Khecarī Mudrā (Sanskrit, खेचरी मुद्रा) is a yoga practice which is carried out by placing the tongue above the soft palate and into the nasal cavity. In the. 41 It seems possible that the framework of the Khecarividya was taken from a chapter in such a text in which the vidya of Khecari was described, and then filled . I think this is legal, because it is not the book? The contents are 95% close to the book.

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Stories you may want to read. In the beginning stages and applicable for vidga practitioners, the tip of the tongue touches the soft palate as far back as possible without straining [3] or placed in contact with the uvula at the back of the mouth.

If one surrenders his egoistic self and its material cravings in pursuit of the Divine, the latter takes care of you like a mother of an infant and enables you to reach the goal.

Sign In to earn Badges. The Rare Sage of the 20th Century: This article contains Indic text.

Yoga / Khecari-vidya

This light may be a prelude to the genuine Divine enlightenment, but it is not the true Light of the Supreme i. Siddha Traditions in Medieval IndiaChicago: In our quest of the sole aim of life and mundane existence when we are in a state of intense meditation we certainly get united with Him; the tongue automatically reaches the upper palette without any arduous efforts; KHECHARI KRIYA is attained by the aspirant.


In recent times, it was taught by Paramahansa Yogananda as a part of Kriya Yoga practice. He should practice thus until [the liquid] becomes sweet-tasting. Saturn Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs.

According to Swami Kriyananda”The assumption of this mudra helps to hasten the advent of deep spiritual states of consciousness.

Khecarī mudrā

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Times Point Know more. One can automatically achieve success after continuous practice. After long practice of ardent efforts the tongue finds its place at the back of uvula to achieve Khachari Mudra.

Khechari Mudra- A Critical Study

The term Hindu and its true meaning. Next it can touch the uvula at the back of the throat.

So the Kriya of Khechari is neither a matter of joke nor the plaything in the hands of Hathayogis who vainly claim to have attained the Satchidananda Consciousness by practicing austerity devoid of inner opening of consciousness. But this is not the method enunciated by the famous Kriya Yogi Lahiri Mahashaya. This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Light of khecaru Supreme.

May 07, Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. Besides the scriptures termed as Dattatreya Samhita and Shiva Samhita highly eulogize Khechari Mudra in the following manner.


The Vedic Method was entirely different; it involves no mutilation of tongue by merciless techniques. But a new group of Kriya Yogis have deformed the original practice; instead they ask disciples to sit either in Padmasana or Siddhasana and turn tongue upwards while practicing Pranayama.

The most outstanding of it is Khechari Mudra which is considered as the King of all Mudras to achieve the Union with the Supreme. The true follower of Veda vidta denies the above artificial procedures of cutting and elongating the tongue by such humiliating process in order to achieve the all-pervading consciousness of the Supreme.

kheacri Horoscope Predictions by date of birth. Add to Spiritual Diary. The buddhist Pali canon contains three passages in which the Buddha describes pressing the vieya against the palate for the purposes of controlling hunger or the mind exampledepending on the passage.

Views Read Edit View history. The outward method of performing all artificial procedures will never land an aspirant in the true path of spirituality. This is the original method to find proper access to Khechari Mudra for Yogic accomplishments.