Demonstration and test cards for the King–Devick (K–D) Test: a rapid sideline screening tool for sports-related concussion based on the time to perform rapid. Background The King-Devick (KD) test is an objective clinical test of eye movements that has been used to screen for concussion. A rapid, cost-effective, and reliable tool that facilitates diagnosis of concussion is needed. The King-Devick (K-D) test is a vision-based tool of rapid number.

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Neuropsychological impairment in amateur soccer players. The purpose of this investigation was to further determine the effect of concussion on K—D scores compared to pre-season baseline in collegiate level football athletes. Published online Feb concussioon.

The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

These involve integration of functions of the brainstem, cerebellum, and cerebral cortex and have shown to correlate with suboptimal brain function. High levels of test-retest reliability were observed intraclass correlation coefficient 0. Maguire serves on the editorial boards of OphthalmologyCorneaand Teat Opinion in Ophthalmology ; and receives research support from Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Inc.

Time is kept for each test card using a stopwatch and the K—D summary score for the entire test is based on the cumulative time taken to read all 3 test cards. Take A Course Concussion Safety: Concussions in amateur rugby union identified with the use of a conncussion visual screening tool.


Concussion in the National Football League: All boxers were tested at ringside immediately before a 3-round sparring session. Because the K-D test captures many aspects of function, including subcortical subconscious pathways that extend beyond eye movements, this test may help coaches and trainers with vevick decisions regarding removal of a player who may have been concussed.

There were minimal errors with one concussed athlete making 1 error on sideline teet. Br J Sports Med ; devico suppl 1: Follow-up K—D testing of concussed athletes was not performed on this cohort.

Impaired eye movement in post-concussion syndrome indicate suboptimal brain function beyond the influence of depression, malingering or intellectual ability. On the sideline, if someone administers the [KD] test to an athlete, there is a suspicion of concussion already, devidk regardless of the test score, the athlete [should be] done until cleared.

Ongoing large-scale longitudinal studies of collegiate athletes are examining the relation of K-D test scores and changes in scores over the course of a season with ImPACT and other formal cognitive testing. The most dangerous game: In a previous study 24 both male and female athletes with concussion were included whereas the current study only included male football players.

The K—D test is portable and easy to implement on the sidelines.

Football brain injuries draw increased scrutiny. Elite neurological journals have called the King-Devick Test an “accurate and reliable method for identifying athletes with head trauma.

The times voncussion to complete each card are recorded in seconds using a stopwatch. Early detection of hypoxic cognitive impairment using the King—Devick test.


Pre-season K—D test 1, median range. Concussions among university football and soccer players.

Mayo and King-Devick Test Have Licensing Agreement for Sideline Concussion Test

Baseline K—D test, median range. Am J Sports Med ; Postfight time scores in this cohort of boxers and MMA fighters were greater worse postfight for participants who had head trauma during their match.

K—D testing data for concussed and non-concussed football players are shown in Table 2. Fighters were tested on the day before the MMA event at the time of their weigh-ins. N Engl J Med ; BranasPhD, M.

Pre-season and post-season testing showed an improvement of 1. The neurometabolic cascade of concussion. These two athletes showed worsening on their sideline K—D test 1. We investigated the K-D test as a potential rapid sideline screening for concussion in a cohort of boxers and mixed martial arts fighters.

Results of our study show that K-D test time scores have a high degree of test-retest reliability, with ICCs of 0. Now he does a post test and if he has one error he is concussed, but his official baseline test says he has to do it with no errors.