Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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He explains influence of Calvinism in Protestant countries, concepts of Sovereignty, Liberty underpins or comes from Calvinism. Genius is a sovereign power; it forms schools; it lays hold on the spirits of men, with irresistible might; and it exercises an immeasurable influence on the whole condition of human life. For, as far as regards American life, all uncertainty in this.

Lectures on Calvinism

There are now many authors who continue to bear this out at a more popular level and in updated English! And yet he does not hesitate to state, in an ideal sense, that the most desirable conditions exist, where the people itself chooses its own magistrates. Must it -for the question may be reduced to this -must it now form an individual judgment, as to which of those many Churches is the true one?

If sin, as a disintegrating force, had not divided humanity into different sections, nothing would have marred or broken the organic unity of our race. Thereby of course Calvinism puts an end once and for all to contempt for the world, neglect of temporal and under-valuation of cosmical things.

From a Calvinistic standpoint we must decide in favor of the latter suggestion. The Stone Lectures of Kuyper, Abraham.

And on the other hand also that, by virtue of our natural impulse, we must ever watch against the danger which lurks, for our personal liberty, in the power of valvinism State. This unity does no longer exist.

But for the purpose I have in view, the mere statement of this important fact is insufficient. This creation is his handiwork, and being marred by sin, the way was opened, it is true for a still more glorious revelation in its restoration, yet restoration is and ever will be the salvation lecturees that which was first created, the theodicy of the original handiwork of our God.

Lectures on Calvinism

And as a Calvinist looks upon God’s decree as the foundation and origin of the natural laws, in the same manner also he finds in it the firm foundation and the origin of the moral and spiritual laws ; both these, the natural as well as the moral laws, forming together one high order, which exists according to God’s command, and wherein Lecfures counsel will be accomplished in the consummation of His eternal, all-embracing plan.


Therefore, all being equal under Him, there can be no distinctions of rank among believers; there are only ministers, who serve, lead and regulate; a thoroughly Presbyterian form of government; the Church power descending directly from Christ Himself, into the congregation, ascending from the congregation to the ministers, and by them being administered unto the brethren. You see this at once in the family and in the connection of blood relations and other ties. If sin, as a disintegrating force, had not divided humanity into different sections, nothing would have.

Quotes from Lectures on Calvi And therefore all these nations, and in them humanity, must exist for His glory and consequently after his ordinances, calvinlsm order that in their well-being, when they walk after His ordinances, His divine wisdom may shine forth.

In the absolute monarch the consciousness and the personal will are one, and thus this one person is called to rule his people after his own personal conception of the ordinances of God. It is lectres known that personally he preferred a republic, and that he cherished no predilection for a monarchy, as if this were the divine and ideal form of government. The fruit on the brandies hangs too high, and, therefore, the higher-reaching man has to pluck it, and hand it down to his helpless comrade.

And worldview manual today will give you more bang for your buck and probably do it in a clearer and more succinct manner. And if for this reason ” Lutheranism ” is of no account to us here, the general conception of “Protestantism” as such is of still less significance, because this indicates merely a negative idea, and is now valued most highly in those deviating circles in which the breach with our reformatory confession has become a final one.

I guess it was lwctures when it first came out. They have to serve God, by ruling the people according to His ordinances.

He must give us the religious disposition, nothing being left to us but the power to give form clvinism expression to the deep religious sentiment which He, Himself, stirred in the depth of our heart. Feb 07, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: He then goes on to discuss a Calvinistic history and perspective on religion, politics, science, art, and the future. For it is true that, in Roman lands, spiritual and political despotism have been finally vanquished by the French Revolution, and that in so far we calvinlsm gratefully to acknowledge that this revolution also began by promoting the cause of liberty.

I recommend this book for anyone lecturees wants to understand not Calvinism but the Protestant conception of the world at its best.

And so also finally it may be remarked that the social life of cities and villages forms a sphere of existence, which arises from the very necessities of life, and which therefore must be autonomous.


And among the Kaffirs and Hottentots of Africa, even a government, such as exists in Russia, would be wholly inconceivable. Slowly these organs arrived at their historic development. It must occupy its own place, on its own. And this authority of government is exercised by sinful men, and is therefore subject to all manner of despotic ambitions. And this dominion cannot be acquired except by the exercise of the powers, which, by virtue of the ordinances of creation, are innate in nature itself.

Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper

Calvinism as a Life System Calvinism and Religion Calvinism and Politics Calvinism and Science Calvinism and Art Calvinism and the Future In each one Kuyper shows how Calvinism as a world and life view has shaped and should continue to shape the world in all its disciplines. The difficulty of the problem lies elsewhere.

Sep 21, Allan Gallo Antonio rated it it was amazing. Eerst begint hij argumenten waarom het calvinisme niet tot kunst zou hebben geleid te ontkrachten.

Chuck Colson recommended this book in an interview.

In this one thought are hidden both the light-side and the shady side of the life of the State. I would have thought the book was written in the twentieth century by the way he spoke.

For Kuyper this follows from Calvinism’s view of a world in which each individual stands in a direct relationship with God, accountable to him directly, without the mediation of any earthly institution.

And from the same motive every citizen is kutper to obey, not only from dread of punishment, but for the sake of conscience. According to the apostolic testimony the magistrate hears the sword, and this sword has a threefold meaning.

This organism must of necessity have its organic members. This bestowal may flow from the right of inheritance, as in a hereditary monarchy. And thus the struggle for liberty is not only declared permissible, but is made a duty for.

Let it suffice to have shown that Calvinism protests against State-omnipotence; against the horrible conception that no right exists above and beyond existing laws; and against the pride of absolutism, which recognizes no constitutional rights, except calvinizm the result of princely favor.

Both these theories are at heart identical, but for the sake of clearness they demand a separate treatment.

And when John on Patmos listened to the hymns of the Cherubim and the Redeemed, ah honor, praise and thanks are given to Cod, ” Who has lecturss the heaven and the earth!