In the Padavatton was 34 years old and living in Washington, USA, with her son. She had a good job, salary and pension rights. Jones. Jones v Padavatton: CA 29 Nov Cited – Balfour v Balfour CA ([] 2 KB , [] All ER Rep , () 88 LJKB , (). Unfortunately, the mother (Mrs Jones) was thinking in West Indian dollars in which dollars was equal to 42 a month, and the daughter, living in Washington.

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Note that the position in Australia on ‘presumptions’ can be found in Ermogenous. The question for the court was whether there existed a legally binding agreement between the mother and daughter or whether the agreement was merely a family jonnes not intended to be binding.

The case of Jones v Padavatton Paper

The daughter was reluctant to do so at first as she had a well paid job with the Indian embassy in Washington paxavatton was quite happy and settled, however, the mother persuaded her that it would be in her interest to do so. Mr Agimudie in a contemporary letter assured the daughter that, of course, maintenance would be provided for her. Mr Sparrow argued on the mother’s behalf for the contrary view that there were no binding obligations, and that if there were they were too uncertain for the court to enforce.

Contract law Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. He regarded both mother and daughter aa very respectable witnesses, and he accepted the daughter’s story in regard to the arrangements between them. Mrs Jones and her daughter seem to have been on very good terms before This has been called “step two”.


Certainly she ojnes have to debit herself with some reasonable figure in respect of her accommodation. Obviously she meant West Indian dollars. The case of Jones v Padavatton.

The decision demonstrates how domestic agreements, such as in between a mother and daughter, are presumed not to be legally binding unless there is clear intention.

Danckwerts noted that the parties were on good terms until She also thought that her plan was in the interest of her grandson, to whom she was much attached. The case of Jones v Padavatton concerned whether or not a legally enforceable contract existed between the parties, in this case a mother and daughter.


In my opinion, therefore, the appeal should be allowed. Get 1 point on providing a valid sentiment to this Citation. This jone was last edited on 25 Julyat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fenton Atkinson LJ was satisfied that no legally binding contract had been intended, and the arrangements had been based on mutual trust.

The parties themselves must be capable of contracting and must have the intention to create legal relations. This involved a visit to England in conditions which could not be wholly foreseen. But Mrs Balfour had developed rheumatic arthritis. This will certainly result in a great waste of time and money, and can only exacerbate ill g between mother and daughter with a little good will and good sense on both sides, this could and should be avoided by reaching a reasonable compromise on the figures.

She gave up well paid work and good living accommodation and removed herself and her son to England, where she began her studies in November This is a paid feature. Early precedent for negligence and trespass to land. At the opening of the story in the mother was resident in Trinidad.


For padvaatton years from November until December the mother regularly paid her daughter 42, the equivalent of West Indian dollars a month, and the daughter accepted this sum without demur.

Balfour v Balfour [] 2 KB is a leading English contract law case.

The precise terms of the arrangement between mother and daughter were difficult to discover completely. Did the parties intend the arrangement to be legally binding? Mr Dillon has drawn our attention to two cases in which it was, Shadwell v.

Jones v Padavatton – Wikipedia

Intention is measured objectively. No order on cross-notice. This would leave about 22 a month to be. Salmon LJ considered that two main factors needed to be addressed; whether or not the parties had intended a legally binding contract, and padavatyon the terms of the contract were sufficient to be legally enforceable.

There were no terms recorded in writing, no sort of businesslike statement of the parties’ respective obligations, not even of how long the mother was to go on paying if the studies ware prolonged or unsuccessful. I cannot however conclude that his reasoning padavattob of such relevance to this case, as that of Fenton Atkinson LJ.

It is true that she had a young son to look after, and may well, as the learned judge thought have been hampered to some extent by the worry of this litigation.