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Apr 13, D. Una trama fantastica, che non per forza dovremmo definire fantascientifica. And of course, once they set purpuera, there are the normal, but terrible, rigors of travelling through the polar regions. It’s better than usual because the main character actually reacts like someone would when no other human exists.

There has been an Eve spared to match his Adam. Watching Adam reconstruct what has happened by observing what remains is the most moving and powerful part of the book.

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Yeah, so half this book consists of the main character, the last man on Earth, wondering the wonder and blowing stuff up. Putpurea rated it really liked it. Man so violent, and at times whimsical, and Leda cautious, with always a plan about her for she knows what God intends for her.

I about jumped for joy when he started to lose his mind and begin burning cities around the world starting with London, for at least it prpurea to pick up once again. He also goes through exhilarative feelings of absolute dominion over the This is a strange and unsettling novel, quite original.

Downloaded from the Gutenberg Project. The central character, Adam, returns from an Arctic expedition to find that a purple cloud has passed over the surface of the earth, killing everything.

The world is mad.

Just think about the trouble we’re currently having with that Icelandic vulcano, the tongue-twister Eyjafjallajokull. I was reminded of “Frankenstein” and “20, Leagues Under the Sea” in the sense that the flourishing style of the author is sometimes neglectful of the aspects of realism necessary to make fantasy believable. I wonder, now, how it was that I first thoroughly enjoyed this in my early teens. But–looking back at it from plus years–I have to say it is one of the most tedious post-apocalyptic tales I’ve ever read.


It’s compelling because there is no “stiff upper lip” here-the main character is tormented and even diabolical. Still, and despite such issues, the opening section in the Artic and his return to discover the awful event and its results are mesmerizing.

The Purple Cloud (Frontiers of Imagination)

purpurae First he discovers the odd corpses of animals Nuge a study of a shattered mind at war with itself, nubw as a sheer monument of style and exposition, The Purple Cloud deserves a full five stars. It really is a morality tale about the lost ways of Man and hints at the rebirth of Man with an awakened spirit. His rage knows no bounds. Lists with This Book. A the time, I was exploring this genre as a complete novice Typically novels from this purputea period that were intended for periodicals are extended beyond endurance and it took great strength to battle through the tedious middle section of this novel to reach the last section where he meets his Eve.

On the way back Adam finds that everybody is dead, no matter where he goes in the whole world, he is the last man alive. That and the thoroughly unlikable protagonist, Adam Jeffson. But some sort of fate protects Jeffson and he alone of his purpureaa expedition makes it to the goal. Still, while flawed, this part of the book was interesting.

Slowly the first man to have set foot on the Pole sails the small ship back to civilisation only to gradually discover that all human and animal life appears to nue been wiped out in some appalling catastrophe from which only his recent unique isolation has spared him.

She is innocent, beautiful and childlike and thoroughly, thoroughly awful as a character. The influence, of course, can be felt in Lovecraft’s Mountain of Madness but Shiel’s story really is more of a morality tale than anything else and consequently pulls back from producing any real overt sense of horror.


All in all Shiel presents a very bleak and unflinching view of the human character. Jeffson’s madness is believable in the context of realizing he’s the only human being left on the planet. In fact what Shiel has done, and done with some style, is pull off that notoriously difficult literary trick of sustaining a story purpurra a single, wholly unsympathetic character at its heart.

He also goes through exhilarative feelings of absolute dominion over the earth, and begins to relish destroying whatever he can. Mary Shelley’s novel “The Last Man” barely registers any chill as she really uses that novel as a biographical exercise and only in the last section does it bring forth its tale of end times.

Worthwhile checking out if you purpyrea something different ourpurea the usual cozy apocalypse.

La Nube Purpurea – Enrico Coniglio | Shazam

His first impulse is to destroy her. Shiel’s voice is strong enough to make up for some occasionally awkward flights of fancy.

View all 3 comments. Sometimes for three, four, minutes the profound interest of what I read would fix my mind, and then I would peruse an entire column, or two, without consciousness of the sense of one phrase, my brain all drawn away to the innumerable troops that camped about me, to musing on the question of whether they might stand, and accuse me: A sample of Adam’s narration: Jan 13, Joe Santoro rated it did not like it Shelves: I’m sorry this can’t be purpura better without revealing purpurrea of the plot; so it shall be possibly!