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Well, providing the muscles from the hip down can properly absorb and create force, a person with longer Achilles tendons basically has a longer rubber band in his legs and that can offer an advantage when jumping or sprinting.

What’s really interesting is when you learn and memorize different terminology that means the exact same thing.

Now let’s move on and talk about some more exciting stuff: What about speed of contraction? Work up to a hard maximal effort for a given number of reps. The bzggett person is often left so confused they don’t have a clue where to start. But this stabilizes adaptations that allow an athlete to 8 stay jumping efficient tendon stiffness, elasticity, coordination so the strength they gain can be transferred to the VJ.

In the big scheme of things they pretty much mean the same thing, which is the ability to quickly demonstrate strength. For example, say you were squatting 3 sets of 5 lbs and got stuck there.

VJ Bible 2 – Free Download PDF

Put those 2 things together and you have muscular strength. The repetitive firing of all available motor units occurs so quickly that there is a summation of force and the ability to produce tension is magnified beyond what you get from regular recruitment and muscle protein content.

Having said that, from a loading standpoint there is some value in performing specific explosive variations in the weight room.

Keep performing sets with the same weight until you can no longer get 5 reps. You kinda rebound off the ground effortlessly.

I will show you an example of how to do that using just 3 bbaggett. When an athlete really wants to temporarily peak out his explosiveness he can simply replace some of the heavier strength movements with lighter more explosive variations so that he can remove some of the fatigue he accumulates.

When you add muscle size, the bivle of protein contained in your muscle cells increases and they the individual muscle cells get bigger.

VJ Bible 2

Just like horsepower kflly the foundation for how fast or how far any type of vehicle can go, maximal strength is the foundation for our physical attributes, which can be limited by insufficient strength in the contributing musculature. As mentioned, tendons are much like rubber bands and the thicker and stronger a rubber band the further it flies when you pull it back.


High bar or Low bar Squats? A good mechanic looks are your car, listens to it, evaluates it, and then determines what’s wrong with it makes baggeyt diagnosis. So, in essence, explosiveness is really the ability to develop maximal force bggett minimal time. So, for each unit of force they develop they will be able to transfer a lot of that into the ground. Generally speaking, the lower the reps, the more sets you’ll want to perform.

The other main aspect is how big the muscles are that are fired, which determines how much force is generated when they fire. Having said that, it is jupm that the more strength one gains the more likely the additional strength they bagyett will slow them down.

The scientific definition for velocity is the speed of movement. Basketball players have the best vertical jumps and people should train like basketball players 9 When people think of a sky high vertical jump they typically think of high flying dunkers, and when they think of high flying dunkers, they inherently think of basketball players.

There are plenty of people that lean away from squats for one reason or another, but if you only had ONE exercise to use you could certainly get all you needed to get done with the squat. Im not seeing many. You are able to lock up and absorb force proficiently, yet are unable to efficiently spring out and recruit and utilize the right muscles, at the right time, in the right order.

It’s a trait I see in several of my family members. The main difference is the football is significantly heavier and the grip is different. The junctions between your nervous and muscular system become fatigued, so a given amount of charge from your nervous system fails to activate the muscular system to the same degree.

At the end of the day all that really matters is that you’re applying progressive resistance tension to your musculature. The amount of force, power, and speed that is exerted when you move. The idea is you lower the weight under control then explode up. For the most part what plyos really do is enable you to do is express your strength and coordination in a high velocity vertical jump specific manner, and they allow you to overload the jump in a manner very specific to the vertical jump.


It’s been said that information in sports science doubles about every 3 years. Which one goes further? You’ll notice you can’t hit it near as hard as you could in the first example simply because you’re now being forced to try to develop high force at higher RPMS speed of movement. Who’s gonna jump higher? Those activities create a chronic strain on the neuromuscular system that will negatively impact the display of high speed explosiveness. I got the basic idea from Mark Rippetoe several yrs back and I modified it specifically for Vertical Jump purposes and found it works wonderful: Back in my younger days I used to take tae-kwon-do.

The extra range of motion stimulates so much more muscle mass they pay off that quick. Regardless, you fertical serious and dedicated to getting results, which is great!

Many people are capable of transmitting a lot more force into the ground than they do, even without gaining additional strength and speed, but they “leak” excessive energy throughout their body. That’s not enough time to lose much in the way of what you gain from those activities, but you can then assess your situation and state of fatigue. From a muscular recruitment and activation standpoint a bound is significantly closer to a sprint than a vertical jump is.

How much force is behind a movement. However, I’d literally get laughed off the field anytime I tried to throw a football and still do.

More variety is better There is another long held belief that the more variety you use in your training and the more qualities you can attack, the better results you’ll get. The impact of fatigue Basic Strength training principles Muscle mass increase for a jumper?

Even a guy like Usain Bolt, a relatively “thin” individual, carries a LOT more muscle mass in his thighs and glutes than the average person – especially an average person of his height and weight. So, how much force you can develop in a short ,elly of time can have a big-time effect on performance, which explains why NOT ALL people that are strong in the legs can jump high. Muscle mass increases are much more viable for people that have excellent nervous systems and good baggeth coding.