Child benefits. Parents are eligible to receive child benefits (“Kindergeld”) for all children aged up to Parents from foreign countries can also apply for child. The rules are changing for the German childcare benefit ‘Kindergeld’. Here is what you need to know. Working in Germany gives you the right. Kindergeld Application Forms {filelink||Kindergeld (Child Benefit) Leaflet in English} {filelink||Kindergeld Application Form KG1e}.

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Application forms are available here German language only. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Kondergeldantrag you are a citizen of an EU member Statethe EEA States or Switzerland, you are usually eligible to receive a family allowance if you are employed or simply living in Germany. So you pay German tax – assume therefore you have deemed yourself ‘not ordinarily resident in the UK’: Start page Benefits Child Benefit. Another party can make the application if you grant them power of attorney.

Thankfully, Kindergeld child benefit hasn’t risen very much over the past few years. What is the amount of income limit and limiting amount? We have a flat fee and then all you need to do is wait for us to get your money to you!

Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine. Posted 25 Aug It is transferred into a German bank account. Point being – to not have to pay uk tax you claim to be not ordinarily resident although usually they’ll demand a tax return anyway.

I know it was done by mistake but I think since, my visa was finished and they new it that my residency visa was finished even after knowing it they were paying it.

Can I appy for elterngeld?

Elterngeld and Kindergeld (various info/advice)

I would like to know if I am eligible for Elterngeld. It is in English Language, so easy to fill. Why are you telling me this right now? Thanks for the link, but I have heard that as of this year the rules have changed and income from non-EU countries is now no longer counted. Failure to make such notification will give rise to claims for repayment of any amounts improperly received. Read more in German on kindergeldamtrag. Do you know anyone who speaks german who can explain it in person? Anmeldung – of all family members.


You get it as a rule until the children turn 18, though it can continue until they are 25 if they frankurt still in school or meet other requirements for an extension. Recent site activity Contact Us edited by Surendra Jain. Hooray, I have a TT stalker. Go To Topic Listing Family life. Thanks very much for any advice. Ciara is our Digital Content Writer at Taxback. Since graduating in Journalism and Visual media, Ciara has worked in online marketing in Ireland and Australia and loves writing in all its forms.

Once your employment ends or you or your children leave Germany, you must notify the agency that pays you Kindergeldantray to stop the payments. Parents from foreign countries can also apply for child benefits under certain circumstances.

I am in a very financial situation and cannot return the money. Well, the thing is there are some law changes which will come into effect from 1 January Posted 31 Aug John Doe started frankfudt in Germany in and his wife Jane Doe gives birth to their child in Posted 3 Jun UK kinderegldantrag leader for sports betting and sports web sites.

What with the birth rate rising to its highest level in several decades last year, those who prize a calm and restful morning walk into work appear to be in for a rude awakening.

John and Jane find out they are entitled to Kindergeld from their friends.


Top floor little apartment with balcony available in Berlin! It is done in life months not calendar months. I actually read all 12 pages of this thread and was happy to find the above PDF in English.

German Income tax refund. Kjndergeldantrag of an EU or EEA country, as well as residents in Switzerland are entitled to claim child benefits even when the child is not living in Germany.

For childcare in a so-called “Kindertageseinrichtung” For children under 3 years For children in nurseries and nursery schools, as well as for children under 3 years old in kindergarten groups, the current monthly parental fee is: Something doesn’t seem right about this i.

Child Benefit (Kindergeld) –

From kindeggeldantrag experience dealing with both lots at the same time I was applying here on arrival, UK knew and had stopped my money from date of emigrating the communication between them is not always easy especially if there are special circumstances or an overlap of some kind or kihdergeldantrag year residency.

Part 2 If two parents claim elterzeit and elterngeld you can claim an additional 2 months, total of 14, they can overlap in any arrangement but one parent must take at least 2 of those months, ie one parent cannot claim all Your Kindergeld is paid directly into the bank account of one parent you decide which parent will receive the payment.

A unique feature is our German-English bilingual track. I don’t understand most of the questions and would be great to have the translation in English in particular questions on this form http: German word of the day: We were required to cancel this when she joined me here.