Report of. The Expert Group on. A Viable and Sustainable System of. Pricing of Kirit S. Parikh. Chairman . pricing was also recommended by the Parikh Committee on Integrated Energy Policy (August. ) as one which. He also said that the government agreed to Report in principle implemented Kirit Parikh committee on time which reduced subsidy. Kirit Parikh Committee Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Kirit Parikh Committee Blogs, Comments and .

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Kirit Parikh panel likely to sign fuel pricing report on Oct 19 14 Oct, The group recommends that the Government should take steps to pass on the impact of rise in price of Diesel to consumers and move rapidly towards making the price of diesel market determined.

Government is looking to alter the way diesel and cooking fuels are priced to reduce its subsidy burden, which appears to be spiralling out of hand. So their interest was how open, how level-playing field that is going to be and what investment opportunities that would be for both public and private sectors.

Government looks to relax norms for setting up petrol pumps The government is mulling relaxing norms for setting up petrol pumps as it is kee What are they saying to you now? Pradhan was speaking after inaugurating a stakeholder workshop on Petrol and Diesel Price rationalization in New Delhi.

Parikh committee report implementation reduced subsidy burden: Pradhan

What is your commjttee of how much under-recoveries could balloon to if it stays at that level? What are they saying about the prospects of implementing your report?


Inflation cannot be the argument for not acting on one or the other. Fuel price reforms urgent, says Kirit Parikh 5 Jun, An initiative of The Economic Times. Urgent need prikh increase gas prices: ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy.


Operational and procurement efficiencies. But the subsidy or the under-recoveries on petrol and diesel is a different issue and they can become very large when the world market prices go up.

This would imply freeing of price of Diesel beyond this cap. Kirit Parikh came up with several suggestions for improving the country’s energy security and the government implemented them keeping in view the long-term interests of the masses.

Why standard of education in Gujarat is deteriorating year after year 11 May, commitgee, A committee set up by the government to look for ways to rationalise fuel prices has come up with its suggestions, some radical. The second option is recommended by the Expert Group as that would lead to decline in subsidy over time.

Parikh committee report implementation reduced subsidy burden: Pradhan, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

What do you think is the reason your suggestions are not being put in practice? Parioh and procurement efficiencies The expert group recommends that OMCs be given the freedom to procure crude oil and petroleum products through a mix of long terms contracts and spot purchases from all available sources.

The price of subsidized domestic LPG be raised by Rs.


Mon, Apr 12 Pradhan He also said that the government agreed to Dr. The Expert Group recommends that since the government has already decided to eventually free diesel price, there is no need to tinker with the commmittee pricing formula, which, even if modified, will not solve the problem of mounting under-recoveries incurred on sales of controlled products, mainly due to high international crude prices and depreciation of Indian rupee.

Disappointed on report not being implemented: Parikh – Livemint

Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain. If you choose to ignore this message, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on ET EnergyWorld. Dec 31, The letter also demands that the Centre’s contribution to old-age pensions under the National Old Age Pension Scheme should be raised from Rs per month to Rs Any rise in the gap between domestic and international prices beyond Rs.

You might justify subsidizing kerosene So that would moderate some of the inflation. I am not in government and we had just given a report, it was a unanimous report of the committee. The pricing policies, therefore, should also be geared to ensure sufficient returns to the refineries in the country for long-term sustainability of the petroleum sector and to ensure energy security of the country.