hand. May Sri Mahalakshmi save us.


Lakshmi wearing her waist chain in gold, and with her anklets making majestic sound with her face resembling pearl muthu while she walks. May her save the couple. Mahalakshmi wears jewels with ruby and pearls, and sari with artistic works. All devotees belong to her and we hope she come to our home and save the couples.

The mother of universe wearing garland, with curly hair falling in front of her face which makes her face resemble like a lotus. May her save the couples. Mahalakshmi wearing ear stud made with pearl, keeping a kasturi tilakam on her forehead. May she happily bless us ever and everywhere. SaSibiMbadaMteseva — brightness such as a moon. May Mahalakshmi bless every couple with wealth and prosperity.

Baktiya janara salahali Baktiya janara — devotees. On her head with pearls unbroken consecrated rice akshada and crown made of nine gems navaratna Sri mahalakshmi may save her devotees. Decorating her hair with jasmine mallimaloo creeper mandharawinterjasmine jaji and other fragrance flowers.

Her body glitters like pure gold. May her bless us with mercy.

Lakshmi Shobane | Madhwakart

LiMdu vadhUvarara salahali Wearing a lotus garland that never gets dry on her neck. May her bless us without delay.

The silk sari woven by devanga which is always high knnada standards is worn by Mahalakshmi. May her save all her devotees. I lakShumi dEviya — this Lakshmi devi. Galakenalu — sounds gal gal.

Lakshmi Shobane Pada – Meaning

AlOchisidaLu manadalli — thinks to herself. With a kal kal noise from her toe ring Mahalakshmi slowly walks lakzhmi the suyamvar sabha with confusion in her eyes. In spite of knowing everything, she acts as if she is thinking something in her mind by seeing all of them. We jeevathams are children of Mahalakshmi.

Lakshmi Shobane Complete

She feels shy to say the faults of her children to herself. She walks in middle of the hall without calling out their names and counting their major mistakes.


SApava koDuvaru — curse others. Lalaneyanivaru — Lord Lakshmi. Knanada — possible to marry? Mahalakshmi, without calling out devars name, says only their faults. Can these people reach Mahalakshmi, is her question.

But both had more desire for money. Both engaged into prohita which doesnot suit them as they had more desire for money. Lakshmi is walking past them, who were also present in suyamvar.

Thathparya is bakthi wont suit to people who have desire in money. BAminiya hiMde — behind mohini. The people who were present in suyamvara are Brahma the one was away from lust for women. It was just done to create an awareness to lead a discipline life and to make lkshmi world a better place. Thathparya is people who deal with lust for women are said to be unfit for bhakthi.

The one who loves materialistic world that is temporal unlike Lord Hari Indirathe one who depends on others Shivathe one who broke his teeth criticizing yagas and ygnas Pooshathe one who has no legs Adhisheshathe one who has only one eye Sukracharya, Jeyantha were all also present in suyamvar.

The one who Shiva roaming around as a ghost by killing his father in law, the one who faced a difficult time by the curse of killing Vridhasura brahman Indiraone who is responsible of killing all living beings born in their own dynasty Mruthyu — angel of deaththe one who was made void by Lord Shiva Manmathanwere all present in the shaba.

She walks past everyone thinking of their sins. She thinks of Vishnu who is noble. Posted by HariSarvotama at 3: Anonymous October 31, at 4: HariSarvotama November 10, at 6: Anonymous August 14, at 8: HariSarvotama August 15, at 2: HariSarvotama November 22, at Anonymous November 14, at 4: HariSarvotama November 17, at 2: