Features of Microcontroller:Before we seen the architecture, I/O pins, counter/Timers, serial data Here we introduce the bit microcontroller MCS The Intel MCS is a family of microcontrollers (MCU) commonly used in embedded systems. Differences between the and the include the memory interface bus, the ‘s M-Bus being a ‘burst-mode’ bus requiring a tracking. i want intel microcontroller introduction, architecture Microcontroller primer and FAQ.

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Intel MCS-96

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Register organization — 8-bit bytes are used as register addresses, allowing bytes of 8-bit-byte-addressible register space.

Some flavors allowed direct access to bytes by making use of the LSB as a bank select for bit instructions. Another introdiction location was stack pointer and zero constant. Remainder of byte space is data registers. This allows easy access to a more reasonable and larger on-chip register store than early family parts.

Intel MCS – Wikipedia

The is pretty much ancient history. Look at for its replacement.

As to application — the first family member, thewas originally designed to run gas engines, and it and derivatives were used in almost milion cars over microcontroller years production. Other applications like antitank and cruise missile autopilots, disk drive controllers millions used that way, Seagate and Western Digitalprinters, automatic transmissions, auto suspension control, microcontrollerr microwave ovens came later. Think many hundreds if not thousands of uses that have been found.


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Tere to introducyion dikaya tere dash ki aakh.